Winter Scarves: The Bigger, The Bigger

December 11th, 2011

Outerwear is getting heavier here in NYC, but it’s not the dead of winter yet.

With the proper use of fabrics and accessories, you can mix up your layers and keep the not-fucking-around parkas in the closet for a bit longer.

I’ve been looking for the “perfect” chunky scarf for a couple years now, and I think I finally found it. Introducing  Yokoo Scarves. She knits every piece in her Etsy store by hand in the color of your choice and the results are amazing. Chunky, soft, durable and most importantly, very warm.

Here the beautiful Karyn and I styled 3 different Yokoo styles.

    1. The Every Day Chunky

    The “Ex Boyfriend” is the perfect size for everyday use. Pick one up in a a neutral color (like this one in”oatmeal”) and you’ll find yourself wearing it  day in and day out.  Truth is, Karyn and I have been wearing these things since the day we got them – we could probably style them in a hundred different ways.

    Bonus Tip: There are dozens of ways to tie a scarf (more on this to come). One of the easiest and least fussy is one loose wrap over the jacket. Perfect for a laid-back outfit.

    Bonus Tip II: Grey footwear is very underated. In a classic shape (like these chunky longwings) with a neutral bottom, it’s a shoe that stands out from the crowd and is more versatile than you might expect. Post on this coming soon.

    2. The Oversized Super Scarf

    Can a scarf be too big? Not in my opinion, just wrap it one more time!

    There’s something about being bundled under a giant cozy scarf that puts me at ease. It’s funny because you feel like a baby wrapped in a blanket but the confidence the look emits is strong and almost intimidating.

    Bonus Tip: With a scarf this large, you can find countless ways to wear it. Try finding your own, just remember that it’s better done naturally and not overthought.

    Bonus Tip II:  This one is so big that if you’re sitting outside (like on a recent boat tour that Karyn and I took) you can actually sit together and share this thing. A nice excuse to get that girl to cuddle up next to you ;)

    Bonus Tip III: A dress boot  might be the best investment you make all season. I’ve been wearing these new joints from Allen Edmonds for a week straight, with just about everything.

    3. The “Warmer” Circle Scarf

    I’ve always liked donut scarves, but they usually seem too loose and saggy, especially after some wear. Yokoo’s “Warmer” holds its shape and stands tall – keeping you warm and giving you a little street swagger.

    Bonus Tip: If you’re in the market for a leather jacket, look vintage! They’re a fraction of the price and already have the beat-up character that add to their charm.

    Bonus Tip II: Black waxed jeans and black velvet tassel loafers? My ideal fit for an afternoon or night in downtown Manhattan.  The words urban elegance come to mind.

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I rely on these things to keep me warm during my cold commutes from the East village to the fashion district for menswear design school…




    Thanks, as always, for reading – and special thanks again to Yokoo!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Dani

      YUM! Those scarves look super cozy!

      There’s really nothing that can compete with a hand knitted scarf, it’s the best…

      You guys look dashing, looks 2 & 3 are Favs!

    • Johnny

      I really like the velvet slippers by Stubbs & Wooton,are there any other brands that have the same color and style of slipper?

    • Paul

      what do you put on your hair so they look so wet ???

    • Mr. W.

      Info on the briefcase in look #2?

    • paul fr3derick

      Question: How would this look on a guy like myself
      5″7-5″8? I dont want to look engulfed.

    • SusancomS

      Im not familiar with the series Mad Men but I do have a son who is head over heels for the fashion. I’m looking mainly for scarves and gloves to match a black or grey suit. Please help… Thanks Susan

    • khordkutta

      Diggin look #2, Did you size down on the Wingtips from look #1?

      • SB

        Yea, down a half size.


    • Edward

      Awesome!Love this scarfs:).

    • B


    • Brandon

      I’m definitely a fan of these scarves.

    • adam

      you wear lot of purple recently.. i like the color. :-)

    • TO

      Love the overall pattern mix in #2. Who makes the tie?

      That’s a great sweater from nudie. Scarves are all great, I might have to check out Yokoo at some point! Thanks for the tip

    • Sean

      love the suit in look 2, especially the peak lapels+patch pockets

    • MicahHoughton

      The Donut Scarves are a bit trying, but the maroon scarf looks very regal.

    • TheToner

      These chunkier scarves have a little bit more of a masculine feel that I
      like. I wonder if it can be done in black.

    • Zach Raymond Boroff

      This post made me literally LOL not lqtm >2 times

    • mrdrpdin

      Love the nudie jeans. i was wondering could you tell me what version of nudies are you wearing. slim jim, grim tim? thanks in advance the scarves looked great

    • HarrisonK

      I just picked up two pairs of Allen Edmonds, and the Dalton boots are definitely next on my list.

      Great post, can’t wait to see where TSB goes in the next few months.

    • DR

      This looks more like runway fashion than men’s fashion.