The All-American Cotton Suit

February 17th, 2016

You know we can’t launch our Spring/Summer collection without including a khaki cotton suit.

It’s as American as apple pie, and we just so happen to find a pure cotton fabric in the perfect shade of khaki.


    Building a long-term wardrobe is all about investing in versatile garments that are designed and built to last the test of time. We always encourage our clients to buy less, buy better.

    For example, each piece in this look can be styled a hundred different ways, worn for a variety of occasions, and, if the history of menswear has taught us anything, they’re also never at risk of going “out of style”.


    Although this fabric weighs only 8.5 ounces, it is a beefy cotton twill. It’s built to break-in over time (it will build character, like your favorite pair of chinos should) and can easily be extended into the Fall season. We consider this one a 3-season cotton.


    Khaki Cotton Suit

    Khaki Cotton Suit

    Thanks, as always, for reading. 

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • hcat

      A great suit for global warming. (Next phase: the short pants and vest suit!) still not sure I’m ready to wear a cotton suit to a really important meeting, especially where I have to say no to people, no matter what the weather.

    • LarsBrown.

      Man, I love this. As TO quite rightly says, the cotton looks of such high quality.

      P.s I’m so tired of this “we get it; you sell clothes now” attitude that a few readers seem to have adopted.

      I think the problem is that they just don’t quite “get it”. Dan, you fight your corner with a lot of class my man – keep doing what you’re doing.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Lars, that means a lot to me and the team. It’s always challenging to navigate change – we are lucky to have followers who care so much, frankly. Ultimately I think we’re working toward something greater for both our users and our future potential as a brand, and I think that will be more clear soon… Cheers mate.

        • LarsBrown.

          Not a problem, Dan. I can see that, 100%. I’m obviously not alone,
          either! Keep it up man, I look forward to picking up some of your
          Spring/Summer pieces soon.

      • TO

        You stay classy yourself, LarsBrown!

    • NickH

      Loving the classic khaki. Personally I prefer a lighter-stone shape, but I still have my eye on this.

    • TO

      Simply based on how this suit looks in the photos, all I have to say is- QUALITY. Looks like a beautiful fabric choice, AOS.

      • TO

        Where did you find the outdoor library btw?! I just processed that, what a crazy/cool setting :)

        • Dan Trepanier

          Very cool bookstore called Barts Books in Ojai California – place is a trip. Next time you visit maybe we can take stop by :)

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks brother – we try to use only the best!

    • DJ

      Don’t be shy to send me this suit for the summer. This is an awesome shoot!

      DJ | Menswear & Personal Development

    • TLOP

      We get it; you sell clothes now.

      • Mike

        We get it; you worship Kanye.

        Articles of Style is an authentic approach to menswear. If you came here to read and learn, you should support their efforts to practice what they’ve preached.

        • TLOP

          I have been a reader for years so I have been supporting them for quite some time. But thanks for your comment. I am not alone with stating that since they have introduced their clothing line, roughly 90% of the content is all about ‘selling’ these items. We get it. I understand that the site eventually needed to monetize in order to continue. I only wish the content featured more of what it did in the past and again, I am not alone with my opinion. It’s rather easy to see with the lack of comments their articles used to generate. AOS is great because of the content but when that content becomes pedantic, I feel the need to speak up.

          • Dirk Gently

            I agree. I tried to comment, but I included a link to a prior post where Dan rips on “Advertorials” (it’s from December 2015, you can find it easily enough through Google).

            The point is, the site has gone from having a lot of great content with diverse brands to being a post-a-day about AoS’s MTM (NOT bespoke) line of clothing.

            Sad. This and A Suitable Wardrobe used to be two of my go-to daily reads.

            • Sean

              A post-a-day would be great! Obviously any time you start a new business, no matter how well you plan, the effort and time investment are outrageously more than you expected. BUT…

              To go from interesting daily content to having a literal 10-day gap between any articles being posted (even a repost) is going to make it hard to retain a base to market all these great new clothes to.

              It’s not that self-marketing is bad as a general rule, it’s that this specific effort seems sporadic-at-best and the content in those marketing articles is not very engaging (mostly similar images, little copy). I would be surprised if there /wasn’t/ already a hiring process going on to manage the continuation of blog content, because the business is clearly overwhelming the current staff (again, not a bad thing. Just a pretty clear observation)

              • Dan Trepanier

                Thanks for the commentary, and your continued support, fellas. The team and I always appreciate your opinions and weight them in our decision making.

                Our brand is evolving, there’s no doubt about it. Ultimately we believe the future of Articles of Style is much more than a style blog. Our goal is to create a full-service menswear destination and reinvigorate classic American tailoring. This mission is directly in line with our core values which have not changed: customer service, individual style advice, proper fittings, quality craftsmanship, long-term designs, conscious manufacturing… Investing in “slow fashion” rather than wasting on “fast fashion”.

                I think Sean made a great point – we’re a small team doing a lot of heavy lifting right now to develop our e-commerce platform, while working directly with each our clients and our manufacturer on a day-to-day basis. With time all of this will come to a better balance – our goal is to continue top quality content and engage the growing audience of menswear enthusiasts worldwide…

                More on all this soon.


                • AdamE

                  It’s a fine balance, and definitely a tricky line to tip toe in terms of promoting the brand and maintaining the types of content featured before. I for one have no problems with the current line of posts, because i have never visited the site to be told what to wear, I visit it for ideas and inspiration…

                  A simple step would be to focus some of the articles on looks, or people. If the examples are from AOS, that’s fine, but if you centre the articles away from the specific items from the collection, that will help keep some of the haters at bay. That said, having a few posts focused around pieces from the new collection is appropriate as you’re launching it, after all seeing that you built both, and the ideals are tied, of course you can and should use this outlet for promotion…
                  And for sure I get the small team making it challenging to support both, as you’re really in a heavy growth phase for the buisness… (and as much as those of us who frequent the site daily wish that the world revolved around us, and that content comes first, you gotta put food on the table…), I’m sure you guys will find your groove to deliver on both ends…
                  I’d love to see posts highlighting some of the other groups highlighting similar ideals (classic american tailoring, and making clothes in north america) both from the suiting side but also in terms of casual wear as well… (a man can’t live on suits alone, he’s gotta own a killer pair of jeans and couple of t-shirts…).
                  The khaki suit looks killer, and for sure stands out compared to most of the cotton suits on the market (many of which look cheap)… although for my own biases, I would have preferred the new collection to be exclusively summer tweeds since that’s probably the next addition to my arsenal, and probably my favorite group of fabrics for the summer… (the whole 3 weeks it lasts in Canada…)