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June 26th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.



    I’m going with three-pieces of suits today, in a healthy mixture of Summer-ready fabrics: straw, linen/silk, pure hemp, tropical wool hopsack, sockless suede loafers.

    mensstylewiwt-4 mensstylewiwt-5 640-1 640-2

    Alejandro Rodriguez


    Nobody wears distressed menswear like downtown LA designer Alejandro Rodriguez. From the vintage hat, to the torn-up layering tee, to the beat-up denim, to the roughed-up cowboy boots. This is one version of West Coast style that we are really feeling lately.




    • Hat Vintage
    • Pleated front shirt by Beautiful Ful
    • Distressed tank top by Beautiful Ful
    • Jeans by Beautiful Ful
    • Boots Vintage

    Alex Crawford


    Remember the bespoke jeans that I had made by Camillo Love? He also made this pair for our Art Director Alex, using an over-dyed indigo denim from Japan. In true Articles of Style fashion, Alex is keeping them casually tailored today.


    Ernie Ulysse

    mensstyleearnie (15 of 46)

    Our friend Ernie also knows a thing or two about mixing and matching suit separates. Today it’s a double-breasted formal jacket in a tropical wool with a pair of linen-blend glenplaid trousers.

    He’s a man of detail, as you can see by the perfectly folded pocket square and just the right amount of tie bar elevation.

    mensstyleearnie (23 of 46)

    mensstyleearnie (25 of 46)

    mensstyleearnie (20 of 46)

    • Black 2×1 double-breasted tropical jacket by Alexander Nash
    • Club collar shirt by Alexander Nash
    • Glenplaid wool/linen trousers by Alexander Nash
    • Suede tassel loafers by Zegna

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • O.

      Dan gets my vote today :) I love the relaxed elegant outfit, especially the combination of summer fabrics. I would maybe drop the vest in the summer, but that’s because I have a tendency to sweat…

      Alejandro comes close second – totally different look, well put together. Excellent for a weekend.

      Ernie – not bad either, but the trousers could be wider IMO.

    • Matthew J. Willis

      Alex hands down!!!!!

    • James Wong

      My my, Dan’s jacket!!

    • Sapprentice

      In my view its between Dan and Alex in this weeks WIWT. Love the double monk straps on Alex. But again, Dan’s layergame, and I think this is one of his strong points, is strong! Got to give it to Dan this week!

    • David

      Tie between Alex and Dan for me this week. Love Dan’s jacket and ALex that hat is killer!

    • Ryszard

      I would vote for Dan, but in my opinion vest is ‘too much’. Ernie has a great outfit, but I think he could benefit from less slim thoughts.

      • Ryszard

        I meant trousers.

    • Sal S.

      Alex wins this one

    • Timothy Kiah

      All of you gentleman look smashing. I especially like the way Dan put himself together. I love a layered look, even in the warmer months. This is right up my alley.

    • TO

      So many great things in this post. I’ll just say Dan went Jordan today, Alex went Pippen and Mr. Beautiful Ful went Rodman (I don’t have a comparison for Mr. Ulysse but he’s somewhere on the Bulls squad). The result is a legendary team of menswear dudes.

      My desire for a Panama hat is multiplied after seeing this outfit; Alex, the jeans turned out great! Like that you included what looks like some extra allowance in the thighs, such a fan of that.

    • Greg Lee

      Dan gets my vote: everything fits as it should. But my big question is… What is Alex’s watch?

    • Jeanscuffed

      Will Dan EVER post content on weekends?
      Did Alejandro’s snake skin boots finally fall completely apart from his last feature?
      Will Alex’s hair ever stop growing??!

      Find out on the next episode of DragonBall Z!

      • Willie JS

        The last sentence is epic!!!
        I have been watching all the episodes from the beginning with my two sons 10 and 7 yrs old. Of course forwarding the perverted parts of Mater Roshi.
        It’s amazing the difference of how I see it now and 20 years ago when I was 15 years old.

        My vote is for Dan although, it is too hot for that kind of layering!, even with those amazing fabrics.

    • Nafi

      Alex because it’s rare to see him anymore and anytime we do he’s always killing it.

    • Daniel

      Alejandro Rodriguez gets my vote, despite the ripped t-shirt. Dope hat and shirt, and the jeans and boots aren’t half bad either.

      Alex, I really like the shoes and jeans combo. It’s funny how unfastening the top buckle on monkstraps has become so ubiquitous that your look is refreshing!

      Question: how tight is too tight? Ernie Ulysse’s trousers are straining at the calf, knee, and thigh; the glenplaid patterns makes it all the more obvious. What are other people’s thoughts on this?

    • JoeFromTexas

      A-Crawf is still my hero. That Stetson Silverbelly might be the best hat color ever invented. But isn’t the open road a center crease, rather than a front pinch? Did you have it reshaped?

      Not in to the destroyed this and distressed that and reverse layering… But dammit if Alejandro doesn’t look fly as hell. Guess I got to remember to keep an open mind – fly is fly, rules and prejudices be damned.

    • tommyjohn_45

      Dan takes it for me. Tremendous use of suit separates, showcasing how to build a wardrobe that all works together.

      Love those dub monks, Alex. Great look over all.

      Ernie’s looks is making me seriously consider bussing down to NYC tomorrow morning for Alexander Nash’s sample sale.

      • Jeanscuffed

        Every time I hear “sample sale” reminds me of how I missed SuitSupply’s sample sale a few months ago….thanks Tommy

        • TO

          Suitsupply’s sample sale is one of the best things on earth. I don’t even know anything about it but I saw and heard about the results at suitschool.

          • tommyjohn_45

            I know.. I’ve heard tales of the mythical sale, last spotted in 2013 online. Prices were unbelievable.

        • tommyjohn_45

          They had one!?!? I thought they stopped doing them? Damn.. Don’t know how we, as a community, missed that one! shame on us haha

          • TO

            It’s in NYC. I don’t know (Jeanscuffed-?) if they had another online one.

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Since no one has commented yet, I’m just going to go ahead and vote for myself. Count it.

      • tommyjohn_45

        Alex.. Seriously that hair… killing it!

      • Miguel

        Alex, I’m voting for you.

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