Grown-Man Sneakers

November 21st, 2011

Ever since I was a kid growing up with hoop dreams I’ve had a love for sneakers. I used to collect them. At one time I think I had almost 100 pairs, including every Jordan from I-XX (and no money in my pocket, of course).

As I’ve gotten older my style has evolved with me. With the exception of a handful of favorite Js, I traded in most of my athletic sneakers for more grown-up low-top, neutral kicks.

One of my favorite pairs right now is these brown suede Lanvin’s with patent leather toe.

    They’re sharp enough to wear to a “business causal” office, in my opinion. Most businesses aren’t requiring power suits anymore – if you have the freedom to wear jeans, than a sharp sneaker shouldn’t be a problem.

    Bonus Tip: A lapel pin is a great place to add some personal flair (Office Space, anyone?). I like my Canadian flag pin on the collar rather than the lapel.

    Bonus Tip II: Every color in this outfit is considered a neutral color (browns, greys, blues, whites, tans). Because of this, each piece in this post is interchangeable. I could probably put a dozen outfits together  with only these pieces. Versatility is everything in menswear.

    Bonus Tip III: This is a polyester tie from my late grandfather. Similar ones can be found in vintage stores for a handful of loose change.

    • Brown suede captoe sneakers by Lanvin
    • Tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear
    • Blue chambray shirt by Rag&Bone
    • White denim jeans by Helmut Lang
    • Olive/brown tie Vintage from my late grandfather
    • Navy unlined cotton topcoat by Theory
    • Grey suede gloves by Thom Browne
    • Canvas tote bag by Filson

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • AlexinaWarn

      nice post dan cool stills

    • manny buns

      i like the haircut, it reminds me of WW2 German officers. you know what i’m talking about ;D

    • Kyle Norville

      That 3rd picture definitely is boss. I love the ideas I am getting from each look. What’s wild is I JUST ended my sneaker reign to also move on, over 60 pairs I believe I owned. Now down to 10 pairs.

      This has boosted my confidence and belief that I am moving on for a better cause.

      Great job.

    • Dani

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the third look!

      The denim shirt and the white jean give the perfect balance to the coat and the result it’s just right and doesn’t look over-done… I’m afraid u did it again ha ha

    • sebastian

      same here i still wear j’s im 25 and i collect and yes i wait online for them. im at that stage where i want to do a switch up but its so hard to part with my jordans.
      from my 1’s up to my 14’s i love em all.
      how can put together something with my jordans and which jordans you think are worth keeping.

      • SB

        Awesome question. Post on this soon ;)


    • jorge

      jesus christ wear a pair of socks you weirdo

    • Jason

      I love the looks on this and most of the blog. I just have one thing I can’t pull off and don’t like the look of.
      Rolled up pants in many of your other pictures and no shortage of “floods” in all the above pics.
      my pants just HAVE to touch the shoes.
      How can I get past this?

      • Josua

        What looks good regarding pant length is very subjective, but in general it will look fine with a minimal to no break (imo the white jeans are worn a little too high)

    • Joe

      What kind of haircut is that? Low Fade, Scissor 2 inch on top? Also what product do you use?

    • erni

      the magic of that new slimline DB is that I didnt even realise it was a DB when it was unbutton…kudos

    • ian

      I’m afraid suit w/sneakers is the way to look like ellen. The other looks are great, and I love the sneakers.

    • Ambyr

      Look 2 is stunning. The denim on denim shirt/tie is fantastic and the brown suit compliments both the shirt/tie and the sneakers well.


    • Bosun

      As a 20 year old ex-sneaker head currently making this very transition (Air Max 1’s where my drug of choice),this blog post is very helpful1!

    • Dru

      Love the looks!
      Does the brown suit have a notch lapel on one side and a peak lapel on the other?

    • TO

      Look one is great! Others are on point as well.

      I really appreciate that distinction you made about the material and corresponding quality of sneakers- that type of sh*t is what makes the best!

    • 2theNines

      The 3rd fit absolutely kills. Where can I find that exact pair of Matsudas? Do they have a name?

      • Domingos

        – I’m rockin’ teal hi-tops at my wnedidg, and my ladies are wearing low-tops. My groom his groomsmen are wearing black hi-tops. I’m glad to know that other people dig Chucks as much as we do Can I link to your page from mine?

    • JAMES

      Oh my God!I can’t wait to buy that brown double breasted suit! Please sell it soon Dan!

      I actually like the fit that you originally had on this suit.Did you make any adjustments to this suit from the last time you showed it on the website? It looks like it has been tapered in on the legs and the jacket fits a little more fitted, but i could be wrong. Either way, what makes this suit special is the way the fabric drapes and the color.

    • vikflo

      As a fellow sneaker fanatic It would be great to see what outfits you can make around around a Jordan Shoe. Just for kicks…

      Love the Business casual cool look too.



      Usually you are on point, but the choice of sox with the brown suit was a mis step, especially on a feature for shoes.

      • Every Man’s Closet

        I was thinking along the same lines, although rather than calling it a misstep, I was going to ask you to explain your choice. It seems that the very light colored sock left the shoe with a more athletic feel that detracted from pulling it off with a suit. Rather than looking like part of the outfit, I think it looks like you changed into them for the walk from the office to the subway, like women do with their heels. A darker sock would have maintained a continuity between the suit and the shoe. In my opinion. :)

        • Michael L

          I’m almost thinking Dan is going sockless with the Brown DB suit but perhaps it is a light colored sock. I’d have gone with a navy blue sock with that suit myself.

    • Bill

      This is kind of topical to something I was thinking about this morning. When wearing sneakers–even say a pair of Vans Authentics–with something like chinos for a casual weekend look, what to do about the socks is always someting that throws me. During warmer months I just go sockless with something like this, but as the cooler temps hit, how should you be matching socks to your pants with sneakers when you aren’t necessarily going for something loud?

      Khakish socks with sneakers would just look terribly lame?

    • janet

      I like the polyester tie from your late grandfather’s wardrobe. However, I do think you would look VERY sharp in a tie. Vintage yet modern and sleek.

    • cam

      the faux fur scarf is so Yeezy…nice work!

    • Marc Ryan

      Love the post. I am a huge fan of wearing simple, yet classy sneakers with a dressed up look. It’s a youthful look that just works well when done right. I haven’t gotten around to buying any pairs from Lanvin, even though I would pounce at the chance if I had the money haha, I typically stick to the Stan Smiths among others. How much did those Lanvins go for?

      • Taron

        That’s a wise answer to a tricky quetsion