Three Jeans to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

December 15th, 2014

You got your dark blue jeans, your light washed jeans, maybe even a pair of white denim for the Spring/Summer. By now you’re probably getting tired of repeating the same jeans and looking like every other guy on the block.

Here are three pairs of jeans that will instantly amp up your casual wardrobe.



    Waxed jeans, especially in black, have an edge to them. Call them “urban”, call them “street”, just wear them out late with a black leather jacket, soft knit sweater, and sleek chukka boots to make your night out a little more exciting.

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    A tastefully distressed jean, although hard to find, is perfect to offset a clean and simple casual look, like this olive trench and cream crewneck.

    As you can tell from the first two looks in this article, I’ve been loving the “reverse layering” approach with long tees peeking out under shorter sweaters. It gives you the feeling of a layered look, while keeping the neckline clean and open.




    And lastly, the classiest jean of them all; wool flannel.

    Cut from tailored cloth, these are a cross between winter suit trousers and classic 5-pocket jeans. They’re warmer and more comfortable than tradition denim, and definitely more suave.

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    Thanks, as always, for reading. For more on buying and fitting jeans, check out our guide to breaking-in denim.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Alex Crawford. Styling by Dan Trepanier. Modeling by Will Howe

    • Vape

      The middle look is exactly my type of style. Very clean, practical and sophisticated without being too pretentious, unlike a lot of other fashion trends that borderline on costume.

    • Julien

      Great article Dan! I just RE-found the blog and it looks amazing so I’m glad that happened!

      You just gave me a new brand to check out (Beautiful Fül) and a new type of denim I actually did not know about (wool denim) so thank you for that!

      Oh and congrats on all the upgrades!


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    • Male Extravaganza

      Great article!! The first look is definitely my favourite! Waxed jeans and leather jacket are perfect match and they are so edgy. Also, the way you layer the whole outfit with grey t-shirt and jumper is pretty smart. Never seen anyone with wool jeans before, but I quite like the idea.

      • Stylepete

        Agree. Winter is all about black leather jacket + grey jumper..

    • Levitate Style

      Nice choices! I dont think Ive seen flannel jeans before. Waxed black jeans is a nice alternative to the regular ones.

    • Juan Zara

      The long sweater + longer t-shirt peaking underneath it is definitely one of the worst things that has happened to men’s clothes these past couple of years. Just because Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons endorse the look doesn’t mean it’s stylish, especially considering other “stylish” items fashion brands like these endorse, including such monstrosities as drop-crotch sweats, black patent leather high top sneakers and men-skirts.

      The natural proportions of the male human body are thrown off by the combination of these items, and that’s the fundamental thing about clothing: playing with proportions to highlight one’s assets, and hide one’s flaws. For men, this almost always means drawing emphasis to the natural waist line (which, contrary to what everyone in 2014 believes, hits right around the belly button) so as to make one’s legs appear longer. Of course, Will is a 6’2″ model, but even on him, the look isn’t particularly flattering.

      Look 3 (with higher rise trousers, preferably,) is the way to go.

      • Vincent Nappi

        Someday the whole thing might be looked at the same way we look at bell bottom jeans or tye dye shirts (although we’re probably due for one of those to come back…) but fashion and style are about play in addition to pure function and aesthetics.

        People have such a short view of the total historical context when it comes to things like proportion and cut…

        Silhouettes have varied dramatically over the past few hundred years. We hold up the 30’s as the epitome of elegance when it comes to highlighting the best parts of a guy’s physique, but I’m sure the Tudors probably had a thing or two to say about ruffled collars, blouses and tights being the be-all-end-all of elegance, just like the Romans saw pants as belonging to barbarians.

        It’s all transient, it’s all of the moment, what’s hot won’t be ten years from now, what’s hot ten years from now we’d probably look at as bizarre.

        The wheel turns, people still need clothes.

        • Juan Zara

          Interesting view, and although I tend to agree with most of this, I also tend to disagree with the last and most important paragraph of your response, as I really don’t believe “what’s hot now won’t be ten years from now”.

          Really dramatic changes in men’s clothing have generally occurred through a very large arc of time. Men wore breeches for centuries, and it took a roughly-200-year-long transition period before pantaloons, and later on, trousers, became the norm. It is only our enlarged 20th-21st century “generation” that has accelerated the pace of these changes.

          The reason we look at the 1900-1970 period as the epitome of men’s clothes is because, for the first time in history, through actual changes in clothing that emphasized highlighting one’s best physical features (as opposed to changes in the past, that mostly followed cultural changes, i.e. breeches = elitism, pantaloons = social equality), men achieved what I like to call a “timeless” look.

          Look at a picture of a well-dressed and curated men from the 1950s. Then look at a picture of a man from 1790 and at that of a man from 1988. They all wear different clothes from those we wear today, yet the one who, somehow, still looks “correct” is the man from the so-called Golden Age. That’s all about cut and proportions.

          • HistoricCostumes Student

            This is actually wrong. Mens clothing stopped evolving right around the 17th century. Prior to that. Silhoutte and cut was changing almost every decade.

    • Jeanscuffed

      I definitely agree Vincent. The Beautiful Ful pieces are amazing. The distressing on the jeans look natural. Dan I love the styling here. I see Will shares your clothes for shoots. Does it have to be altered or is he your exact measurements? The fit for both looks spot on. Great post

    • Vincent Nappi

      Love the Beautiful Ful pieces on display. That blouson is fire and those stitches at the knee are a real interesting detail.

    •!/wonkinakilt Joe Colucci

      You’ve been recommending wool jeans for ages, and I love the idea, but it doesn’t seem like anyone actually makes them! Any suggestions on where to get them, other than scouring ebay?

      • Juan Zara

        I recommend you check out Italian brands such as Incotex, Zanella and, above all, Pantaloni Torino, although I don’t know how accessible they are outside Italy. I’m pretty sure you can score them online though.

      • PdxTony

        I think the trick is you have to search for 5 pocket wool pants

        retailers use jeans to for denim.

        I found these on sale at Nordstrom