Travel in Style: The Flight “Suit”

December 22nd, 2014

It’s traveling season. Time to head back to the old stomping grounds to spend time with family and friends for the Holidays. For many of us that involves long flights, in my case it’s a six hour trip from Los Angeles to southern Ontario. Therefore, I thought it would be a good time to touch on traveling in style.

We get it, you want to be as comfortable as possible to deal with all the stresses of flying. This is why airports are filled with couch clothing: hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, etc. The old-world glamour of air travel is officially dead, which is interesting because airports are great places to meet new people (who just happen to be traveling to your same destination).

Well, our good friend Waraire Boswell (menswear designer, bespoke tailor to Lebron James, and one of our all-time favorite profiles) is here to prove that being comfortable doesn’t mean looking like a slob. Later this month he will be launching his much anticipated ready-to-wear collection, beginning with the release of his “Lear Suit”; a sweat “suit” designed specifically for traveling in comfort and style.

We got our hands on a couple early samples of the Lear suit to bring you some new ways to deal with the airport hassle.

    The New Sweat Suit

    WesDB (2 of 12)

    With more and more menswear designers trending toward “comfort tailoring”, the lines between traditional business suits and casual sweat suits are becoming increasingly blurred. Boswell’s Lear suit (named after the Lear Jet, of course) takes this a step further. It’s build for extreme comfort, but unlike most of the sweats on the market, it’s cut with a trim fit.

    The jacket (or cardigan) has a three-button front, patch pockets, single vent, and shawl collar. The trousers (or joggers) are trim cut with a drawstring waist, patch pockets, and ankle cuffs.

    Getting through the security checkpoint in this thing is a breeze. Just throw your metal accessories in your carry-on (Frank Clegg and I designed this travel duffle with exterior patch pockets specifically for this purpose), slip off your sneakers, and slide right through.



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    Carry-On in Comfort & Style

    mensstyleleersuit (10 of 11)

    This is as comfortable as a suit gets, and/or as classy as a sweatsuit gets. The knit shirt is cut from a stretchy pima cotton, too, which is as soft and comfortable as a quality t-shirt.

    No matter how comfortable or casual the look, the right accessories can always bring it up a notch. In my opinion, if you dropped some coin on a beautiful luxury watch (like this vintage Rolex), you shouldn’t need to wait for special occasions to wear it. Wear it as often as possible! A classy watch can ramp up just about any outfit.

    Of course, the Lear suit is not exclusively for traveling. It would be just as functional and stylish for casual activities like heading to the gym, or lounging low key.

    mensstyleflyingsuit (5 of 8)mensstyleflyingsuit (7 of 8)

    The Lear Suit is not yet available for sale online, but will be soon. We will be making an announcement when the first limited release drops. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-speed with the latest from Articles of Style.

    mensstyleflyingsuit (8 of 8)

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford. Styling by Dan Trepanier. Modeling by William Derrick

    • John Smith

      i love it! i have a modified all-black version of this “suit” courtesy of Uniqlo (slim sweat pants) and Banana Republic (Slim V Neck Tee, Slim Jacket)!

    • Joel

      is this paid

    • K

      Is it just me or does this guy always looks like he’s hung over? I really miss having the old TSB guys “model” the clothing.

    • James Wong

      I can’t stress enough how comfy Uniqlos Stretch Jeans are aka “meggins”. I can even do parkour and acrobats in those bad boys.

    • Male Extravaganza

      Great article! I hate flying because it is so uncomfortable and making me look like a slob lol Lear suits seem very comfortable, but they don’t look like a suit.

    • Juan Zara

      While I really appreciate the concept, and I do think it’s an interesting topic to discuss, the overall silhouette of the outfit presented here is still too fashion-y for me. The pants are downright skinny, and the cuffs make them even less presentable. As for the jacket/cardigan, the look is too “rumpled” and casual to pass as a real suit jacket/blazer/sportcoat.

      For me, when I travel, I don’t worry so much about being comfortable (as I am as comfortable in a suit as I am in pretty much anything else, if not more) as I worry about looking presentable. Most of the time I don’t have time to change and I go to whatever event, dinner, lunch etc I have to attend to wearing the clothes I wore to the airport, and I don’t think this would be appropriate for most situations as it can’t really be dressed up (anything other than sneakers, ties, crisply-ironed shirts are out of the question).

      This is one of the first posts I remember reading from the old blog:
      I think the outfit pictured is much more appropriate and still pretty comfortable, considering the trousers are fleece (flannel, corduroy or moleskin also work). Swap out the jacket for an uncostructed one, lose the tie, ditch the lace-ups for some loafers and you’re good to go.

    • Miguel

      Interesting post, though for traveling I still prefer going with some jeans, t shirt, a blazer on top with slide in shoes.

    • TimL

      Ugh…… still sweats and not a suite.
      Horrible look and don’t tell

    • Ali Naaseh

      So it’s joggers and a cardigan? The uniform of second-year sociology students at universities around the world?

      • Tribeca, NYC

        Agreed, I think the two pieces look a bit corny together. Looks a bit too Juicy circa early 2000’s.

    • TO

      I would definitely advocate for the second sample over the first. The first one I find the pants are a little over aggressively tapered and made me question the look- the second had me seriously thinking about it ! Cool concept.

    • cam

      Hey Dan, remember when you were waaaay ahead of this on your first blog? You had those tailored pajama pants with the blazer?

      • Jeanscuffed

        I thought of the SAME thing when I read this!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Haha. Yea, I’ve been rocking “tailored sweats” for a good five years. Nice to see them becoming a little more widespread. I think you know the site better than I do Cam! I hope all is well and you’re gearing up for a great Holiday season!

    • tommyjohn_45

      This reminded me of the “Stress Free Travel Tips” article you posted a little while back. The link I had saved for it doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find the article through search.
      Like the look of the leisure suit. Would go with grey over white for durability.

      • TO

        Want to see that article revived!

    • Hello

      What would you reccomend for a flight that is 10+ hours with another 3 hour connecting flight?

      • Tom

        A Snuggie…

      • Stuart

        I make a similar round trip flight about three times a year – Shanghai to NYC – and I always wear dressed up sweatpants and a casual t-shirt. Not sure your budget but I’d recommend just about anything by Todd Snyder. It’s comfortable and casual without looking sloppy.

      • John Smith

        Go to Uniqlo. Slim cut sweatpants.