Ask Dan: Moose Knuckles, No-Show Undershirts, Bad Ink

February 25th, 2015


Trouser Crotch Bulge

Q: I just got some pants back from the tailor. They look good, but…how do I say this…my “package” seems to be very “on display”. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of fabric in the crotch area. Embarrassingly, somebody at the office made a comment about it the other day… What’s the solution?

A: Ah, the ‘ol bulge problem. There’s two different types of crotch “bulges” that can happen after a tailor operates on trousers. In one case, the tailor slimmed the exterior thighs and outside of the hips too much, without trimming the front crotch of the pants. This causes a fabric “bubbling” or “pouching” effect around the bottom of the fly. The other case, which sounds like the problem you’re describing, is a combination of the rise being too low and the front hips being too small. See if you’re tailor can let-out the front-side of the hip seams along with the crotch fork to increase the overall rise of the trouser. This is a fairly major operation that may involve setting a new zipper, but its worth asking before investing in new pants. Going forward, if you have a big “package” you might need a full-rise trouser to avoid those “moose knuckle” jokes.

No-Show Undershirts

Q: Hey Dan, I subscribe to your “tailored suit to the office, tie off for the night out” method of dressing. Problem is, I always wear a white v-neck undershirt – to keep sweat stains down. Therefore when I take off my tie and open a few shirt buttons, the neckline of the undershirt shows. It’s not a good look. Are there “no show” undershirts or something I should know about?

A: Whoa, this one really took me back. I touched on this years ago on my very first blog page. Check it out: the Do-It-Yourself No-Show Undershirt.

Updating Bad Ink

Q: I have an old tattoo that I got when I was in high school. Obviously, my style and interests have changed since then, and now I don’t like it or think it represents me. I’ve heard that tattoo removal leaves a shadowy/scarred look that is still visible… What should I do?

A: Get creative. Don’t think erase, think edit. A tattoo from your high school days is like a rough draft, and you’ve had many years to think about the final copy. My advice would be to come up with a tattoo design that will be more meaningful to you long-term, then consult the best artist you know to discuss how you can change your “original draft” into your new design. You’d be surprised how many good tattoos are re-dos of old tattoos.


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Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Undershirt Guy

    ah, the no-show undershirt topic comes up again here!

    in today’s vernacular, these are referred to as “unseen undershirts” or “invisible undershirts”. in most cases, they are a combination of a deeper v-neck collar line with a neutral color like heather grey or body tone.

    in reference to the original “do it yourself no show undershirt article”, there are still a few companies offering “u” shaped undershirt collar lines including the jt from collected threads & the scoop t-shirt from undergear. i don’t think “” is actually still in business, though i may be wrong.

    in addition, there are a greater number of undershirt companies making v-neck collar lines that are deeper, and some of those offer neutral color undershirt options.

    as noted below, mr. davis is one such company. there are others as well, including underfit, shirtless, ribbedtee, uniqlo airism, tommy john, slonemen, nu-v, asos deep v, jt deep v-necks from collected threads, and even thompson tee has a deep v-neck undershirt.

    i keep a pretty current list on my website. just pop by and search for “deep v” or “invisible”. you’ll be happy you did (:

    drop me a line with any other questions too!

  • n00b2000

    Mr Davis makes an excellent line of undershirts. The v is deep enough to undo 3 buttons (including the collar button) and the beige colour does a great job of blending in if you’re wearing a thin and/or light coloured shirt. There’s a few other companies out there that make similar products as well, although Mr Davis has got my loyalty for the forseeable future.

    • Paul Evans

      We second this. One of our co-founders only wears Mr. Davis. You can’t see it even with 3 buttons undone, light enough it’s perfect for summer wear, tapered at the base to stay put and not bunch, and the color makes it invisible under every shirt.

      It does look at little funny just by itself, but anyone seeing it at that point already knows what they are getting into…

  • Mark

    Speaking of tattoos, Dan, I’ve noticed that you have one on your left pectoral. Could you please shed some light on its significance?

  • AdamE

    If it’s a reasonably deep V neck, it should be deep enough to undo a couple buttons which is the most you should be undoing anyways…

    As for the moose knuckle, I actually heard a guy at the tailor sho trying to talk him into tailoring the pants to accentuate the package (I believe the exact words were “can you bring them in to make my junk look big?”)… Probably the strangest request I’ve heard waiting in line at the tailor’s…

  • mligon

    ha ha for a second I thought you were going to comment on the parka brand Moose Knuckle ;)

  • Matt

    Looks like someone out there has decided to come up with an undershirt to solve your problem, no scissors needed.

  • Juan Zara

    As someone who has had trouble with low-rises and slim-thighed trousers, the best thing you could do is learn how to operate a sewing machine (and invest in one, along with a serger, if you don’t have one.)

    Letting out the seat and the outside seam along the thigh area of your trousers isn’t as hard as you might think, and not only this solves the bulge problem 95% of the times, it’s also much cheaper than bringing every pair of trousers you own to the tailor!

    • TO

      Ya maybe its easy for you Juan because you’re from Milano!

  • JBells

    The deep V shirts in an athletic material from uniqlo work great. no show when 2 buttons undone

    • Juan Zara

      Aren’t those like 100% synthetic?

      Anyway, my 2 cents: just don’t wear an undershirt. I have never worn one and have never had any problems with sweat, except in the sultry heat of summer (when an undershirt is out of the question and would make the sweating even worse anyway). Granted, I’ve never lived anywhere super cold, but there are other ways to stay warm.

      • AFH

        Appreciate that’s your 2 cents, but some people are better off with an undershirt. And yeah, there are other ways to stay warm but layering traps heat.

        For those that sweat a bit more, an undershirt does help. It might seem counterintuitive, but it works despite the heat trapping issue. It’s a confidence thing I think.

        It’s probably best not to wear the synthetic stuff every day, and some people won’t get on with it at all – but the HeatTech and AIRism stuff does work very well.

  • tommyjohn_45

    Man… looking back at your old site. I think more than the design, the article content going from Don Cherry to Leonard Logsdail says it all haha. All of the sudden I have a craving for some Timmies.

    Thanks for the link to the undershirt solution anyway. I was a few bad undershirts away from strapping face cloths to my pits.

    • Gavin

      Just stick some panty liners to the insides of your shirts!