Day-to-Night Tailoring

October 29th, 2015

Life moves fast.

Gentlemen today don’t have the time to go home and change out of their “work clothes” before heading out for the evening.

That’s why so many well-dressed city slickers carry manbags with them throughout the day. In addition to holding a laptop, book to read on the subway, water bottle, etc, it’s also a great place to keep a casual layer for the evening and stash your necktie and cufflinks once you leave the office.

“The gentleman on the move” was one of the inspirations for our first collection. The goal was to create versatile garments that our clients could use for work and play.

To illustrate this point, downtown NYC’s very own Umi Mucktar-Barnes, brother of Kai Mucktar-Barnes, takes our unstructured tailoring from day to night.

    By Day: Business Casual

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    By Night: Beers & the Game

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    By Day: All Business

    mensstyleumiEDIT (6 of 14)mensstyleumiEDIT (8 of 14)mensstyleumi (7 of 18)

    By Night: Skaken, Not Stirred

    mensstyleumiEDIT (9 of 14)mensstyleumiEDIT (10 of 14)

    By Day: Client Appointments

    mensstyleumiEDIT (11 of 14)mensstyleumi (16 of 18)

    By Night: Dinner & Date

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    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Alexander R.

      I’m a Junior in High School, down in Florida, and I was hoping for a few tips on how to really dress stylish without being entirely over-dressed. I’ve improved a lot on dressing well, but I’m still struggling to realize when I’m dressing completely out of occasion. In my school, we have a dress code(but it’s one that you can twist and bend the rules pretty easily without breaking any) where we can only wear solid colored, collared shirts (polos, button ups, or button downs) in only school colors(White, green, and orange).
      Everyone in my school wears a polo and jeans/shorts with a school hoodie when it’s chilly, but I’ve always been one of the few to dress a little differently. I’m not wanting to fit in and I’m not even afraid of standing out, but I’m beginning to try to tune it down a little. For most of the year, I’ve been wearing entirely unstructured sports coats with a decent fit white shirt and whatever pants compliment the look.
      Lately I’ve been dropping the sports coat and wearing just a pair of pants (navy or khaki, rarely jeans anymore), with a white shirt and a thin scarf if it’s a little chilly out.
      Back to my question though-
      With what I’ve given about my school and how others dress; could someone give me a their insight on what would be a nice example outfit that would be unique, but not over dressed for high school?
      What should I change about what I’m currently wearing, or is it alright as it is?
      If there’s any more details I could add that would help, just ask me to add and I will.
      Thank you

      • Alexander R.

        By the way, great looks on the post. I’d never really thought about taking an outfit you’re already wearing and just changing a few things to create a-whole-nother look, instead of changing out of everything. I learn something new every time I come on this site. Great post, keep it up.

      • Ilya

        Waistcoat. Linen or seersucker since you are in Florida.

        • Alexander R.

          Note taken!

      • Guccio1971

        The beginning of a true gentlemen – congrats, my friend….impeccably dressed for HS. Definitely incorporate some linen…..a nice linen trouser, fitted polo, loafers (sans socks) would get the ladies attention. After school throw on a nice brimmed hat and look out! Keep it up young man.

        • Alexander R.

          Thanks for the insight!
          I’ll try to go looking for some linen then.
          It’s not so common around here, especially for pants, and even more hard to find now that summer’s gone, but I’ll take a look online and hope for the best.

          • Guccio1971

            I’m sure you’ll do good. Stay positive and stylish, my man.

      • TO

        How big are you? I have a small orange band of outsiders ocbd shirt that turned out to be too small for me. I’d be willing to let it go for a good deal… if there’s a time of year in Florida when it would appropriate to wear an Oxford shirt.

        • Alexander R.

          I typically buy my shirts at a size small then have them altered to fit closer around the torso and arms.
          If you have a general idea of what you’d like for it, let me know and I’ll think about it.

      • Max Bodach

        Hey Alex, I’m a junior in South Carolina so I guess I’m in a similar situation! I totally concur with your decision to not wear jackets because they really are a bit much for high school. A lot of this depends on your school’s rules, but if you can get away with a solid-colored Patagonia fleece or really any kind of sweater, pullover, or rain jacket, I’d say go for it. I think you’re doing fine with pants, but maybe consider some olive or gray pants in addition to classic khakis and navys. This is just my opinion, but lose the scarf, man. You live in Florida for crying out loud! It’s a totally unnecessary accessory. But if that’s your thing, rock it! You’re pretty lucky that you get some freedom with what you wear, because I go to a Catholic school where the uniform is white button down and Kelly Green pants! It looks SO stupid!

        So to summarize,
        1. Mix in some light casual jackets, sweaters, and/or pullovers (if you can get away with it)
        2. Be creative with your pants (once again only if you can!)
        3. Stay with the classic white shirt, but maybe consider a fitted dark green polo? Do what works for you.
        4. Step your shoe game up! Sperry’s, penny loafers, driving loafers, chukkas, bucks, boots, and classic New Balances or Nike’s all look great and are reasonably affordable (and they don’t look stupid on a high schooler)
        5. Don’t worry about dressing too well in high school. You’re already dressed better than 90% of your peers! You’ve got the rest of your life to wear suits, blazers, sportcoats, overcoats, etc. Now’s the time to look good being casual.
        6. If you have an opportunity to dress up (wedding, church, awards, etc) go all out! That’s your time to have fun dressing extremely well and showing off.

        Buying well-fitting clothing is key! And whatever you do, be confident and just enjoy it, man! Ultimately, people care more about YOU than what you’re wearing.

        Cheers from SC!

        • Alexander R.

          Thanks for the advice, I’ve actually been looking for replacement outerwear for when the colder weather starts coming in.
          I agree with what you said about being more creative with pants, so I’ll try to find some new colors.
          Overall, I can really agree and reflect on most of what you said, but as for the scarf situation, I do disagree.
          When I say I wear a scarf, I’m talking about a very light one, that I’m able to put on in the morning before I leave to school, and be entirely comfortable in the 60 degree weather(Where I live, people don’t take any form of cold weather well at all), and I can take it off by the time it gets warmer outside and not have to carry around a jacket.
          Though I wouldn’t wear it like Will Howe does in his last feature(not at school, anyway), it is in fact what encouraged me to get more familiar with scarves in the first place.
          Thanks for the insight though, it is greatly appreciated.

    • Edwin

      How I wish I lived in a place where I could play with so many layers and contrast of fabrics. Down here in South FL I would melt just wear a flannel suit. I envy the north!

      • TO

        But do you, really? I would get sick of hot weather clothes all the time tho lol

        • Edwin

          I really do get sick of hot weather clothes. There is never an opportunity to wear a sweater or a jacket. Maybe for two weeks you can but other than that it’s HOT!! I would kill to rock these suits or coats!! Kill!!

      • Mike

        Take extended ski trips, the cold is glamorous for about one season…

      • Ilya

        Be careful with what you wish. As someone who have been living his whole life in a place where winter is 4 to 5 month long, I have to say you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Nicholas McCann

        I feel your pain living by Orlando. People up north are able to wear so much more.

    • JBells

      I love these posts on versatility. Great to see this was one of the goals for the collection

    • TO

      The collection is so legit. Mr. Mucktar-Barnes truly looks like a modern gentleman, and there’s so many fresh combos you’ve shown us with the line.

    • Miguel

      Love this post, the Mac on the last set is on point, excellent combinations.

      • TO

        I think the tie competes with it a bit though, to be super picky/honest. The Mac itself is spectacular

        • Austin

          I agree, I would’ve liked to see maybe a knit polka dot or something a bit darker thats not fighting with the jacket so much

        • AdamE

          Agreed… I think the issue is that the pattern scaling on the tie and the shirt are too close that it creates an odd distraction… but the turtleneck with the mac redeems the look for sure… I also prefer my ties a little slimmer, but that’s personal preference…