The People of Liberty Fairs, Part 3

January 27th, 2015

Here are some of our favorite looks from our last day at Liberty Fairs.

Tony Pace

mensstyleliberty (26 of 93)

Leave it up to the young man holding down the Oak Street Bootmakers booth to show you a thing or two about versatile dress boots.

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Sabir Peele

mensstyleliberty (112 of 153)

Men’s Style Pro in the house.

mensstyleliberty (114 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (115 of 153)

Max Poglia

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Max Poglia knows blades and branding. He’s definitely a leader in the stylish knife designer space and has done a great job creating his brand Poglia & Co.

mensstyleliberty (11 of 93)


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Ignacio Quiles

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Our good friend Ignacio came through again on the last day, as always in some vintage menswear and rare throwback accessories.

mensstyleliberty (87 of 93)

mensstyleliberty (83 of 93)

Calvin Saunders

mensstyleliberty (6 of 93)

Our friend Calvin Saunders knows a thing or two about tailoring the tall & lean body type.

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mensstyleliberty (9 of 93)

Alexander Sumner

mensstyleliberty (96 of 153)

Mr. Sumner, otherwise known as Mr. Nash, has become a good friend, an advisor, and a spiritual leader of sorts. Nothing but love for this guy.

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mensstyleliberty (99 of 153)

Brandon Murphy

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Brandon Murphy is an up-and-coming personal stylist living in NYC, as profiled here and here.

mensstyleliberty (82 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (83 of 153)

Reggie Spruill

mensstyleliberty (65 of 153)

Our friend Reggie is an architecture student, menswear enthusiast, and part of the team over at Steven Alan NYC.

mensstyleliberty (66 of 153)

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Kortney Hastin

mensstyleliberty (9 of 153)

The owner and designer of Norman Russell Denim was letting us pull samples for editorial shoots all week, including some awesome distressed pieces, like these.

mensstyleliberty (11 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (12 of 153)

Zeddie Lukoye

mensstyleliberty (54 of 153)

My man Zeddie, the Kenyan designer behind Blackbird Jeans, always brings the clean simple style and the contagious positive energy.

mensstyleliberty (55 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (57 of 153)

 Ashley Owens


By now you know all about Ashley Owens, the super stylish creator of Grandpa Style and Suited Magazine. Her vintage menswear style (“grandpa inspired” of course) is always one of our favorites. Check out that heavy-duty waistband on these military trousers!




Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Stuart

    It’s the nonchalance that makes the look. Really killing it.

  • Ed

    I really hate the way you people talk.

  • Calvin McCoy

    Tony’s hat and boots in look 1 are too nice! I NEED to know where the hat’s from!

  • JoeFromTexas

    I love how feminine and confident Ashley looks in men’s (inspired) clothes.

  • Rams

    I hope to have Ignacio Quiles style IQ style when I grow up, and Ashley’s trousers as a part of the look. They both look vintage and present day too. Timeless pieces is the answer here i guess?

  • Juan Zara

    I always suspected people never got my sarcasm…

  • Alex

    Agree 100%

  • Cody

    F*ck off sycophant.

    • cam long have you been waiting to use that noun in a sentence?

  • Cody

    Reggie with the best look I’ve ever seen on this site

    • cam

      sorry but this is hilarious. so are u saying this is the first post uve seen on this site? and even then, that would be a stretch

      • tommyjohn_45


  • cuponoodles

    Why are we all wearing hats inside?

    • Jeanscuffed

      “Cuz it’s the COOLEST!” *in Billy Madison voice*

      • tommyjohn_45

        If wearing hats inside is the coolest, consider me Miles Davis!

    • cam

      probably bc its no longer the early 20th century…move on

    • Juan Zara

      No need to take off your hat in public places, unless accompanied by a lady. In this particular case, a lady is wearing a hat as well, so I guess all is fine.

      • tommyjohn_45

        It’s also a photo shoot…

  • Jeanscuffed

    Brandon is hands down killing it with the all black and boots. I like how he went against the grain with the green hat instead of full on black

    I think Day 3 outfits rival Day 1’s. I’m digging the depth of these people’s outfits. Great work!

    • tommyjohn_45

      Agreed, that hat is legit.

  • A. Lehman

    Some sick headwear game here. Would love to know where Brandon Murphy’s hat is from.

  • Dave Coakley

    Zeddie =


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