The 50 Most Stylish Athletes

April 13th, 2016

As a former basketball junkie (ball is still life) and long time reader of Sports Illustrated, it has an honor to participate in their “Fashionable 50“.

The editors of SI teamed up with fashion experts (including myself, our friends Brandon Williams and Marcus Troy, and celebrity stylist Rachel Johnson who is one of the best in the game) to select the “world’s 50 most stylish athletes”.

I got to weigh in on who I thought was deserving of the list, and share comments about some of the 50 stars finally selected.

Here is some of my commentary – you can check our the full list and article here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.48.05 AM

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Did we forget anybody? Who is your style icon in sports? Use the comments below to weigh in…

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • James

    Where is Brandon Marshall ?? – or jay cutler both angel bespoke customers

  • AdamE

    I hope the Norwegian Men’s curling team made the cut… they are always pushing boundaries with their pants (although they’re not always boundaries that should be pushed).
    It’d be interesting to see how many of the top 50 actually self-select their clothing, rather than being curated by stylists…
    From the NBA set, I’d go with Bryant Westbrook, because he pushes limits and has fun with fashion. In terms of sporting figures that are always on point, how Beckham doesn’t top the list is beyond me. On duty or off duty, he’s always on point.

  • TheSartorialBully

    How in the hell did Conor McGregor not get on this list?! He easily top 5!!

  • David

    I want to believe this is inspired by Kobe’s last game but there’s no love for the Mamba….

  • cam

    congrats on being selected to the expert panel. i always feel these lists are quite bogus however and should be “sports illustrated: 50 best stylists”. you guys behind the scenes never get the cred. what % of these athletes actually pick their own clothes etc? maybe 5-10%? tyson chandler is my pick as he is one of those 5-10% that actually has an interest in style and fashion. i know ive seen him on the ‘gram with nick foupuet and browne andrews and he seems to be at all the runway shows as well. most of the rest of these guys all dress the same imo. cheers!