AOS Tailoring: Customer Reviews

April 9th, 2016

Over the past year and a half the team and I have been perfecting our transition from menswear blog to online tailor shop, with the goal of offering our readers the best experience, service and advice when it comes to investing in quality menswear and building great wardrobes.

We don’t expect our clients to be tailoring experts – that’s why we have a team of experienced tailors handling every step of the process. Clients simply fill out a profile and take 4 photos in their custom try-on garment when it arrives. We handle the rest and personally ensure your final garment is the best fit you’ve ever had.

With that said, I’d like to take a moment to share feedback from some of our clients, because receiving emails like the ones below reaffirms our mission of bringing the tailor back to online tailoring.

If you have any questions about our garments or fitting process, contact us anytime:


Rust Hopsack 3-Piece Suit“AoS Crew,

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my new suit, shirt and overcoat from you guys.

I’ve experimented with just about every made-to-measure brand online and have been disappointed many times. As we discussed, they either don’t cut it properly for my shoulders/posture, or the garment just feels cheap and doesn’t have that “bespoke feel”.

Having gone through the full process I now totally understand why the fitting garment is so important! …I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have actual experts reviewing my garments and listening to my feedback.

Sorry for the long email, but as someone who’s been called a “particular client” more than once, I just wanted to say that I am totally sold on your fitting process and impressed with your attention to detail both in terms of garment quality and customer service.

You have a lifetime client here, looking forward to my next orders…”

~ Marcus, Toronto


Forest Tweed 3-Piece Suit (1)“Hi Dan,

I just uploaded my final fitting for the three piece suit.

I have been wearing the coat around for the past week to be sure the fit was perfect. I’m really impressed with how it came out. I think the fit is spot on. 

I took the whole suit to the best tailor in town (he makes made to measure suits as well) and he was very impressed with the fit and with the fabric (even though he knew you were the competition). He thought the fit was perfection. His helper lady said the suit was magnificent. Pretty strong praise for the competition.

I’m having two of my other MTM suits tailored to match the fit of the one you made. Yours was the best fit of the three I have so far.

I would like to order another suit (or suits) once you review the final fitting!”

~Matt, Nashville


Herringbone Tweed MacHey Guys,

Sorry for uploading these pictures so late, I was enjoying the coat so much I forgot the final step [uploading fitting pictures for final review].

I’ve already been on trips with the coat and have made it my go-to when the weather dips. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect coat.

I realize I didn’t button it up all the way [for the fitting pictures]. I hope it doesn’t effect how your tailors determine the fit. When I buttoned it up all the way, it felt comfortable even with a turtleneck on.

Thanks so much for the excellent work on the coat. It’s truly a magical feeling putting on something that feels great and makes you look your best.

Also, I love the custom monogrammed name on the inside; it’s truly the cherry on top.”

~Obdulio, California


BurgundyBrownSuit (1 of 5)

“Hey Dan & Team,

I’ve wearing my new pieces and they make all the other clothes in my closet seem like they don’t fit at all!

I should have saved all that money and waited for you to open this shop so I could fill my closet.

The only things wish is that I had a job where I could wear the full suit and not just the waistcoat and trousers!

Looking forward to my next orders, and my wedding suit.

Talk soon.

~Mathew, South Carolina


Herringbone Tweed Mac

“Dan & AOS,

I want to wear my coat any chance I get until it gets to warm (fast approaching). I feel like it fits better every time I wear it…

I’ve never wanted winter weather to stay around like this, of course it doesn’t!

The chest and shoulders just fit immaculately. It’s so well done. I’m amazed by how well it sits and how easily I can still move around in it, especially my arms.

High armholes are so nice!”

~David, Virginia



“Hey Dan and team,

I wanted to write you a note about my experience with AoS Tailoring — when I first saw your announcement on the blog last year that you were unveiling a bespoke tailoring service, I had never seriously considered such an undertaking myself — that was something that only people with greater means than I could manage. But after being a longtime reader and coming to understand the seriousness with which you take your work on the blog, and the incredible amount of effort you and your team had clearly devoted to making your online bespoke concept work, I was confident enough in you guys that I jumped on the opportunity to participate without any reservations.

I’ve had the final suit now for a few weeks, and I now feel completely obligated to gush a bit about the quality of the garment I received, and how much it has surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t be more pleased with how well my suit fits and the quality of its construction; there’s simply no comparison with certain retailers of off-the-rack suits and last-mile (sometimes rather slipshod) tailoring that I have bought from in the past. This is especially true for a guy who is a very lanky 6’6″ tall, who consistently struggles to find well-fitting jeans, let alone a full suit! (any plans to branch out into bespoke denim in the future? ;) I have no doubt that the 3-piece suit I received will end up being one of the highlights (and certainly the best value for my money) of my wardrobe.

Finally, I wanted to thank you and your team for simultaneously providing me with the tools and advice I previously didn’t realize I needed, in order to better express myself as a man with his own style. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received when busting out pieces of my new suit as separates at my work, or every day by simply taking the advice I’ve received from AoS to heart. I’ve come a long way from how I was in college a couple short years ago, and your blog has helped me with that in a very big way.

I adore the ivy glenplaid, just as you predicted.”

-Stephen, Connecticut


Dark Chocolate 3-Piece Suit

“Dan & AOS,

This is a damn beautiful suit…

I wore the Chocolate DB Jacket out for drinks – loved it, and received some great compliments.

Also, your notes from the try-on garment were helpful for me to understand why I’ve had issues with clothing in the past.

I could have saved some money going this route a long time ago. I appreciate the insight…

Looking forward to the others.

Thanks again.”

~ David, Virginia



“I received my Natural Tweed 3-piece Suit and couldn’t be happier. Definitely the best Christmas gift I got… even though I bought it myself.

If anyone is considering a fall or winter suit that will stand the test of time – this is it. The pictures don’t do it justice. In person you can really see the intricate weave of tan and brown hues, which creates this wonderful earthy, warm tone. It’s a poor analogy, but the suit looks like it was carved from a cliffside of the Scottish isles. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s rugged, manly and sophisticated at the same time. The fabric is a work of art.

Also, Dan and the team did a fantastic job of altering and tailoring the garment to my unique shape. I have a closet full of custom tailored Brooks Brothers suits, and this suit just fits better. It’s slimmer in all the right places, but not tight or restricting. I don’t know how Dan was able to craft a suit that fits so well based on some grainy IPhone pictures, but he did. After trying on the suit, I felt like all my other suits were baggy, sloppy messes. Kudos.

The garment is also surprisingly interchangeable. So far I’ve paired the jacket with navy flannel, forest green wool, chocolate wool and cream twill pants. They all match beautifully.

To wrap it up, definitely worth it. All the way. Once you try this on, you just feel like a country gentleman.”

~ Nick, Ohio


Ivy Glenplaid Suit


I just wanted to say thank you.

I tried on my Ivy Glen Check suit today, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a thing, since I got my first Gameboy.

I’ve tried on other suits before (though this is the first I’ve ever owned), and I always feel like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. I’ll admit I was even a little worry with the fitting garment. The suit looked cool on other people in you blog posts, but I felt silly in my fitting photos and I didn’t really know how to articulate what I wanted, so I figured, Welp, maybe it’s not the suits; maybe I’m just a goof.

Well, I tried on my suit today and couldn’t help but think, Damn, I look fly. So, thanks for that. 

Thanks for putting effort into what you do. Thanks for making a good product. Thanks for being dope.”

~ Mark-Anthony, Washington DC



“Hey Dan,

The suit fits very well and looks great.

It’s remarkable how well it fits simply by using a few photographs.

It fits as well as the in-person bespoke fittings I’ve had. 

Looking forward to adding to my collection.

Thanks again, congratulations on this venture, and job well done!

~ David, NYC


Navy Flannel 3-Piece Suit

“Hey Team,

I recently received the jacket and waistcoat from my order! 

First off, let me say that I’m very pleased and impressed with the quality of work on both garments.  They both fit amazingly well… The jacket is so versatile; I know I’m going to be able to wear it for years to come. Well done!

I will upload fitting pictures soon (I’ve been procrastinating…it’s more fun to just wear the thing!)”

~ Nicholas, Virginia 


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier & AOS

  • SC

    Saving up the cash for a future experience…MTM with AOS could become the gold standard suit. Dan & Team I am curious also if anyone had any negative experience that you were able to learn lessons from the share. Often learn from failure and missteps then success.

  • tommyjohn_45

    Fantastic feedback.. Certainly reflective of the effort you have put into the product. Wish I could just swap out my closet right now, haha.

  • NickH

    Good stuff all around. Due to the cold spring we’ve had here in Ohio I’m still rocking the natural tweed and still loving it. Every time I slide the jacket on I just think to myself, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”