What I Wore Today: Fall Transition

November 9th, 2016

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Fall Transition”

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.



    I’m secretly wearing pajamas today, for a number of reasons… This “Gentleman’s Sweat Suit” is cut from a super stretchy jersey knit fabric that is softer and more comfortable than your favorite sweat pants.



    This is exactly why we wanted Wes back on the squad. Nobody embodies the AoS lifestyle better, or wears a suit with more casual swagger. Today he’s showing us another example of the style of a band collar shirt and the high/low combo of a suit & sneakers.

    • Olive Cotton Suit
    • Band collar shirt Vintage
    • Bracelets vintage
    • Socks by Smart Turnout
    • White Sneakers by Common Projects



    Will’s keeping it extra casual today, brining some LA vibes back to the East coast with the denim shirt and drop-crotch sweat pants – combined with an NYC-ready tweed Mac and some tough leather boots.

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,


    • JoeFromTexas

      Tie between Wes and Dan – both look great in minimalist looks. Out of curiousity – any chance of doing the jersey knit suit in different colors (mid-gray for example)?

      • http://www.ArticlesofStyle.com Westley Dimagiba

        We actually have one in a gray version Joe.

        • JoeFromTexas


          • http://www.ArticlesofStyle.com Westley Dimagiba

            not on the shop yet, but can accommodate you

    • Miguel

      Very fresh guys, a bit of everything on each, I’m going with Wes though, the Band Collar Shirt (life (shirt) saver) and sneakers.

    • rhone04

      Kabayan wes! i love olive green suits! that’s it

      • http://www.ArticlesofStyle.com Westley Dimagiba

        salamat pare

    • LarsBrown.

      Dan get’s my vote again! Though, I’m not so sure about the black monks with the navy suit?!

      • http://www.ArticlesofStyle.com Westley Dimagiba

        free your mind.

        • LarsBrown.

          You’re absolutely right, Wes!

    • AlanS

      Wes, because of that extended and thick Ambrosi-style waistband

    • AdamE

      This one was a toss-up. I voted Will by the slimmest of margins…

    • TO

      Dan today! Are those Jean-style pockets on Wes’ AoS suit?

      • http://www.ArticlesofStyle.com Westley Dimagiba

        yessir, a personal favorite since I wear my trousers as separates often.

        • Reuben

          Looks good Wes… I’d buy the suit but with the upcoming 2017 economic recession I will have to hold on to my $$ for a while…