WIWT: Casual Tailoring

May 22nd, 2014

Articles of Style rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

Use the poll below to vote for your favorite outfit and tell us why in the comments!


Thanks, as always, for reading.

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Articles of Style

Photography by Alex Crawford  and Westley Dimagiba.

  • Brian Stone

    @Alex what boots are those?

  • JoeFromTexas

    Dig the baseball jacket on Dan, but gotta go with Alex on this one. #Texas

  • Jen

    Yo, I seriously voted for Alex’s hair.

  • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

    Clothing credits should be up there…we’re still working out a couple bugs from our server crash. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kin

    My votes going for ALEX.

    Dan – I gotta agree with MS I like all the pieces individually but not so much together. I think instead of those trousers a pair of nice dark denim would of complimented the look better.

    Wes – THOSE JO’s!! IDK about the graphic though.

  • Owen

    Alex this time for sure…the whole outfit from the hair down to the well worn boots looks natural, relaxed and approachable. And onto the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Who wears two watches? ‘Hey everybody look at me! I’m so wealthy, different and international I need not one, but two luxury watches’. Or maybe it’s sprezz and he forgot to check his other wrist when he got dressed that morning. There’s no polite way of saying this, but it just makes Michael look like a nob. A Jaeger Reverso Duo would be so much classier.

  • Pony Marshmallow

    The explanation for two watches is Brilliant! I recently saw a photo of Bieber wearing two gold ‘Rolex’s!!!’ One on each wrist! Do I need to say anymore?!?! He travels a lot too though. A Canadian thing perhaps?

    Pretty much all the major manufacturers of automatic watches make at least one model that can keep track of time in a different time zone. Maybe I’m mistaking the Sub he’s wearing for a GMT! That would make this even better!

  • Juan

    It’s all about Alex’s hair this time round. Killing it week after week, man!

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Thanks Juan, I’m ready for my hair to be longer though!

  • John B

    Has to be Alex, although I like almost everything (except Wes’ tee, doesn’t work with that jacket!).

  • Pony Marshmallow

    Not even close today! Alex all the way! That look really suits you mate and Andrews photos are awesome as per! If you look hard enough you can even see his reflection in your shades!

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      A little mini-feature in the shades.

  • James

    Hey Dan, could you add in that short addendum of where you bought each item of clothing from? It’d be really useful for your readers, considering how there are some great looks in your WIWT articles apart from the standard editorials. Thanks!

  • Shawn

    Gotta hand my vote to Mr. Nguyen. Despite the 2 watches ‘sprezz’ which I think is a little bit ridiculous and look-at-my-uniqueness, the rest of the outfit is dead on. I would’ve chosen different slippers be he rocks them well. Love is use of a Blue Jay lapel pin! I think his jacket is a little short (fashion-forward) but it doesn’t look bad at all on his frame!

  • cam

    No A game brought = no vote from me today. Sorry fellas.

    I at least like how they have Lebron’s high school photo on the champ tee versus one from his paid for championships. ;)

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Straight hate all around from Cam today. Must be in a sour mood.

      • cam

        It’s ok that I just liked your comment right Dan? Haha ;)

        • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

          lol it’s all love for you Cam!

  • cuponoodles

    Seriously, with the watch on each wrist?


    Come on, man.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      To each his own my man.

  • Mitko

    Mike’s shirt got my vote

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Mine too. I just ordered that shirt.

  • TO

    Dan. That is the exact right combination of dressy and sporty that I love.

    • TO

      Last question referring to Mr. Nguyen)

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Thx TO!

      Michael knows his way around a good collar, that’s for sure. He’s been in the game too long to look saggy.

  • AdamE

    I went with Alex, best look overall, Michael almost stole my vote though, despite all logic in my head to the contrary (generally not a fan of hot pink, nor of slippers), those slippers are killer!

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      TSBmen: breaking down head logic since 2009

  • Chris

    Alex is perhaps second to none in his casual game!

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Thanks Chris!

  • MS

    Looks this week left me a little cold, fellas!

    Dan – I like all the pieces individually but that outfit together looks, just, wrong. Like, you spilled marinara sauce on your suit coat at lunch and had to walk to the car to grab a new jacket.

    Wes – Solid look but I think graphic tees and suit jackets are a little 2002 for me, player.

    Alex – YOU ARE FUCKING KILLING IT AS ALWAYS. Seriously, Team Alex.

    Michael – Dan, you s.o.b., I loved that post yesterday and was thinking. Ok, here’s a “dandy,” an ostentatious dresser that I didn’t HATE. Then you have to go and show him wearing a watch on each wrist. COME ON. That’s goofy as hell, Emperor’s-New-Clothes ish, dude.

    • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

      Hahaha thanks!

    • KRM

      Was reading that thinking why not just buy a watch with a GMT complication, then noticed he’s wearing what appears to be a Rolex GMT-Master II, making this even worse!

    • Nicholas Cassadine

      Alex, killing it? Are you smoking crack?! There is nothing inspiring or cool about this look. Looks like every other sloppy college kid.

  • Christian

    Alex took it for me this time. Really been enjoying his style evolution. Keep it up man!

  • Miguel

    I went with Wes, Dan was a close second but I like Wes outfit better.

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Wes’ look almost got cut! But we gotta stay true to the roots, from time to time.

      • cam

        “Wes’ look almost got cut”….who’s hating now?

        • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

          Not hating, editing. I’m Wes’ biggest fan. He’s my protege.

  • WideEyesTWBlog

    Gotta go with Dan if just for that awesome jacket. I saw that in one of the big magazines (GQ maybe) recently and loved the detail on those pockets as well. Jealous!

    • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

      Thanks player. Jacket is so much better in person too.

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        I love the leather detailing around the pockets on that jacket. I hate that I’m too small to borrow your clothes.