What I Wore Today: Dan vs Wes Suit-Off

January 22nd, 2015

I remember when we first brought Westley Dimagiba onto the AOS (formerly TSB) team. He was a young enthusiast sneakerhead from NYC who was just beginning to grow out of his streetwear phase and appreciate classic menswear. I could tell he had a good eye for style and he has eager to learn more about the business, so I took him under my wing as an assistant stylist and content editor.

Three years later it feels like my first protegé is all grown up; wearing bespoke suits of his own, advising his own styling clients in NYC, and often serving as a source of inspiration for AOS, as things come full-circle.

For the past three days we’ve been back together hosting the Articles of Style Gentleman’s Lounge at Liberty Fairs, and it’s been looking like a good ol’ fashioned suit-off. So the question today is, has the mentee begun to outshine the mentor?!

You guys vote. One point for each day, best 2 out of 3.

    Day 1: Dan

    mensstyledanwes (18 of 32)

    First day of the show I went with a 6×2 double-breasted flannel chalkstripe with gunmetal buttons.

    mensstyledanwes (19 of 32)

    I kept it simple with a white spread collar shirt (one of those power collars by Angel Bespoke) and a grey silk tie from my friend Gianni.

    mensstyledanwes (20 of 32)

    I wanted to pack light for this trip from LA to NYC, so I only brought one pair of boots; the Dalton Wingtip by Allen Edmonds.

    mensstyledanwes (21 of 32)

    Day 1: Wes

    mensstyledanwes (5 of 32)

    For his first day, Wes went with a birdseye flannel notch lapel (also with gunmetal buttons) over a black cashmere turtleneck and sharp black monks.

    mensstyledanwes (7 of 32)

    Custom details: the western jean pockets on the trousers and the black & white rose print jacket lining.

    mensstyledanwes (8 of 32) mensstyledanwes (9 of 32)

    Day 2: Dan

    mensstyledanwes (1 of 32)

    Second day I went classic double-breasted grey flannel, the essential Fall/Winter suit from our recent wardrobe building article.

    mensstyledanwes (2 of 32)

    Sticking to the basics to get me through this trip with light luggage, I went with a pale blue as my second shirt and a tie that goes with just about everything.

    mensstyledanwes (3 of 32) mensstyledanwes (4 of 32)

    Day 2: Wes

    mensstyledanwes (22 of 32)

    Day 2 Wes went monochromatic with a slate blue birdseye suit (with a mean cut), indigo denim spread collar shirt, wide silk knit tie, and sharp brown wingtips.

    mensstyledanwes (23 of 32) mensstyledanwes (24 of 32) mensstyledanwes (25 of 32)

    Day 3: Dan

    mensstyledanwes (27 of 32)

    For the last day of the show I went green donegal tweed (with pleated trousers), contrast vest, denim spread collar shirt, and silk knit tie.

    mensstyledanwes (29 of 32) mensstyledanwes (30 of 32) mensstyledanwes (31 of 32)

    Day 3: Wes

    mensstyledanwes (11 of 32)

    On day 3 Wes repeated his go-to grey flannel, but styled it with a beautiful forest green topcoat and his signature band collar shirt.

    mensstyledanwes (15 of 32) mensstyledanwes (14 of 32)

    Thanks, as always, for reading. Place your votes in the comments below, I’m sure Wes is about to be hype.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Adam

      My vote is Dan, Wes, and Wes for days 1-3 respectively. Nicely done.

    • Jack

      Damn, Wes literally OWNED this. 3-0.

    • Steph


    • Kolja Kassner

      Day 1 is an easy win for Wes. Day 2 is much closer, but I still see Wes a bit ahead. But day 3 goes to Dan. As much as I love the Wes-collar, the Tweed suit is just not beatable. So overall a close win for Wes. Would have been curious to see it for another day…

      By the way: great to see Wes back in front of the lense. And hope to see you more often. Points for authenticity (of Dan, Wes and Alex of course) compared to mainstreamed (and sorry, boring) models…

    • Shawn

      Green Donegal is to die for. I’d give my left gonade for it!

    • Adam

      Definite 3:0 to Wes for me, killing it everyday!
      #1 – Simplicity with the suit and turtleneck – DAMN!
      #2 – Just the sleekness of the look, just looks straight up sweet! Liking Dan’s DB but Wes’ was just slick.
      #3 – Really liked Dan’s look, contrasting waistcoat looking epic, thought he had it for sure! But then, Wes just came in and straight up knocked it out the park (big fan of the bad collar shirts)!

      Wes just killed it, straight and simple!
      Enjoy this sort of article though, really nice to see diversity between you guys at the events!

    • Alex

      2-1 Wes. That suit #2, damn.

    • Seth

      Dan. Because dem boots..

    • Pat Germany

      Dan has my vote for day one and three, Wes really rocked day two!

    • Scott

      Sorry Dan…I’m from your home town, But have to go with Wes. Wes kills all 3 looks!

    • Willie JS

      Day 1 – WES (simple and elegant use of a turtle neck. Dan’s DB is amazing, however, it shows too much shirt and the pants are border line high as well, IMO).
      Day 2 – WES (Dan, That’s the way the previous DB should fit. Wes barely, only due to his Scarpe di Bianco Wingtips against his Monochromatic look.
      Day 3 – DAN (NO CONTEST…TKO!!! by the GREEN MONSTER Donegal tweed suit, the earth colors complementing each other… AND NOW THE BOOTS LOOK AMAZING).
      Great stuff, happy to see WIWT again.

    • Gray

      Wes across the board, all 3 days.

    • Harrison Krupnick

      Wes wins hands down. The two double breasted suits are similar and a little repetitive to me. With that being said, I think the green tweed is fantastic but Wes still wins.

    • Widmark

      its family all day. Dope ish bro

    • TO

      As Ali reminded me, Wes had home-court advantage in this one and I think that should be taken into consideration (half kidding). I got Wes on the last two looks and Dan on the first one. 2:1 Wes.

      I would be interested to know my reaction on the last look if I hadn’t seen Dan’s suit several times before (it’s still spectacular) as well as that particular suit mash-up. Just saying that Wes definitely came with an extra surprise factor with some details (suits I don’t think we have seen on the site seen, dope lining, buttoned band collar) and that amazing topcoat! Good contest fellas.

      • Jeanscuffed

        I think this is more along the lines of what I wanted to say lol. I’m so bad with words. Also is an outfit still considered monochrome if the shoes are a complimentary color?

        • TO

          I suppose it would not be 100% monochromatic as an outfit overall. If the shoes were in the same colour family yes, but if you are referencing Wes with the brown shoes here then no.

          The question I have is how is how is Dan from Day 2 chillin with Wes from Day 1 (in the header)?! That’s some slick photoshop, maybe ;)

    • Hurk

      You guys still repping Passaggio Cravatte after a boatload of people came on here and straight-up murdered y’all with knowledge about what a fraud dude is? Laughable.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        WOW. I had no idea of this. Unfortunately, in the midst of everything, I did not see those comments on the previous Profile. The post about this brand/designer has now been removed. The brand did not pay us for the post. While I do love the ties I received from him (and genuinely wore them on this trip) we will not stand for any brand who is fraudulent about manufacturing, in any way. This type of behavior only hurts the menswear industry at large, and goes against everything we stand for. Thanks to the readers of StyleForum for their stellar, honest reviews of products. We will do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

    • Antonio López

      -Day 1: Wes, gotta love a turtleneck under a suit.
      -Day 2: Dan, excellent look, accomplished by taking advantage of menswear staples.
      -Day 3: Dan, this was a close one, but i give it to Dan ‘couse of the great color combination.

      Overall great looks, and man, THOSE BOOTS!

    • Zach

      Wes’s outfit on day 3 is on point. Love the details on that top coat. Plus that color is a nice departure from the standard in a not too flashy way.

    • Tobias Hill

      Sorry Dan, 2:1 for Wes.
      Dan won Day 2 – the slight chest-pop on Wes’ Slate Blue lost him an edge and Dan’s trouser length was absolutely perfect on those boots.
      However, Day One, simply had to go to Wes because, especially with a cuff, Dan’s trousers were just an inch or so too short to support the power of that DB jacket.
      Day 3 to Wes because I love the coat. A purely selfish aesthetic choice

    • Austin Roberson

      Over all I think Wes won the first two days, but then Dan stole the show with his green suit on the last day! Boom! #teamdan

    • http://mrcavaliere.com/ Mr. Cavaliere

      Great looks gentlemen but my vote goes to Dan. That forest green donegal is wicked!

    • Cole

      Day 1: Dan (in a close one, Dan’s tie almost made him lose but Wes’s facial hair ensured the loss)
      Day 2: Wes
      Day 3: Dan

    • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

      So great to see Wes back! His style has matured so much over the years and has become, in my opinion, very detailed and sophisticated. He wins this hands down because he got ALL of the details right:

      a) sleeve length is consistent throughout all three looks (what’s up with the 2-inch shirt cuff in look 1, Dan?), not to mention showing 1/4-1/2 inch of shirt cuff is so much more elegant than the 1 1/2 inches everyone is sporting nowadays. I especially applaud the appropriate length of the overcoat’s sleeves (it’s a cold-weather garment that’s supposed to protect you from the cold and the elements, your suit jacket’s and shirt’s cuffs shouldn’t be visible when wearing one!)

      b) buttoning stance and trouser rise are, again, on point. The jacket’s quarters remain closed when it is buttoned, and this, in a world where 6’4″ dudes wear size 36S suits, showing an 11″ triangle of shirt below their armpit-high top button in the meantime, is a rare example of elegance.

      c) jacket length, tie and lapel width (not to mention the lapel’s slight curvature), trouser width and length were evidently carefully thought-out since, I assume, before the patterns were drafted. All according to Wesley’s body measurements.

      d) the choice of fabrics is superb. Birdseye worsteds have to be among the most underrated men’s fabrics.

      e) Brown. Museum calf. Oxford. Wingtips.

      Great to see this feature back! Are you guys staying in NY for FW?

    • Harvey

      Day 1: Dan
      Day 2: Wes
      Day 3: Dan

    • Akil McLeod

      Wes that overcoat is dope!

      • http://www.tsbmen.com/ Westley Dimagiba

        thank you brother!

    • djsavenger

      Dan by a mile…two looks that are pure classicism and then one out-there but still reined in. If it were a high-fashion contest, the race would have been tighter. Oh also: Extra points due to the fact that double-breasted suits are so tricky to tailor.

    • Herb

      Deduct a point from each of Dan’s totals for rocking a collar gap in the masthead pic.

    • Miguel

      I really missed this feature, I think I’m going with Wes in this one, nice to see you around Wes.

      • http://www.tsbmen.com/ Westley Dimagiba

        it’s good to be back.

    • cam

      Day 1: Wes
      Day 2: Dan
      Day 3: Tie
      …but i’m wondering if alex killed em 3 days in a row?

    • Rob

      Based off your OWN rules, Wes takes all 3 days. Black watch strap with brown boots? I thought per your own post, leathers (all accessories and elements of your look) MUST match? Therefore, you must forefeit by default. Unless its just a bad picture and your strap is a darker brown? Then, it’s 2 to 1 Wes. You take Day 3.

      • Gavin

        Seems odd that the band he wore on day two would affect his outfit on day three?

        Besides, I’m not sure Dan is the style God and makes “rules”. Rather outlines guidelines to help those of us looking to increase our sartorialness(ness?).

        Either way, you come across as very aggressive. Do we not like Dan?

        • Rob

          Huh? Learn to read. I simply stated IF the band is a very dark shade of brown then he still would only “win” Day 3 IMO. Also, you cannot see the band in Day 3 as well. Comprehension clearly is not your specialty, I am not being harsh, I just made a point. And if you come on here to increase your “sartorialness,” dumb comment, then would you not have him practice what he preaches? I personally could not care less, just thought I would throw that out there. Most will only see the picture as a whole, I look for the details.

          • Gavin

            “Also, you cannot see the band in Day 3 as well. Comprehension clearly is not your specialty”

            That’s the point. You started off the original post declaring Wes as the winner of all three, and then proceeded to state that the watch band in day 2 would affect the scoring of day 3. But you’re right, I’m the one with the comprehension issues making the silly comments.

            Carry on.

            • Rob

              Yes, you are. First of all, Day’s 1 AND 2 you can see his watch band. It appears black in BOTH. I clearly stated, IF the band happens to be a “darker brown” (which by the way i did NOT assign a DAY to, I do not know where you see Day 2 at????) I’m perplexed by your inability to read, none-the-less, I stated Wes would be the winner of all three by DEFAULT, based on Dan’s rules from a previous post. He would automatically lose all three in my opinion on that alone, however, EVEN IF the band was brown Wes would still take the first two regardless, whereas Dan would imo take the third day. I swear this has gone WAAAAYYYYY beyond where I thought my comment would go….I BEG you learn to read and to a further extent, understand what you are reading, pleaseeeeeee.

            • Rob

              This is about as dumb as an argument as “deflate-gate.”

    • JP

      Tie (pun intended)

      • http://www.tsbmen.com/ Westley Dimagiba

        I see what you did there.

    • Herbert Morrison

      Wes tree outta 3.

    • Jeanscuffed

      I’m sorry Dan…..but Wes murdered you man. No poll feature tho? I guess comments are always better than clicking a button.
      Dan your outfits were spot on and classic, it’s just Wes’s had a little bit of edge to them all. I loved the band collar fit. He really pulled out his haymaker lol. Good stuff guys!

    • Ali Naaseh

      Dan all the way, for the following reasons:
      – Packing light
      – Donegal tweed

    • http://Keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff McAllister

      My vote goes Wes, Wes, Dan. Although neither round was a knock out. Big thumbs up for friendly competition — keeping things fierce!

    • AdamE

      2:1 for Wes (29:27 using boxing scoring). Tuesday was a 10:8 round for Wes, not just a win in the round, but definitely scored a knock-down with that one… Monday 10:9 Wes, and Wednesday 10:9 For Dan in a very close round (since Wes’ suit is legit as well, I’m just insanely jealous of the green donegal)

    • David

      Day 1: Dan. I’m always a big fan of a double breasted suit and this one is just killer! I’m not he on this particular buts with that suit but they don’t kill the look, they’re just not my taste.
      Day 2: Wes. Love the tie! While I do like Dan’s suit I find a DB in plain grey is a little tiring. Wes’ look i just more appealing on this day.
      Day 3: Dan. The Green Tweed is amazing. The whole looks has an air of British countryside to it that i love.

      All around great outfits as usual guys! Keep up the solid work.

    • http://www.vincentnappi.com/ Vincent Nappi

      That overcoat Wes has on in the last look is super cool. Those seams/darts/whateveryoucallthem on the sleeves and along the chest give a real interesting structure to the thing.

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