Summer Tailoring at Liberty Fairs

July 26th, 2015

We’ve been talking about the resurgence of classic tailoring among stylish men for a couple years now. So you can image my excitement when we witnessed this renaissance live in action at the Liberty Fairs menswear show last week.

Even with temperatures in NYC rising above 90 degrees, guys of all ages and from all over the world were showing up in some beautifully tailored garments.

Here’s some of our favorite Summer Tailoring from Day 2 and Day 3 of the show.

Jeffrey Openshaw

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Jeff is a buyer at the Coachman Clothiers menswear shop in Knoxville, TN – so of course he knows how to break the summer heat. Here he is in a summer tweed jacket in a salmon color, a navy polka dot pop-over shirt (with pink monogram), a smart summer belt, some off-white chinos, and a pair of whole-cut leather slippers.

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Yuji Ohata

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Summer tailoring doesn’t have to be all rumpled and wrinkly (although I love that about lightweight textures). A wool suit in a tropical weight can look crisp and clean, like this one by Japanese tailoring house Gotairiku.

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Ignacio Quiles

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Our friend Ignacio showed up in a jacket that breathes in a way that I’ve never seen. His vintage silk jacket, by Japanase Heritage brand Matsuda, is not only unstructured and unlined, it also has double vents in the front.

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Ishan Hiremath

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Few people know dressing well in extremely hot climates better than our friend Ishandev. He’s usually found traveling the world, drinking cocktails, and wearing super lightweight fabrics. He also always finds a way to work-in a piece of his cultural heritage, like these Jodpur riding pants, for example. Check out his profile Indian Summer for more on his unique style.

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Ernie Ulysee

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After taking a tough loss in the Fall Classic, Ernie brought his A-game, complete with his signature U-shape waistcoat. Consider this a two-piece suit for 90 degree days.

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Alessandro Squarzi

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If you’ve ever Googled “men’s style” then you’ve probably seen a photo of this guy. Alessandro is a street style icon, a lover of life, and a showroom director who manages brands throughout Italy’s most fashionable cities like Milan, Bologna, and Florence. He has his own style of “casual tailoring”, usually involving a waistcoat and some vintage Italian military garments.

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Perkins Bien Aime

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Taking a page out of the Articles of Style playbook, Perkins took the suit jacket he wore on Day 1 and spun it into a sportcoat for Day 3. Well played, dapper gentleman.

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Extra points for the super-subtle polka dot pants.

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DJ McDonald

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DJ has been a friend of AoS for years. He was one of our first early supporters. I’m so happy to see him doing his thing in the business, and looking flyer than ever in a smart summer hat, a pair of neutral trousers, and a smooth silk tweed jacket.

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Dan Trepanier

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This is the micro houndstooth wool/linen suit from my collaboration with MAB years ago. If you have one of these, first; thanks for you support, and second; now is a great time to bust it out!

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Illya

    Ishandev killing it with the pants! It’s kind of goofy looking but he seems to have paired it well with the blazer and loafers. You need a personality to match that outfit. Don’t think i could pull it off.

  • Gazman

    Love that man, Allesandro Sq! Hardly a day goes without a pic of him looking cool and elegant appearing on my Facebook newsfeed. A star of the web for sure. What I like about his style is it truly looks effortless, a cliche I know, but it is bang-on when describing him. He doesn’t seem hung up on style rules and even fit (sometimes); it seems if he likes the get-up, he wears it with confidence. I reckon he’d have a disdain for those sticklers who are fixated with dress rules.

  • Colin Stro

    I follow Alessandro on IG and he is on point pretty much every day. That combo of classic italian menswear with casual, almost American Prep, always looks great. Give him a follow and you def won’t regret it.

    I’d say best overall look goes to Perkins Bien Aime though. I love everything about that outfit.

  • olrichm

    Really liking Jeffrey’s look, and Yuji’s, and well everyone looks awesome…yes lots of inspiration here. And Alessandro’s wrists….that rolex explorer and the turquiose, all so good.

  • tommyjohn_45

    Really enjoying the looks at Liberty Fairs this year. Tons of inspiration.

    Can’t get enough of DJ’s jacket in this post.

  • Raul

    Great to see Ishandev back in the mix. Where is that jacket from?

  • Dave Coakley

    Alessandro’s wrist accessories are tremendous. Overall the guy’s style is so relaxed yet totally on point. Love his look the most.