Back to School in Style feat. Alex Wilson

January 30th, 2012

We received plenty of positive feedback from last Fall’s “Back to Campus in Style” post featuring Alex Wilson. So much, actually, that we decided to bring him back.

I, like many of our readers, appreciate his tasteful (and budget friendly) campus style.

Here, he gives us a taste of what he’s been wearing this winter in his Junior year at the University of Cincinnati.

1. Unstructured Jacket w/ Desert Boots

“Today I was meeting with a classmate over coffee to discuss a project we’re working on.

I usually go with this duffle bag if I don’t need to carry a whole lot. I really like that it’s made from a wool tweed – a classic menswear fabric. It reminds me of a vintage blazer. The best part, it was a thrift find.”

“I used the yellow cardigan to add some life to the winter color scheme. I think that people can get too caught up in the weather, causing their dress, and mood, to be dull.”

2. Casual Blazer

“This outfit is one of my favorites… I really like to mix shades of blue. It’s a safe and flattering color for men.”

Blue is one of those colors that often complements itself (rather than clashing) in different shades.

“The shoes were a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. They have easily become my favorite pair.”

3. Necktie Casual

An email I get one or twice a week: “SB, I’m in college. I want to dress up, but I don’t want to look too dressed up or like I’m taking myself too seriously – it’s college after all.”

There are plenty of ways to dress “down the middle”; well put-together but not too formal. In my opinion, it’s the ideal way to dress. To be ready for just about any occasion and be relatable/approachable to just about anybody.

This look is a great example. Alex uses the cap and the use of fabric and pattern to turn a traditional “dressy” look into a “casually put together” look. Perfect for a day of classes or drinks at the college pub.

“This wool cap is great because it keeps my head warm and looks casual – but not too casual like a fitted or snapback.”

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by William Mata.

  • EB
  • jessejamesj

    Any idea on where the wool hat came from?

  • KarMash

    I love those grey Florsheim Wingtips. This is an awesome update as always.

  • TO

    Just looking for a spot to comment on how nice the new website banner is! Some very well selected shots for sure. Also, a great preview for what’s to come- I am very excited for what The Styleblogger team has to offer in the near-future!

    Your #1 fan (yeah, I said it:),

  • John

    I like all of the outfits presented here. They all look very “live-able,” as well as simple without being boring. The cap and shoes in #4 and the high-waters throughout aren’t for me, but the ideas definitely come across. Well done!

  • GL

    Nice post. Is the Gap scarf still available online?

  • ATH

    I’m liking the first look the most here

  • Jeroen

    He reminded me to get myself some cool socks. (:

    This dude is awesome.

  • TO

    Was looking at an article right now and realized dude looks like bros from Ovadia & Sons!

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Nice style Alex!
    Thanks for sharing Dan!


    Emanuel I.

  • TO

    In case you’re looking for creative jacket ideas for school SB…

    A moment of inspiration led me to think of a zip-up jacket with suit lapels. I think it might work like a windbreaker just with a more ‘tailored-wear’ collar, or when you zip it up the lapels naturally fold together (as if it’s a popped collar on a blazer…) and then you just pop the back on your own. I wish I had the given of being artistic so I could create things in real life- haha.

  • Desmond

    Nice post. He sure is makin a good case for lands end canvas.

    • q

      Agreed. Now don’t y’all go and start buying from there. ;)

  • Ambyr

    I love his Monday and Wednesday looks. The pop of color adds a little sense of style/flair to a day at school. Great jacket and socks.


  • DCRob

    Styleblogger carbon copy? Way to be unique, lol.

    • Ishaan

      If he’s inspired by SB it shouldn’t matter. We ALL are inspired by someone or something in our personal styles. Alex should get props regardless (especially for those dope Veblens)

  • Zulhilmi Rahman

    Now, this is better than the first one!
    Looks educational yet inspirational!

  • Arron

    Favorite post to date. Monday is so good. The shoes are awesome. I like how’s wearing a lot of stuff that isn’t very pricey.

  • Blake

    Monday’s and Thursday’s looks are simply brilliant. I don’t recall ever seeing this level of swagger on my college campus….guess I must’ve been at the wrong one. Excellent post.

  • Jack

    @Zach – Awesome site. I just spent an hour looking through all your posts. Nice to see a fashion blog by someone from KC (my hometown).

  • TO

    Wow. Alex pretty much killed it (even more than last time).
    To me, top highlights were Wed. (unique look with great tie incorporation) & Fri (so creative on the cap/shirt combo). I’m going to look at LEC more seriously now too.

    My time’s probably running out on school, but this makes me realize I should have wore blazers and chunky wingtips around campus! (Not too dressy at all! And these are affordable enough examples)

  • Zachary Gray

    Great concept.

  • Dani

    I vote for Monday Blues and Tuesday’s confused gaze (A penny for your thoughts Alex… :) )

  • Graham

    Like the post.

    Alex, where do you get your hair-piece cut? I live in the Cincy area and am looking for a barber.

    • Alex

      Hey man thanks.

      Sam hills cuts my hair. He runs high five salon in o’brienville. Super nice guy. Really responsive to what you ask for in styling

  • KLEE

    Awesome post. I assume most of the LEC items had to be sent to the tailor first?

    • khordkutta

      LEC stuff tends to run on the slim(mer)/fitted side. So much so that they have changed the online description for some of their clothing.