The Unstoppable Grey Flannel Suit

October 27th, 2015

The grey flannel suit has part of the stylish man’s wardrobe for 100 years.

Iconic men from every era have worn versions of the grey flannel suit; from Fred Astaire, to Harry S. Truman, to Walt Clyde Frasier, to Gianni Agnelli, to Kanye West. The list goes on and on, because the grey flannel suit is one of those wardrobe essentials that a stylish man can wear a million different ways. It’s a neutral canvas which a rich texture, making it easy to put your own spin on it and look like a dapper gentleman.

To prove this point, I asked Wes, Ignacio and Jelani to put their own spin on any piece of our Monochrome Donegal suiting fabric.

Here’s the looks we each came up with.

    Dan: The Commuter


    The waistcoat + trouser with a leather jacket (or suede jacket) is one of my favorite looks for early Fall, especially when it includes an Italian calfskin piece handmade in LA by Beautiful Ful. Now all I need is the right bike



    Ignacio: The Trifecta


    Ignacio had an early eye on the Forest Tweed, so he decided to incorporate the monochrome donegal trousers into a “3-Pieces-of-Suits” look. I’m glad he went for it, because this is how the collection was designed to be worn.



    Wes: The Minimalist


    Wes pulls out two of his signature moves: the contrast waistcoat (mixing-in the navy flannel) and the band collar shirt. The guy knows a thing about keeping it simple and smooth.



    Jelani: The Evening Suit


    Jelani wears a flannel suit in LA the only way you can wear a flannel suit in LA; at night. A slim, unstructured two-piece is the perfect garment to take you from day at the office to night on the town.


    • Black crewneck cashmere sweater by Prada
    • Cashmere scarf by Vince
    • Black pebbled leather kilted chukka boots by J. FitzPatrick

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • TheSartorialBully

      Love that you guys stick with the formula of having more than one person in a post to show their choice of how to dress a certain piece of clothing that the post is speaking on. Always reminds me of when you guys started the WIWT posts!! I love flannel but the main thing I took out of this is that it is time for me to grab a black leather biker jacket lol. Appreciate the content as usual Dan.

      • Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

        Agreed! So interesting to see the versatility in different pieces.

    • Austin

      Wes came out and posterized the game

    • Herb

      Very solid pieces and what a smart way to break them up. It’s easily the best look for a guy to wear a suit without wearing a suit if you know what I mean. On another note, will the “Style Guide” be reborn?

      • Dan Trepanier

        Couldn’t agree more, thanks Herb. The Style Guide is currently in the dev shop, undergoing some minor surgery so it can come back stronger than ever next season (along with integration into our client wardrobe accounts and some other cool features). I’m glad to say we’ve received a surprising number of requests for it since taking it down… Bumping it up in priority…

        • Brock

          Yeah I was just wondering the same thing. Glad to hear it’s coming back. Would be cool if visitors could save looks (maybe with their customer accounts), even before they purchase something.

    • Guccio1971

      Such a versatile and perfect suit. Definitely a staple in my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

      • Dan Trepanier