“LA Influencer Dinner” by Carnivor Wine

June 19th, 2014

Tuesday night was one for the books!

About a month ago the good folks at Carnivor Wine approached me with a simple idea. “Bring together twenty of your favorite ‘influencers’ in Los Angeles and we’ll provide dinner and red wine all night”. Hmm, deal.

I started by thinking about what it means to be an “influencer” and how subjective the term is. I wrote down some buzzwords and struggled a while with definitions. I eventually settled on a three characteristics that I thought were necessary to be considered an influencer.

1) An influencer is creative.

2) An influencer spends time doing the things they are passionate about.

3) An influencer inspires others.

This was a great opportunity for Alex and I to catch-up with some of the guys who’ve had an impact on us since moving to LA, as well as a chance to meet some of the people that influence them… The outcome was an incredibly rare evening of shared interests, thoughtful discussions, hard laughs and new friends. In fact, it was such a success that we’re considering making this a seasonal thing.

Here’s a recap from Hollywood, with special thanks to Boa Steakhouse and Carnivor. #DevourLife

Carnivor-6Carnivor-11Carnivor-12Carnivor-21Carnivor-19Carnivor-28Carnivor-35Carnivor-55Carnivor-74Carnivor-82Carnivor-61 Carnivor-71Carnivor-89Carnivor-97Carnivor-91Carnivor-78




Spacial thanks to all of our guests below!


James Kisgen


He makes some of the best glasses in the world


Browne Andrews


He’s a creative soul, and an @EgyptianLover.


Ben Nemtim


He helps people do the things they want to do before they die


Christian Lopez


He builds wicked motorcycles. 


Earry Hall


He creates visual experiences


Olivier Rassinoux


He hosts a great party, every night.


Waraire Boswell


He brings the positive energy.


Dan Sabo


He knows a thing or two about drink. 


Sam Adegoke


He designs motorcycle clothing and provides helmets to those in need


Anthony Ollmann


He drinks whiskey and does a little tailoring on the side


Scott Fanslow


He’s a bosses boss, and a family man. 


Jabari Johnson


He makes documentary films and fitted hats. 


Chris Greco


He turns dreams into photos and videos. 


Grayson Knight


He’s a rockstar in fine Parisian cuts. 


Dan Trepanier


He brings people together. 



  • Benjamin Quddus Philippe
  • Gordon Gheller
  • Alex Crawford 


Yours in style,

Articles of Style

Photography by Alex Crawford

  • Dapper Architect

    I realize this is a menswear blog, but as a female reader I am disappointed to see that all of these “influencers” are men.

    • Desmond

      Agreed – a bit of a sausage fest going on here…

  • Ed Westwick

    Dan, not to be a grammar troll, but as a fellow Ivy Leaguer, you have to watch your pronoun usage after prepositions. It should be for me and Alex ,not “for Alex and I.” Love these editorial series though.

  • Brady

    Very cool, looked like one for the books

  • Todd Ruhnau

    This is what I always picture having friends over for dinner would look like. But it usually ends up being us eating mediocre food off plastic plates, drinking wine out of mugs, and sitting on the ground watching Netflix. Maybe one day I’ll be an influencer…

  • ICanPlayDressUpToo

    So this Grayson Knight guy goes from Southern Bespoke dude with monogrammed shirts to LA Rocker dude in about a year’s time?
    That’s an influencer? SMFH

    • Jay v.

      People are generally not static. There is evolution that is always happening. You can still see influences such as the bolo tie that might be a connection to his southern roots. Why can’t someone who is able to adapt new influences be an influence themselves? I am personally someone that likes to try new things out so I dig it. It is not a question of being a southern bespoke guy versus a LA rocker dude. Why can’t he be both along with the magnitude of other dimensions that make a whole person?

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        Well said.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      To be fair, this is back to original Grayson. He was always a rockstar, but put on a more country aesthetic for his previous work with Billy.

      • Grayson Knight

        That is correct. Before any and all fashion brands and aesthetics approached me, I was a full time touring musician, looking not much different than what I am wearing now. The only difference is the leather I wear now is $5K, given the brand I work for. I am appreciative of all aspects of my wardrobe and although a suit is not worn daily, my bespoke and made to measure suits are none the less a staple in my closet as I am sure it is in yours. Style is relative, thank God.

    • Jeanscuffed

      It’s good you’ve been following the blog to see Grayson’s feature from way back but to argue your statement: Influencing comes from within and exits outward so (in Grayson’s defense) had he been an influence to Dan while suited, he can still be an influence while rocking out in leather duds. #YouTriedIt

  • http://instagram.com/stevensantander Steven Santander

    Yes! Like JM said, “The Sartorialist: Dinner for 25/The Style Blogger: Dinner for 20.” Love the natural relaxed feel of it all, good looks and great people. Bring this to NYC next time also! And for sure Alex needs to get in front of the camera for the next one.

  • http://www.themodestman.com/ Brock

    No one took a photo of Alex? Where’s the love?? Haha he does his job dutifully.

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      I planned on getting Dan to shoot me, but I drank too much wine and forgot…

  • cam

    Are we voting? Because Scott’s suit, Sam’s jacket or that badass shirt of Waraire’s with the leather collar and placket take the cake!

  • JM

    Very cool, very The Sartorialist’s Dinner for 25, v awesome to see guys not all dressed in neopolitan suits.

  • http://Keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff McAllister

    I can only imagine some of the conversation flowing around the table! Great portraits Alex – having cut my photographic teeth in the music festival world I know it’s not always the easiest thing to shoot through a sea liquor ( either for you or your sweaty, red-eyed subjects.)

    I genuinely hope we see more events like this soon. Maybe even a few more North of the Border ;)

  • Shawn

    I believed this must have been a great dinner!

  • Nick_L

    What is great about these photos and these gentlemen, is it all seems very natural and how they would dress to any dinner. Whereas the Toronto event I felt as being a bit forced, over the top and costumey in terms of how the attendees were attired.

    • Austin

      Welcome to LA man. Southern California is so effortlessly cool