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The Awkward Winter-Spring Transition

March 25th, 2012

It’s that awkward time in-between Winter & Spring seasons right now. Still cold, but not enough for big winter coats.

The way I see it, you got two options: a lightweight coat with a scarf, or a heavyweight suit with a scarf.

I did both this week.

    1. Lightweight Topcoat

    An unlined cotton topcoat is one of my go-tos between seasons. In fact, I have this same one by Theory in navy as well. The shape and fit make the jacket “dressy” but the cotton fabric gives it a casual feel as well. This jacket can easily be dressed down.

    Paired with a scarf it’s just enough to break the chill, but not enough to get overheated. Think of a cotton topcoat as a windbreaker, for whenever you’re not doing something athletic.

    As I’ve mentioned, I like fur in small doses. This black/grey rabbit fur scarf ads a soft touch of luxury and sophistication.

    Carrying a bag, especially for us city folk, makes life much easier when the weather is unpredictable. You can swap out layers and accessories and carry them on the go.

    I like a leather duffle because, like a cotton topcoat, it can also be dressed up or down. Look for something big enough to carry your daily belongings but small enough that it’s easy to handle – but not so small that it gets confused for a purse.

    Not sure what bag is right for you? Check out my top five suggestions.

    2. Heavyweight Suit

    I’ve already put my heavy winter overcoats in storage (space is gold in NYC!).

    To fight off the evening chill, all you need is a heavier suiting fabric (like this wide wale corduroy) and a good scarf.

    The beauty of a dark navy suit is that it’s appropriate for daytime business and a great option for nightlife events and semi-formal  occasions (not “black tie”).

    With a white shirt, dark tie and sharp black shoes, this look can easily take you from the office to a fancy cocktail party.

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Treapanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Emil


      Love your blog!

      I was wondering if you would consider doing a post of fashion tips for blonde men. As in real, nordic (Scandinavian) blondes. Pale skin but do get very tan.
      For example I feel like I can’t really pull off red but I dont really know.

    • ed

      the loafers and pants in the third picture down are expert. i just can’t go for the rabbit fur scarf, sorry


    • LIFTLUXEandrew

      Love the double-breasted suit jacket. So happy they’re making a come-back.

    • Adyna

      The dark navy suit is pretty amazing..the scarf makes the touch!

    • AFJ

      Nice bag and watch. Brands?

      A bit girly that scarf to my taste.

    • jack

      Super awesome.

      As always keep up the good work.

    • Jules

      Great post.

      Know you’ve answered this lots but I can’t find it – Whats the diameter of your trouser hems for your heavy suiting fabrics like these?

    • cam

      dan, nice post. why didn’t you feature the other 2 looks here from the lookbook? they are boss!

      • Daniel

        Agreed. Those looks were great! I guess that’s the benefit of also having the lookbook.

      • Qiqi

        Awww, I like the scarf tied around the dress! I did the same thing to my maxi dress (it just fleoatd too far from my ribcage). I have always wondered why companies would add belts to clothing that are the same exact color. I mean, black skirt and black belt. WHY?! (My guess is that it is cheaper?? I dunno, lol)