Celebrate like a Gentleman: Dinner Jackets

December 26th, 2014

New Year’s Eve – the one night a year that calls for a dinner jacket – is just around the corner.

There’s no better way to start a new year than partying like a gentleman.

Here are some ideas on celebrating in style.

    Shawl Dinner Jacket

    mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (15 of 44)

    The shawl dinner jacket (in black, midnight blue or charcoal grey) is a staple in a well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. Look for a trim-cut jacket with a one-button front and you’ll be covered for formal events as well as casual evenings out (more on that later).

    mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (24 of 44)   mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (27 of 44)  mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (29 of 44)

    Velvet Evening Jacket

    mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (1 of 44)

    As we mentioned in our Guide to Holiday Styles, velvet is for celebrating. Burgundy perforated velvet, with cashmere trousers, is for celebrating all night long.

    mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (7 of 44)      mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (13 of 44) mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (14 of 44)

    Off-White Show Piece

    mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (32 of 44)

    For the bolder man, there’s the off-white dinner jacket (and a midnight blue velvet trouser/waistcoat combo).

    mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (36 of 44)       mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (43 of 44) mensstyleformaldinnerjackets (44 of 44)

    Thanks, as always, for reading. Hope you’re gearing up for a fantastic New Year celebration!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford. Styling by Dan Trepanier. Modeling by Will Howe

    • Grady McDonald

      The off white jacket borders on debonair and sloppy. The texture and cut are quite off, has to be the Hollywood black-tie sort to be remotely appropriate.

      The black/white houndstooth pants are perfect.

      The grey Birdseye shawl jacket and matching cummerbund is by far and away my favorite look here.

      I’ll be rocking a midnight blue, peak lapel formal coat and black watch trousers with opera pumps this Holliday! (With a turn down double cuff Marcella shirt and black satin bow/cummerbund)

    • Male Extravaganza

      Wow, amazing outfit!! my favourite is the second look! Yes, you’re right- Velvet is for celebrating! I have always wanted a velvet blazer


    • tommyjohn_45

      I recently scored a dinner jacket at the Michael Andrews Bespoke sample sale and cannot wait to put it to good use for New Years. This article got me thinking about proper etiquette during dinner and I could recall a previous post where Dan discusses this. After digging, I thought I’d share it with the group in case others were curious. http://articlesofstyle.com/50659/ask-dan-dining-in-style-gradpa-kilties-whip-game/

      All three looks are on point here! I will personally be going with a similar look to look one. Happy New Years to all.


      • Jeanscuffed

        Post it! I really can’t speak for everyone else on here, but personally I would love to see the look.

    • Miguel

      Love all three of the looks, how about a DB velvet jacket, any word on that?

    • Paul

      Is that really a distressed diner jacket in look 3? Also why doesn’t it have the black gosgrain lapel that fully distinguishes suits and formal wear? Other than that, loved all three looks and especially the velvet in look three

    • Dave Coakley

      I love the dickie bow on look one and the detailing on the velvet jacket.

      All of these looks are great.