Summer Styles: “Jesus” Sandals

July 6th, 2015

Summer is here, which means it’s officially sandal season. I’m usually more of a closed-toe shoe kind of guy (loafers, espadrilles, sneakers, etc) but I do have one pair of go-to leather sandals that I wear whenever we’re heading to the beach or a poolside party in LA.

For today’s summer wardrobe inspiration we’re highlighting an ancient style of footwear which has been called everything from”Jesus Sandals” to “Gladiator Sandals”.

Here’s three ways to work a quality leather strap sandal into your wardrobe. Just don’t be afraid of a pedicure if you got some nasty dogs.

    Leisure Suit


    You don’t need a special occasion or a business meeting to wear a suit – especially if it’s an unstructured linen suit. I wear them casually all the time, both because I feel most comfortable in a slim tailored suit, and, frankly, it’s a very easy and straight-forward way to get dressed. Just pick a simple shirt that contrasts the suit (like this navy linen), some casual loafers (or sandals, in this case) and a couple key accessories (like a great pair of shades, a classic hat, and a smart timepiece).


    Breathing Room


    Summertime is all about comfort. I typically relax the tailoring on my summer pieces, leaving a little extra breathing room for air to pass through. These full-cut, high-waisted chinos are a perfect example. They breathe extremely well (they’re cut from a paper-thin cotton) which makes a noticeable difference on a hot day, not to mention they have this cool “retro gentleman” vibe that works well with vintage accessories (like this hat and belt) to pull-together a simple look.


    Poolside Vibes


    I’m still wearing these African print pants from my man “Bala” on 7th Avenue in NYC. They’re a simple cotton drawstring pant, which makes them perfect to throw over a bathing suit for before/after the beach or pool.



    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Tery Jaye Yazze

      great looks but not too crazy about the Brown leather strap sandals, what I call bondage sandals.

      Brown leather strap sandals
      Brown leather strap sandals
      Brown leather strap sandals

    • adnan

      i do really like this type of sandals since i get them i start ware them in non stop, i found an etsy shop who made them in Israel holy land
      really recommended

    • Jeanscuffed

      Just yesterday I wore sandals with my suit before going into work. I stopped in Starbucks and while I was waiting in line a woman (pretty nice looking too) told me I looked great. I would say that’s very successful and these were Birkenstock knock offs lol

    • Calvin McCoy

      I’m not big on thong/flipflop sandals, but those “Jerusalem cruisers” are on point! I need a pair.

    • Taran07

      I love these looks. Living in South Florida, sandals and bare feet are a must. I appreciate that Dan is giving warm weather people beautiful styles and options. Thank you!

    • Steven Mason

      Any reccomendations for similar styled sandals?

      • cam

        hey steven, i know sid mashburn carries very nice handcrafted leather sandals by barbara shaum. she is located in new york and from what i understand, pretty legendary in the leather world. cheers

      • TO

        I’ll sell you mine if you like em- about size 10US black from Allsaints. Just msg back for more info if interested

    • AdamE

      I’ll put this off as an LA thing… I can’t say, in my limited Ontario summers, that I have to many opportunities to rock the degree of casualness that these looks/sandals imply… What I mean by that, is that most settings that I’m in, are of the nature that require or dictate the opting for closed shoes. The few cases outside of that I would potentially aerate my feet (BBQing at home, at the cottage/beach), these seem too fussy for (I’ve got some decent leather flip flops, that get worn in those cases).

      They truly work in the looks above, but I’m just not sure that I’d ever be going to the looks in my current lifestyle/geographic location…

      And I love the linen suit in the 1st look…

    • Shawn

      Wish I could off the “ethnic patterns” loose pants for a casual poolside summer look!

    • Chris

      Dan, do I spy a hint of that unfortunate ironing incident in one of the top pictures?

      • TO

        Oh Ya! And, I think what he should do (if it’s still an issue) is cut the bottom portion of both legs and “colour block” another shade of linen fabric down to the ankle:)

    • Michael

      Dan manages with the sandals, but personally I tend to stay away from them unless I’m in shorts.

      That being said, those pants from BALA are groovy as hell.

    • AFH

      Dan’s sandals are a little fussy/complicated, and I think might be putting people off. You don’t have to go full gladiator. I bought a pair in the sales last year, and I have been wearing them. My GF puts them on to smoke on the balcony as well :-)

    • Sapprentice

      Let me pull it like this. If you can rock men sandals, you have serious style! Thanks for always showing that Dan!

    • Eric

      A certain Mean Girls line regarding “fetch” comes to mind here. More power to you (truly, as personal style should always be determined by the individual) for rocking these things, but there is nothing that would compel me to don, much less buy, a pair.

      Like Kanye’s big ol’ medallion, these Jesus pieces ain’t for this fella.

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