1 Piece/3 Ways: Chunky Belted Cardigan

December 8th, 2011

It’s not heavy duty outerwear season yet, but it’s time to start layering on some weight.

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of wearing chunky sweaters, especially cardigans, as outerwear.

Here, I put together three looks using one of my favorites. With a shawl collar and a belt, it has an awesome trench coat x bath robe feel, which makes it easy to dress up or down.

    1. Comfy Commute

    A sweater is meant to fit snug, so as a jacket it’s going to look very fitted. This makes it perfect for throwing over a tailored look – like a waistcoat and trousers. 

    Tailored garments in winter fabrics – like this wide wale corduroy suit, plaid flannel shirt and wool herringbone tie – can take you pretty far into the season without heavy outerwear.

    Bonus Tip: Flannels aren’t all oversized casual shirts, there is a new breed of superfine flannel shirting that has instantly become my go-to this Fall.

    Bonus Tip II: A light natural leather shoe is perfect for autumn.

    2. Old Italian Man Swag

    I defintely get some shit from my boys for this hat, but there’s something about it that I love. I think it’s the old Italian man swag.

    Bonus Tip: To pass as a jacket, the cardigan has to be chunky enough to wear with just a shirt underneath.

    Bonus Tip II: If you don’t want to fully commit and hem your jeans with no break, try one deep fold rather than rolling it 3 or 4 times and making it look bunchy. This is better for taller guys.

    Bonus Tup III: Like any other accessory, there are hats for every season. This chocolate brown felt hat is perfect for the Fall, and works well with masculine rugged fabrics.

    Bonus Tip IV: Hats typically look better when they are worn in. I beat up the brim on this hat to make it floppy because I thought it looked too wide and stiff when it was straight. One free steam press at the hat shop and it’s back to it’s original fedora shape.

    • Brown felt hat by Borsalino
    • Tan chukkas by Scarpe di Bianco
    • Washed jeans by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Tan suede gloves by Uniqlo
    • Chunky belted cardigan by Ralph Lauren Polo
    • Green striped oxford shirt by Gitman Brothers
    • Canvas tote bag by Filson
    • Brown alligator watch band by Montblanc

    3. Autumn Layers

    The autum color palette is the best of the seasons, in my opinion.

    Think about the colors of the leaves; there is something that just looks right about the combination of colors. Browns, Oranges, Greens. It’s satisfying and relaxing to the eye.

    Bonus Tip: It’s still a sweater. When it gets really cold, it should still fit under a coat.

    Bonus Tip II: Having sweaters of different weights allows you to layer them together, like this fine gage turtleneck and chunky cardigan.

    Bonus Tip III: Marled winter socks add a great texture at the ankle.


    • Brown turtleneck sweater by Ralph Lauren
    • Orange corduroys by Facconable
    • Brown wool blend socks by JCrew
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Olive wool toggle coat by Club Monaco
    • Chunky belted cardigan by Ralph Lauren Polo
    • Burgundy tassel loafers by Johnston & Murphy
    • Black alligator watch band by Montblanc

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Spencer
    • Ariel

      Another groundbreaking post bro. The Borsalino hat on the second look kept people talking almost more than your fur collar post! Completely innovative. Posts like this really keep me on my feet on how I can add head turners into my own style…


    • Owen

      I need in my life those Double monkstraps by Scarpe di Bianco. well done sir!

    • Joaquin

      Bravo. You are effortlessly summoning the ages with that Norfolk jacket. It seems a slight feminine in knitwear. However the looseness of that wide hat brim is very forward for such classic menswear and worth a note of mention. I would say it might do your look justice to choose only one styled item to wear at a time. A dandy flaunts all but modesty.

      Best of luck with your fashion experimentation,

    • J

      The hat in 2nd look is so innovative. Where do you come up with this stuff?

      I think it’s all about confidence. If I saw a guy wearing a hat like this, but wearing it with confidence, I would be jealous of that swagger. which it seems some readers have voiced

    • Yob

      the look with the hat is appalling, really… i mean it. you look like an olsen twin. Man up! if you are going for the old italian hat look this http://images.thesartorialist.com/photos/9248VEOldMilanoWeb.jpg although it wouldn’t go with the feminine robe. The robe makes you look frail some how. But I i think you do so many things right on this site. well C’est la vie

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Some love it, some hate it.

        Keep in mind we purposely think outside the box to get people thinking and talking. I have a version of every piece that old man is wearing – they’re classics – but if I offered such an outfit, what would be the point? There’s no innovation, and nothing to drive discussion.

        I’ve said this before – as a stylist I could easily put together basic, classic “well dressed” looks that resonate with the majority of men, but what’s the point…where’s the fun in that?

        Don’t be afraid to do YOU…you’re not the same as everyone else…

        Thanks for reading,

        • BBQSANCHEZ

          ^ WELL SAID SB!!. when i first looked at the picture of the hat i automatic thought of ways where i can add mt style and switch some things around. thats the point of Dan doing this YOB to inspire us to do US with a new concept if we choose to accept it.

        • Good response

          The downside of mens blogging is all the haters. I mean guys come to this site to enjoy free content (some of the best on the internet) and leave comments like this? Whats wrong with people.

          Keep doing you and signing checks Dan

          • David

            I don’t think in order to drive fashion forward us guys need to progressively begin to wear women’s clothes. It may not be technically a woman’s hat, but that hat looks like something my great aunt would wear.

            • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

              The Borsalino is a classic men’s hat. The idea is to think outside the box – not dress like me.

              Do you.

              Thanks for reading,

              • Yob

                Well said! I concede, I have to say I do like your site, and the hat is growing on me, slowly lol

    • George

      Some stuff you hit spot on and others are a total miss. But the haters are gonna hate so keep blogging!

    • Phil

      Okay, if we do year-end poll on best looks of 2011, I’m not sure your Scarecrow hat
      will come out toward the top. But I don’t want to stifle your sense of adventure.


    • Jules

      Your boys may give you shit for that hat, but I bet all the ladies at the bridge game think it’s fantastic!

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Hahaha. Yea the ladies love it…especially the elderly ones

        Thx for reading,

    • Hatshatshats?

      Not a fan of the hat but that’s only because I look ridiculous in any and all hats. Love the layer cake look, it’s completely fantastic.

    • AggieK

      Love the sweater, hate the hat!

    • F.E. Castleberry


      Bravo on the last look.

    • Max

      @cam Ebay, vintage rolex, enough said.

    • sebastian

      i was going to donate my hunter green toggle coat.but this i think i can pull off a look olike this.thanks tsb.

    • Steve

      Does your girlfriend get upset when you wear her hat?

      • Steve’s Mother


        Didn’t I teach you not to be mean. That’s the reason why you don’t have a girlfriend, you’re sitting at home and alone every Friday and Saturday night.

        Grow up Steve. And if you’re going to post a comment like that. At least be funny !!! Oh yeah and Steve, why don’t you start your own blog and show us how to really dress. 29 years old: no girlfriend, no job, and living in your mother’s basement rent free. You’re a real winner!!! Hurray for Steve everyone. Woo hoo. !!!

        • Roger

          Hahahahha!! Listen to your mother, Steve.

        • Mr. Vancouver

          Ouch !!!

        • F.E. Castleberry

          I really need to start implementing this anti-bullying tactic over at Unabashedly Prep. Kind of amazing.

    • Anonymous

      Great work Dan!!

    • TO

      Really feelin’ the cord vest+ plaid shirt…

      I like your reasoning for rocking the hat that way. (I always try to think of things like that if I don’t quite like something about a piece, glad to know I’m not alone:))

      I love how you played off that tree in the last look ha, some rich colour going on there!

      (Oh yeah, and great use of the sweater, lol)

    • cam

      @alex – stunning photography!
      @dan – i am in the market for a dress watch within the $1000-1500 price range. any thoughts? nice post btw

    • Jules

      liking the facial hair!

    • Ambyr

      I love your Autumn Layer Cake. The orange pants are a great accent to that belted coat. It makes the subtle print “pop”.


    • HarrisonK

      This is another great post. I had a feeling you’d be doing a post on this cardigan since you wear it a lot.

      The quality of the pictures have become much better in the last few posts. Many people used to complain that the pictures were overexposed, but they just about perfect now. Your readers will enjoy each post a lot more with better quality pictures like you have here.

      Again, great work to you and the rest of the SB team!


      hey Dan good post. im feeling the old italian guy swag. although i would rock a newspaper boy hat or a different style fedora. i can see why you get shit from your boys regarding the hat. not to disrepect or anything but i was reminded of my grandma. again keep doing you and inspiring me to do me.


    • DJ

      Funny thing, yesterday I had on the same concept as outfit 1; waistcoat and trousers. But my chunky sweater didn’t have a belt. lol.

      Outfit 3’s color palette is on point! Not to mention the scenery. Green fence, orange/brownish leaves. Nice job

    • An

      that last outfit.


      NT dressing better thread shoutout!

    • Arron

      Love that toggle coat by club Monaco. I called every location and they sold out. It’s one piece I’d love to have. Anyhow, great post, I’m not digging the hat but u can pull it off ha

      • Roger

        I’ve got a size small for sale.

    • Andrew

      Those chukka boots have an amazing colour, and the hat is definitely unique.

    • Emanuel Iuhas

      I love the 3rd one!
      Awesome pats!