1 Piece/3 Ways: The “Shacket”

March 30th, 2012

Early Spring is a great time for layering with lightweight pieces.

A hybird shirt/jacket, or “shacket”, makes it easy since it can be worn over, or under, just about anything.

Here are three examples using a smart design by Orlebar Brown.

    1. Business Casual

    As the weather warms up, ditch the heavy coats for something much easier and cooler.

    The best part is, once you leave the office you can lose the shirt and tie and wear just the “shacket” over the white v-neck t-shirt you should be wearing under your business shirts this time of year (to break the wind and to extend the life of your business shirts by absorbing moisture).

    I just remembered that we did another post on “overshirt layering” a year and half ago, see here.

    2. Casual Date

    These heavy-shirt/light-jacket mixbreeds are available just about anywhere, at a wide range of price points.

    Since you’ll be wearing it with several combinations of pieces, look for something solid and neutral for best versatility – like olive, navy, grey, etc.

    A vintage military shirt would work similarly as well  – although you may need some tailoring.

    Make sure it is fitted through the body and sleeve, with just enough room under for a button-down shirt and a thin layer (like a cardigan, v-neck, crewneck, henley, etc).

    3. Weekend Chill

    Who said a tee shirt and jeans had to look sloppy?

    In fact, in this case it’s actually a tank top and jeans with the t-shirt around my neck (I cut apart some old t-shirts whose necklines were overly stretched and sewed them together into this super-soft jersey scarf).

    When it’s wet, but not raining, I usually reach for a rugged lace-up boot. They look appropriate against the wet concrete and there’s no need to leap over pesky city puddles.

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Ryan

      I can’t seem to find these boots anywhere.

      • Ryan

        The black Brooklyn bootworks ones.

    • Paul B

      Hi Dan , can you discribe how you made your scarf or can you make a photo of it . Thanks

    • TTG

      Great Piece. I especially like the first. Those tweed pants are great!


    • Dani

      HUGE fan of the first look, head to toe flawless (you look like a lost Polish boy- in a good way though lol)

      Last one, not so much. WHY do men associate being in a bar with ,well, that kind of look ??? I’m not saying it’s a bad look, just not – good.


      • Marco

        So, what exactly should men be wearing to the bar?
        Hockey jerseys, wranglers and new balance? Three piece bespoke? I don’t see how something as mundane as going to a bar could illicit such a need for a specific outfit, and that the one Dan shows above is considered totally off-base or unacceptable?

        Please help us mere mortals understand what the ‘not-not-good’ look is for going out to drink beer with our buddies. We would hate to offend all of woman-kind by wearing a shacket, reworked jersey scarf and army boots to our local drinking hole.

    • AMP

      Great! I dig this a lot, especially the first look

    • Leonardo

      An outfit like number 1 in the post is a great option to use in autumn here in Brazil. I really need to find a “shacket” right now!

    • Ambyr

      Your Business Casual look is fantastic. Each piece looks great together on you. Very cool pants.


    • MOZART5000

      Those Brooklyn Bootwork Boots are very nice.


    • filip

      why are you wearing sunglasses when its cloudy?

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        they come and go, those clouds

    • AAJR

      Whatever you do button up that shirt!! Huge pet peeve of mine to see a man showing chest hair…otherwise great looks!

      • D Hall

        What a prude! Men have chest hair deal with it! Having your shirt buttoned down to your navel is one thing, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing a little taco meat. Lighten up dude!

      • Adyna

        Common AAJR, really?! Of course, it`s just an opinion and I respect that but it doesn`t mean I have to agree..it`s sexi!

    • Zach Raymond Boroff

      Nice shirtscarf bro

    • Breezy

      Awesome blog Dan! Love the last look and how you improvised by making a scarf out of old t shirts! Looking forward to the next one

    • Brian

      Awesome looks! I love the more laid back casual looks versus the business work suit looks in previous posts. Keep up the good work Dan

    • Joe

      Do you get shirts you intend to wear as jackets hemmed in any way (they appear to shorter than a typical shirt, and cut straight). Thanks! Great work!

    • TO

      All looks here are pristine… Number one- the color coordination between the tie and socks, shirt and tie under the shacket, desert boots.. that’s a great look man. I’m going to have to dress up my shacket now! Haha

    • Adyna

      Annnd you`re back! Inspiring post as usual. The shirt from business casual works for womens too. I actually wear it today :). When I have to play business and need some inspiration..here you are.


    • HarrisonK

      Great post Dan. Number 3 is by far my favorite look.

      The photography seems to have greatly improved in this post. Every picture in this post seems to jump off the page. It’s really a great improvement.