Casually Tailored: A Universal Look

January 13th, 2015

Not sure what to wear? Here is a fool proof outfit that will work for just about any occasion: tailored flannel jacket (blazer or suit jacket), slim oxford shirt, and tapered jeans.

Here are three examples.

    mensstylecasualtailoring (1 of 13)

    Adding the waistcoat can give the look a little depth (and maybe a little more formality), and a felt fedora was made for this type of combination. This is the same unstructured jacket that we recently discussed. It’s a perfect match for a blue oxford shirt and indigo jeans.

    mensstylecasualtailoring (2 of 15)mensstylecasualtailoring (6 of 15)

    Gold face with a crocodile watchband, gold belt buckle with a crocodile strap. It’s all about the details.

    mensstylecasualtailoring (5 of 13)

    mensstylecasualtailoring (6 of 13)

    The best part about a flannel suit is that it doubles as a blazer. Grab the jacket with a pair of slim washed jeans, a neutral cashmere scarf, and a pair of cognac chelsea boots and you’re ready for just about anything.

    mensstylecasualtailoring (8 of 15)mensstylecasualtailoring (9 of 15)mensstylecasualtailoring (10 of 15)mensstylecasualtailoring (8 of 13)

    mensstylecasualtailoring (10 of 13)

    If it’s a little cooler out, reach for a simple chesterfield overcoat, a cashmere beanie and a sharp pair of leather gloves. These are all investment pieces that can be worn again and again in a variety of situations. Use our interactive Style Guide for more examples.

    mensstylecasualtailoring (14 of 15)mensstylecasualtailoring (13 of 15)mensstylecasualtailoring (12 of 13)

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford. Styling by Dan Trepanier. Modeling by William Derrick

    • Rob

      I like how Dan wanted to step out of being in front of the camera…that’s fine, how about if you want to feature others, keep your wardrobe that was cut specifically to your body out of being in front of the camera as well. Makes no sense to feature others wearing YOUR clothes. The days of the original blog….

    • Nick


      I love the blog and I have been reading it for three or four years religiously. However, I cannot say I like the new direction that you have taken it in, it used to be about your personal style and be much more in depth, now you just seem to cobble together some outfits on your models, using your own clothes that just do not fit them very well. I also preferred outdoors photos. Sorry to be so critical, I just think the content has gone down hill recently.

      • Jeanscuffed

        I agree with Nick to some extent. I love where the blog is going as far as teaching people abt the value of quality over quantity and teaching people more in depth of menswear and how it all works, but I’m used to the outdoor shots as well. The models don’t bother me but just as long as they were in an outdoor setting to show the natural flow of the pieces and the beauty of clothes in natural light. Maybe we aren’t taking into consideration Dan’s situation because he maybe too busy to set up outdoor shoots but I miss that element as well as the WIWT segments.

        • KL

          I agree…I like a lot of the new content. But I also miss the outdoor shoots, and WIWT. I understand that Dan might be too busy to model himself now, but this guy is pretty terrible, and I hope you guys find a way to make it more personal again. One last thing – if you’re going to do an indoor shoot, the gray backdrop is okay, but the color backdrops are just so tacky. I hate to be negative, but I’ve been following this blog for so long and I hope it doesn’t lose all of what made it so awesome, beyond just style tips and information.

    • Mirko

      sorry, but the jeans just don’t fit him…

    • Rob

      Why does this model raise his left eyebrow in every picture?

      • O

        he has Forest Whitaker syndrome :P

      • Rob

        Bad pluck job, or he went for that, If you smelllllllllllllll what TSB is cooking!

    • Taylor

      Great looks, styling and incredible photos (as always, Alex). Only look I can’t get behind is the three-piece suit on top with jeans look. It’s a bit sloppy and try hard for my taste, somehw the symmestry is off and irritates me. Great looks otherwise guys.

    • Shawn

      2nd look flannel jacket is awesome, looks comfy as hell!

      • Shawn

        Mercer fit right?

        • TO

          Yep Shawn you’re right.

    • Cody

      Scale of 1-10, how high was this guy when these photos were taken? His eyes say about an 8.

      • Tamara

        He’s just a smooth looking kind of guy… ~Tamara

      • Elijah Candelario

        I came to this website initially for the fashion, obviously. I’ve been coming here for almost four years now and I’ve grown attached to the TSB or now, “Articles” crew. Bringing in outside models is a strange choice, and I can’t say it’s one I totally agree with.

        As a longtime reader of the site, I now enjoy the closeness with the men who make the site a reality – be it Dan, Alex, Wes, Will, or even our dearly departed Towni. The fact that these regular guys, not male models or elite designers, put together outfits and cultivate style for all of us is what draws me to Articles of Style. I enjoyed the competitions that you all would have with WIWT or the “Outfit on a Budget” challenge.

        Alex and Wes’ abilities to create a style portrait that blends the LA/NYC landscape in with common-man fashion is my favorite hallmark of this site, and I hope posts more in that vein will continue to inspire readers for times to come.

        • JBells

          100% agree

      • KL

        I am so glad it’s not just me. I really can’t believe this man gets paid to model. He always looks wasted. Like E. Christian, I really liked seeing Dan, Alex, Wes, and Towni, and posts like WIWT. If you’re going to do away with that, at least find a model that doesn’t look like a total douche bag.

    • Rob

      Is the overcoat added in the 3rd look, do to the blazer being huge on him?

      • od

        this guy is wearing dan’s clothes…hence the ill-fit :P

    • tommyjohn_45

      Dan, what’s the degree of difficulty in removing shoulder pads or even lining from a jacket? I’ve seen a few DIY videos online, but wondered whether you would recommend sticking with a professional for these types of alterations?

    • cam

      Can you provide William’s height and weight/chest size and what size the Suit Supply jacket is? Thanks guys

      • TO

        Click on his name in the credits Cam, it’ll take you to his modeling profile.

        • TO

          I see now it directs to his website- if you look at the first time he appeared it directs to those particulars.

          • Rob

            stalker status level 5

            • TO

              Haha. It’s no secret that I stalk this site non-stop. I am a super fan. I notice mostly all the site’s layout changes, and that’s one I remembered from when it started hiring models.

    • Miguel

      I’ve always said, a jacket can bring an outfit to another level, love all three outfits.

    • Ben

      It’s probably worth pointing out that while minimally-structured jackets can look great (as the one in the first look does), they work far better if you have the right figure for it.

      Jacket cuts and padding have evolved over the years to create the impression of the archetypal male figure (broad shoulders, muscular chest, tapered waist). If you have that then the look compliments that well, but if not, then you may be better off submitting to some of the tailor’s black arts! (obviously I’m not advocating 80s power shoulders though…)

      • TO

        good point and perspective Ben

      • AdamE

        Totally agree. Structure in jackets in general is there to help forgive flaws in the figure of the wearer. Which is why most OTR suits look really funny on people with muscular shoulders, since with the padding, they look like linebackers. Because of the musculature in my upper back (and the posture it leads to in a resting position), even my structured suits have to be very careful with the amount of padding used, otherwise I get this scoopy look in the pec area. They can measure the armholes correctly, but then if they put anything more then the thinnest padding, it messes it up… In general it’s a factor in my bias towards unstructured jackets, because they look and sit better on me (when i go structured I go MTM so that they can deal with that situation in the design phase…).

        In general unstructured jackets tend not to flatter people with alot of extra weight in the abdominal area (although if you pair it with a waistcoat, and the fit is nailed on that, it typically can by you some leeway…), or really squirrely shoulders/really bad posture (like the Smeagol look, really rounded out shoulders/neck so that the shoulders protrude anteriorly…).