The Tailored White Sneaker

March 4th, 2015

Tailoring and sneakers are two loves of mine. When I’m in a pinch, I usually resort to pairing them together. I feel comfortable in this combination because I think it gives a good representation of who I am, a basketball junkie who loves classic menswear.

One of my go-to sneakers in these occasions is a pair of Nike blazer mids in white-on-white perforated leather.

Here’s three examples from the Liberty Fairs show in Las Vegas, where you want to look sharp but be ready for long days, and nights, on your feet.

    On the Go 3-Piece

    mensstylewhitesneakers (1 of 12)

    I like my outfits to show my appreciation of fine tailoring, but not in a stuffy way. In an approachable way that also allows me the comfort to move. Also, believe it or not, I don’t like having to change outfits. So if it can take me from morning, to afternoon, to night, that’s an ideal look.

    I find that a waistcoat with a complementary trouser and a simple band collar shirt is an easy tailored “base” that’s very wearable and moldable. Just add a sweater (knit blazerchunky cardigan) or light jacket (leather, suede, denim, etc) and finish with pair of sneakers, loafers, or boots.

    mensstylewhitesneakers (2 of 12) mensstylewhitesneakers (3 of 12) mensstylewhitesneakers (4 of 12)

    Non-Office Tailoring


    I love the idea of tailoring that is not meant for the office. Tailored by choice. Let’s bring it back. Casual tailoring is a great look, for any guy.

    That was the idea behind this quilted flannel waistcoat from my design collection at FIT. It’s a nod to classic tailoring, and a reminder that it doesn’t have to be restricted to office wear. I always get a sense of pride when I wear this thing (along with flashbacks of many early mornings on the sewing machine) and it’s never looked better – layered under a beautiful handmade blackwatch overcoat by Lardini.

    mensstylewhitesneakers-6-of-12 mensstylewhitesneakers (7 of 12) mensstylewhitesneakers (8 of 12)

    The New Casual

    mensstylewhitesneakers (9 of 12)

    In menswear, usually less is more. A slim black suit, a nice cashmere sweater, and a go-to pair of sneakers is a simple outfit that can take you virtually anywhere, especially in Los Angeles.

    This is something that I wear in casual settings when I want to look good, but not overly dressy…like a game at the Staples Center, dinner downtown LA, or a night out in Hollywood.

    mensstylewhitesneakers (10 of 12) mensstylewhitesneakers (11 of 12) mensstylewhitesneakers (12 of 12)

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Mike

      I started reading this blog a couple years ago BECAUSE of your white sneaker / suit combinations. Its great to see them back in the blog again. Thanks for the inspiration. Id love to see a shorts/ suit/ sneaker combo, channeling urban prep.

    • Harrison Krupnick

      Love the idea of casually tailored. I also think plain white leather sneakers add understated elegance. Look 3 is perfect.

    • Stuart

      Nike Blazers are my favorite sneaker. They always come through in the clutch.

      Also, killer knit in look 3. Makes the look.

    • Dave Coakley

      I love all of those looks. Brilliant.

    • mmartin

      Hey Dan, Did you design that Grey flannel quilted waistcoat? I’m assuming that is a sleeveless vest. I like it a lot and need one.

    • Levitate Style

      Love all three looks – one of my favorite style is mixing dress up pieces like a suit and dress down like sneakers. Its got that modern on the go look. I prefer wearing low tops and slimmer profile to go with the tailored look more. I like Jack Purcell all white, Kenneth Cole Black leather slip on, also Zara offers some sleek sneakers

    • Juan Zara

      Two awesome Lardini pieces! Second look is the best, but three fantastic outfits nonetheless.

      Not a fan of the high-tops, or the huge branding on the shoe, to be honest, but being all-white I think they work. They certainly look 100x better than I would have imagined!

      Also, the third outfit is reminiscent of Marcus Allen (although he pulled it off with a tux). Great stuff!

    • Herbert Morrison

      Very nice. Let’s see some Lardini soft jackets–I’m sure you have a few up your sleeve.

    • smush parker

      Sneakers are dope! shows that you don’t necessarily break the bank on some ‘designer’ sneakers to get a refined casual look.

      Blazers, and stan smiths are truly underrated in this regard.

    • Jared

      Every. look. on. point.

    • cam

      first, the lardini blackwatch is an exceptional piece..kudos to that

      i must say that i do like the idea of sneakers with tailored wear and this reminds me of a piece that will welch did a few years back for gq with mark anthony green and justin doss, that im sure you’ve seen, called ‘geezer style’. i would like to see a better sneaker option here and definitely a low top which i think is crucial.

      • Nick Lowry

        Best options would be Lanvin Cap Toe sneaker, Common Projects Achilles, Adidas Stan Smiths, Or even a pair of GAT’s

        • Miguel

          Or you can always find NB sneakers made of suede or leather or a mix of both.

        • Ishandev

          Agree with the Langin but equally ideal is Buttero. I wore white leather vans with a dhoti.

      • smush parker

        how do you mean “better sneaker option”?

        • cam

          i would go with something like a superga, cp, tretorn or something of the ilk. in my opinion, and again its simply my opinion, the sneaker here is a bit ‘clunky’ (for lack of better word). im not referring to quality per say and honestly think a cheap canvas low top sneaker works best. if i were to choose a nike, i would go with a running type shoe like the waffle racer.

          • Mike

            Blazers are a good middle ground between AF1’s and canvas. I like a little chunkiness in footwear whether it’s wingtips or sneakers.

      • Juan Zara

        Totally agree on the low-top sneakers. All-white leather Chucks (Dan has a pair) work great with suits and tailoredwear, as do Supergas, Common Projects and even Keds.
        Leather works best with crisp worsteds and winter fabrics, while canvas looks awesome with more textured hopsacks and cotton, linen and silk spring/summer wear.

        Also, one-color understated sneakers always look best, in my opinion. White, grey and black would be my only choices.

        • Jimmy_Johansen

          Don’t forget Navy… Escpecially with Tan or gray trousers.

    • Bob

      These are great looks from the pants up. Sneakers and suit pants will never work man. Apologies! They always look like an old man heading home on the train or bus from work.

    • centimo123

      I love the matches with the pocket square

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