Street Style: Las Vegas Menswear Shows

August 19th, 2014

The crew and I are in Las Vegas this week to check out the latest in menswear and connect with some of our friends in the biz.

There’s always an abundance of street style at these shows. Here’s some of our favorite looks from Day 1.

Vegas (2 of 52)

A beautiful suit cut by the soft spoken gangster.

Vegas (4 of 52)

The return of the waking stick. More on that later.

Vegas (5 of 52)

Not camo, paint splatter. With some khakis and greens – call it military “inspired”.

Vegas (6 of 52)

Summer safari, with a funky jean lining.

Vegas (7 of 52) Vegas (9 of 52)

Workwear henley, tough boots, and pinstripe selvedge.

Vegas (11 of 52)

The happiest twins in the game, with the coolest hat game.

Vegas (15 of 52)

Not sure what I like most; the headwrap, the elastic hemline, the super-deep cuff, or the retro Jays. Maybe the flyest guy in the place.

Vegas (16 of 52)

Leather apron, western chambray, crispy sneaks.

Vegas (18 of 52)

Our boy Ouigi running the show in some heavy pleats and a super fresh shine.

Vegas (22 of 52)

Ascot, polka dots, two-tone kiltie monks.

Vegas (25 of 52)Vegas (24 of 52)

Our boy M. Cohen sneaking around. The hand jewelry gives him away.

Vegas (26 of 52)

We told you tuxedos can be dressed down. Extra points for the blue frames.

Vegas (40 of 52)

We wouldn’t be true to Articles of Style if we didn’t finish this with a clean young gentleman in a sharp seasonal 3-piece suit.


Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford

  • Arny

    Every look but the last guy looks absurd. These guys are completely clownish, every single one of them.

  • Marlon DeNon

    I certainly appreciate the addition to your post Gents.

  • sambanyc01010101

    it was great meeting you at the show , looking forward for our lunch in ny , sam ben avraham

  • nicholas de Rosa

    anyone know who makes/made Ouigi’s pants?

  • Jack

    Return of the walking stick? Please no.

  • Stuart

    The pants in look 3 are killer and so is the club collared shirt in look 10.

  • leroy jenkins

    If you’re getting around with a walking stick and you’re of an able-bodied nature, you’re an idiot.

  • Looch

    There’s some nice pieces in here, but each one of these looks is waaay too affected altogether – for instance you can wear kiltie monks, you can wear an ascot, you can wear thom browne short pants . . . but not all at the same time!

  • Miguel

    Intersting how style varies from NY to LA, some fine looks here though.

  • Eric

    Throwing sooooo much shade on these looks, but I’m admittedly boring as hell and consider a button down collar casual wear. Do what suits you, but just know it’s not going to suit everyone…especially in this case.

  • jackson

    These looks are all really interesting to look at from a visual perspective, but to my eye many of them seem very costume-y. Totally cool if thats your look but just something that struck me personally.

  • cam

    Feelin pics 8 and 11. I do spot a strug Johnny Depp and a strug Pharrell in there haha. Cool shots guys

  • Jack

    I love the style and balls-to-the-wall attitude towards dressing, but don’t some of these seem over stylized and a guarantee of incredulous stares anywhere but NYC or #menswear shows?