Early Favorites: Almost Sold Out

October 23rd, 2015

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news: in 10 days we’ve already blown away our sales projections for the first month of Articles of Style Tailoring!

The bad news: some of our favorite fabrics are almost already sold out. All of the fabrics in our collection are limited in quantity (a roll of luxury menswear fabric only has so many yards on it) and once they’re sold out, they won’t be coming back.

The following 3 fabrics are especially low and only have enough yardage for a few more bespoke orders. Since I know a lot of you guys have been trying to decide which piece to add to your wardrobe first, maybe the limited-edition nature of these fabrics will help you make your decision :)

Rust Hopsack


As bi-coastal menswear enthusiasts, we made it a point to offer fabrics within our Fall/Winter collection that are appropriate for clients who live in warmer climates. A loosely woven hopsack is a tailor’s dream fabric, especially in a luxe blend of wool, silk and linen. The marled rust color of this cloth has an extremely faint green windowpane. It’s virtually impossible to see, and that’s what we love about it.

Fabric remaining: 19 yards (it takes roughly 3.5 yards to make a bespoke suit).

Keep in mind that any of our suits/jackets can be ordered as Double-Breasted, or Single-Breasted. It’s up to you, however you want to wear your bespoke garments.

Ivy Glenplaid


This 11 oz Italian flannel is the perfect cross between a conservative glenplaid suiting fabric and a rakish country jacketing fabric. The subtle blue-on-brown check is about as versatile as a plaid gets, so you can pair it with just about any other menswear pattern and look like a style expert.

Fabric remaining: 8 yards (it takes roughly 4 yards to make a bespoke suit).



Camel Hair Topcoat


This is 19 ounces of pure genuine camel hair. The classic camel coat is an American staple that exudes elegance and class. On one hand it’s sharp and commanding, but on the other hand it’s sporty and wearable. We cut all of our bespoke overcoats to fit perfectly over your bespoke jackets, but also trim enough to wear with a sweater and jeans. This garment is meant to be worn a lot, long into your style journey.

Fabric remaining: 24 yards (it takes roughly 4.5 yards to make a 3/4 length overcoat).



Looking forward to getting you started with our exclusive bespoke fitting process.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Guccio1971

    Almost sold out for a reason….bravo and congrats! My brother Khaled killing it! An honor and privilege seeing a genius at work – keep it up Dan!!

  • AdamE

    Congrats on stuff flying off the shelves!

  • TO

    Congrats on the early success Dan. I hope you give us little updates like this continually- trying to keep my eye on the remaining natural tweed 3 pieces for now…