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April 9th, 2016

Over the past year and a half the team and I have been perfecting our transition from menswear blog to online tailor shop, with the goal of offering our readers the best experience, service and advice when it comes to investing in quality menswear and building great wardrobes.

We don’t expect our clients to be tailoring experts – that’s why we have a team of experienced tailors handling every step of the process. Clients simply fill out a profile and take 4 photos in their custom try-on garment when it arrives. We handle the rest and personally ensure your final garment is the best fit you’ve ever had.

With that said, I’d like to take a moment to share feedback from some of our clients, because receiving emails like the ones below reaffirms our mission of bringing the tailor back to online tailoring. You check out more reviews here.

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“Hey Dan and team,

I wanted to write you a note about my experience with AoS Tailoring — when I first saw your announcement on the blog last year that you were unveiling a bespoke tailoring service, I had never seriously considered such an undertaking myself — that was something that only people with greater means than I could manage. But after being a longtime reader and coming to understand the seriousness with which you take your work on the blog, and the incredible amount of effort you and your team had clearly devoted to making your online bespoke concept work, I was confident enough in you guys that I jumped on the opportunity to participate without any reservations.

I’ve had the final suit now for a few weeks, and I now feel completely obligated to gush a bit about the quality of the garment I received, and how much it has surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t be more pleased with how well my suit fits and the quality of its construction; there’s simply no comparison with certain retailers of off-the-rack suits and last-mile (sometimes rather slipshod) tailoring that I have bought from in the past. This is especially true for a guy who is a very lanky 6’6″ tall, who consistently struggles to find well-fitting jeans, let alone a full suit! (any plans to branch out into bespoke denim in the future? ;) I have no doubt that the 3-piece suit I received will end up being one of the highlights (and certainly the best value for my money) of my wardrobe.

Finally, I wanted to thank you and your team for simultaneously providing me with the tools and advice I previously didn’t realize I needed, in order to better express myself as a man with his own style. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received when busting out pieces of my new suit as separates at my work, or every day by simply taking the advice I’ve received from AoS to heart. I’ve come a long way from how I was in college a couple short years ago, and your blog has helped me with that in a very big way.

I adore the ivy glenplaid, just as you predicted.”

-Stephen, Connecticut


cherrywood-flannel-3-piece-suit“Hey Dan,

Just got the suit and it was the highlight of my vacation. Once again, I’m impressed.

This being my second time around with AOS, I was hoping for a perfect fit upon opening the package and I’m happy to report that’s exactly the case. The first suit required (minor) alterations, but my Cherrywood is ready to rock and roll out of the box and fits my body like a warm hug.  Plus, there is plenty of allowance for future alterations, should I let the beer gut get out of control.

Once again the pictures don’t do the fabric justice. From afar, I noticed deep reds and browns but upon closer examination I found myself seeing tans, blacks, and maybe even purples, all blended together in a collage of water-painted earth-tones. This blend of color, combined with the soft texture of the flannel, creates this wonderful effect in which the suit appears slightly different, depending on lighting, the angle, or who’s checking you out in your new suit.

In my line of work suits aren’t necessary, and even though I have a closet full of the standard worsted’s, it’s hard to incorporate them into the work week. Coworkers, clients and sometimes strangers on the street think I’m either interviewing for a new job or attending a funeral. It’s a sad state of affairs when a man has to defend his choice to dress well, but the point here is that the Cherrywood creates an opportunity to suit up on a more casual level. It’s sharp- and will look great with a tie but will also look great with a Henley or t-shirt if you’re into that kind of thing. I attribute this versatility to the texture and slim cut.

The last thing I’ll touch on is the weight. This is labeled as two-season, but here in Ohio I expect to wear this at least three, excluding the hottest summer months. Because of the word flannel, I was expecting something a bit heavier, and surprised to find the suit is light and breathable. To me this is great. It creates more opportunity to layer in the colder months.

All in all I’m completely satisfied, and can’t wait to decide on suit number three.


~Nick, Ohio


hopsack-windowpane-3-piece-2“To Dan & the AOS Team:

Firstly, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I made my first purchase… So today I am so happy to say that after receiving my first (of many) suits from you guys, I am BLOWN AWAY!

I’ve tried just about every “online tailoring” brand, and even visited a couple of the NYC in-person bespoke shops that you’ve mentioned over the years on TSBmen/AOS… Long story short, I’ve never been satisfied. I either received junk suits that looked (and admittedly, were) cheap, or I paid $2,500+ for “bespoke” suits made in China that left me feeling stiff and corporate (and frankly, ripped off).

The combination of your basted fitting process, your unstructured construction, your selection of premium fabrics, and your American manufacturing truly sets you guys apart – in a BIG way. After receiving your product – and shopping in this market for a few years now – I’m actually shocked that you are able to deliver this level of quality (product and service) and your price points…

Anyway, I could keep gushing…it makes me very happy to see your level of garment production as high as your level of content production. Let me finish by saying that you’ve scored a client for life, and I’m already planning to take advantage of your bulk order discount to re-do my entire wardrobe.

Keep up the excellent work. Keep innovating and putting these other brands to shame!”

~Ryan, New York City


Ivy Glenplaid Suit


I just wanted to say thank you.

I tried on my Ivy Glen Check suit today, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a thing, since I got my first Gameboy.

I’ve tried on other suits before (though this is the first I’ve ever owned), and I always feel like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. I’ll admit I was even a little worry with the fitting garment. The suit looked cool on other people in you blog posts, but I felt silly in my fitting photos and I didn’t really know how to articulate what I wanted, so I figured, Welp, maybe it’s not the suits; maybe I’m just a goof.

Well, I tried on my suit today and couldn’t help but think, Damn, I look fly. So, thanks for that. 

Thanks for putting effort into what you do. Thanks for making a good product. Thanks for being dope.”

~ Mark-Anthony, Washington DC


sand_linen-5-2“Dear AOS,

I am writing to tell you that my Sand Linen suit just arrived and it fits great.
I am very satisfied with the product and the service provided, even with the extra cost of the exchange rate, making it an expensive product in my country. You certainly won a long-term customer, and I am already recommending Article of Style to several friends here.
I also would like to tell that I am ready to purchase another suit, whose details I would like to discuss. I am looking for a grey suit that is versatile and can double as a sports jacket or just the trousers alone – which is your specialty. I am thinking about the Cotton Silk Herringbone suit… What are your thoughts and recommendations about it?”
~Rafael, Brazil


Oversized Glencheck 640 (2)“Hey Dan,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my coat last week and absolutely love it.

I’ve worn it out a few times and its the perfect coat for a mild San Francisco day! The coat in person is 100X better than in the pictures.

I wanted to attach some photos of it on and get your opinion as to whether you think any additional tailoring should be done. I’m wearing it over a t-shirt, but I think that’s fine since I typically wear it over a dress shirt which is just a bit thicker.

Overall, it’s incredible and its really hard for me to believe how a few measurements and pictures can get a garment fitting so well like this.

Much appreciated and already saving up for my next pieces!”

~ Alex, San Francisco


Olive (1 of 5)edit“This suit is f*ucking awesome!

The fit is perfect and the quality is superb.

I’m actually shocked that you are able to be so accurate with just photos and emails.

Thanks for everything you do, and answering all my questions through the process!

Will be ordering more soon, looking at the 5 suit deal discount now (probably 4 suits + 1 overcoat), might need your help putting together the best fabrics for a complete wardrobe…”

~ Ben, London


whitebandcollarshirt-1“Dan & Team,

I could not be happier with my trousers! The fabric, construction, and (most importantly) fit are all spot-on. Like many of your clients, I was somewhat skeptical of this process, having tried several MTM options, both online and in-person, and always being disappointed. But I took a chance because I did not think that the AOS team would be satisfied with that status quo. My faith was definitely rewarded and I look forward to ordering more garments in the future. I will upload the final fitting photos soon, although I’m not sure any additional alterations are needed. Thank you again for providing such a quality product and great value.”

~Drew, Tulsa OK


GreySuit (1 of 4)CharcoalDear Dan,

I just received my new suit and I want to let you know how excited I am about it.

Rarely did I ever have a suit that fits so well!

Your fitting process, etc. just works sensational, even between the USA and me over here in Germany.

Once again, thank you very much.

Looking forward to receiving my next orders…

Your happy customer,

~Markus, Germany


Midnight Wool Topcoat“This coat…this coat is gorgeous. Worth every penny.

The texture is beautiful, and the length is perfect for my height. It’s a very well-designed garment, and really well made. Nice work!

The fit is also absolutely perfect to wear over only a shirt and trousers (casually)… I love it.

Sorry for the long delay in uploading my fitting. Work has been keeping me extra busy lately.

Thanks again Dan for expediting the order and getting it to me so quickly! I really appreciate that level of service. You guys rock.

Take care.”

~ Nick, Virginia


Thanks, as always, for reading. You check out more reviews here.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier & AOS

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