April Menswear Giveaway: Top 10

April 28th, 2014

It’s that time again!

Time to VOTE for your favorite style entry to our April Menswear Giveaway – and tell us why in the comments!

One winner will receive all five items that we’ve personally reviewed from our sponsors:


1) Knot Standard

One premium full canvas (“K Line”) made-to-measure suit in medium blue nailhead fabric by Holland & Sherry. (I reviewed a Knot Standard suit here).

2) Alara Shirts

One slim-fit mini plaid dress shirt with cutaway collar. Egyptian cotton, made in Europe.

3. Aklasu Neckwear

One deep blue and white ringed six-fold tie. Handmade in Italy using 100% silk from Como, Italy.

4. Frank Clegg Leatherworks

One shrunken leather document case from the collection I designed with Frank Clegg. Fully handmade in Fall River, Massachusetts by Frank and his team.

5. Jack Erwin

One pair of sleek and sexy ankle strap boots in espresso full-grain leather. Designed in NYC, made in Portugal.


1. Malcolm O.

Malcolm O LA

Los Angeles, CA

2. Brandon B.

Brandon B Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek, CA

3. Christian M.

Christian McDuffey Irving, TX

Irving, TX

4. Tim S.

Tim S Washinton DC

Washington, DC

5. Daniel C.

Daniel Chang Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

6. Madalin M.

Madalin M Romania, Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania 

7. Brady P.


Bloomington, IN

8. Dacian S.

Dacian S

Iași, România

9. Joseph K.

Joseph K Vancouver Canada

Vancouver, Canada

10. Chris L.

Chris Lopinto New Orleans

New Orleans, LA




Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

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  • Tim Schultz

    Congrats to Joseph! Well-deserved. Totally agree with his thoughts on campaigning, he just happens to do it really well.

    • Dan

      You were a close second, Tim! Hope to see you in future contests :).

  • Jewels

    For some people to say Joseph is cheating is just sour grapes,

  • Rams

    Brandon, the outfit is definitely tight man. The fit of the coat is tailor made or off the rack? Either way A+. Sepia tone or black and white the photo and it’s looking 1930’s or 40’s a time when style wasn’t an effort it just was. Sartorially tight and casual!

  • Joseph K

    I can assure you I did not cheat regardless of what some comments may suggest. Once in the top ten the winner will be the one who can shamelessly promote the most, which I learned the hard way last time when I came in second. Today has been nothing but shameless promoting on my behalf, I’m well known in a couple of online communities, asked for promotions from friends with blogs and gms of clubs, I even had sororities voting from across the country which would explain why my numbers increased today. I understand that the jockeying in numbers can seem unexplainable at times, but until this morning Tim was trailing until his wife began promoting. There is nothing wrong with that, I simply had to swallow my pride

    • Dan

      I think it’s safe to say you are the winner this month. Congrats man! You deserve it! And your beard is magnificent.

  • TO

    Not saying the guys here who did it aren’t stylish, but the couple of examples here remind me that I am not a fan of waistcoats that have a curved gorge line (except on a really low tux vest).

  • Lisa Wink

    Yes, Tim is getting help from his wife (aka, me) but how can Joseph jump up a few percentage points in just a matter of a minute? Seems a bit strange.

    • Dan

      The winner of April had a blog site who voted for him. Maybe he is leveraging his social networks? It’s pretty strange, I’ve been watching his progress and it’s really high! I really don’t know, it’s hard to prove…

  • Dan

    Wow! My @TempleUniv is tweeting about me! I’m feeling the love from my school <3.

    • Dan


  • Lynn

    Joseph K. you must be cheating. You cannot move up that fast

    • Dylan

      It’s a bit fishy, but I know Tim is getting help from his wife who is in politics.

    • Tim Schultz

      I disagree.

  • Dylan

    Apparantly Tim’s wife (Currently #1 voted) is the Chief of Staff of the Senate Chaplain’s Office. She’s campaigning hard for him to win! Is this fair?


  • Jewels

    Tim must need another blue suit

  • Jewels

    Tim must need another Blue suit ,,

  • xNafets

    Absolutely Madalin M. He’s rocking a great vest, but because his pants are colorful, it brings a nice casual feel. Yet with everything else in order, namely the pocket square, the outfit could be dressed up to most occasions. Need I mention his paisley tie? His matching jacket and shoes pull it all together.

  • Darcy Spurgeon

    Love the polished look of Tim S. ‘s outfit. The socks are a perfect touch, and the suit has deep dimension without being distracting.

  • Alyssa

    Tim has a a classic sophisticated style. It has color but wouldn’t be distracting in a professional setting. Get it! #forensics

  • Robin

    Brandon B definitely! Very classy, love the jacket and shoes! Hate short pants with socks showing which almost every other outfit had! Good luck Brandon B!

  • Rams

    I chose Christian L. due to the fact that you often see this color portrayed amazingly in layouts. That being said the blue suit fits impeccably and the black accents help build a solid, modern,well put together outfit minus a few bracelets. Great job CL.

    • Jeanscuffed

      I think you meant Chris L. I saw my name and thought thanks for the vote, but I don’t blame you. Had I not been in the competition I would’ve voted for that beautiful blue. SICK!

  • Rezun

    Generally in top tens I look for somebody who broke the rules, amaze me etc. But now I vote for Dacian. Very classic, but just the best for me ;) However every guy in april was really good.

    • Dacian Spînu

      I am really glad you like it !

    • Dacian Spînu

      I am really glad you like it !

  • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

    It’s strange that TSB prides itself on showing a wide variety of styles but when it comes to the monthly Giveaway comps it seems the focus is only on one (or two) type/s of styles. These are all well dressed men but it seems most have spent too much time on #menswear tumblrs and have mimicked what they’ve seen.

    #7 and #9 are in my view the only men who look like they are natural and comfortable in their clothes; the others look like they’ve dressed for a photo shoot.

    • Dacian Spînu

      I don’t know about the others, but I am wearing a suit every day, and I don’t have a photoshoot everyday. Very comfortable in my clothes here, I can assure you !

      • Daisy

        Similar with Malcolm O I see him suited all the time and its his style, and he is super comfortable in his clothes.

  • Steve

    Malcolm O… from top to bottom a super look and great fit!

  • JoeFromTexas

    Disappointed that my favorites Brandon B (I dig the hat, I have a similar one that was a dear gift to me) and Brady P are at the bottom. Not that I can really argue against those that are leading.

  • J-Satt

    Tim S. I’m all about blues, and it’s all in the details…socks and pocket square! Classy!

  • Chrissy

    Love Daniel C.’s preppy look with a rebellious pop of color!

    • Dan

      Thanks Chrissy! Yeah…I just HAD to snag those orange socks =P.

  • Todd Ruhnau

    Voted Christian M but Brandon B was a real close second. Both looks are well put together without being too busy and both had nice color stories. I want both Christian’s loafers and Brandon’s hat please.

    • Jeanscuffed

      Thanks for your vote Todd. I wouldn’t mind Brandon’s hat either. I need a dusty brown felt.

  • Chandra

    I vote #4………..Tim S.

  • gf

    what are these guys looking at?

  • LouCaves

    Brandon B. got my vote. Killin’ it with those shoes. I like the layering too.

    Daniel C. was a close second. DC, your pic is very nice; way to show those accessories.

    Thanks, TSB.

  • Iván

    I’ll go with Brandon B. because, well, he’s wearing a hat!

  • Sid Pharasi

    Daniel C ahead by a mile on this list in my opinion. From the great denim and tweed coat, to the perfect OCBD and tie dimple, to the nicely broken in tasseled loafers, the man is pure, unadulterated natural style. Notice the umbrella, the awesome coloured leather bag and that cool rain mac on the side….You got style Sir!!

    • Dan

      Wow, you have an eye for detail–I love it! You are too kind :).

  • mogo

    Daniel C! numba 5! Love the socks and vest and tie combo.

    • Dan

      Thanks, Mogo! Glad you like my make-shift vest for a poor college kid =P.

  • Alex

    No offence Dacian, but with a good suit, you can never fail, that’s why i’ll vote for Madalin, he took a chance by mixing all those colors, and he got it right

    • Dacian Spînu

      No offence taken. You vote what you like the most. But I can put this to debate: do you realize how much you have to work and try to learn how to put on a(in my opinion a nearly perfect) suit ?

  • Shayna

    I like Brandon’s outfit because that is something I would love to see my soon to be husband wearing. We are getting married next month and I would love to win this stylish ensemble for him! As my fiancé would say “what a smart outfit!”

  • Ashley Wetmore

    My vote goes to Malcolm O! His look is clean and incorprates a little flare in a very classy way.

  • d4nimal

    I have to say, I love the looks Brady does – a real man’s man lifestyle vibe I dig. Overall, though, good stuff from everyone

    • Brady

      Thanks d4nimal, I try to enter with outfits I actually wear day-to-day, not really into the peacocking for competition thing. Appreciate the kind words

  • Jaws

    I don’t get the top 10. The concept is akin to a Teen Vogue “Who Wore It Best”

  • Pony Marshmallow

    Really Enjoying Malcolm O’s ‘check out my socks / letting out a cheeky fart’ pose! A very tough decision this month, flip a coin between Brandon and Joseph and it lands on Joseph! Awesome scarf!!!!

  • Sheba Tamakloe

    #1 Malcolm Odoh is indeed #1 !! His confidence exzudes from the photo.

  • Michael Man

    I think its hands down Chris. He could go anywhere like that! A club, a date, a business meeting, and even a wedding! Definitley the best look!

  • GTM

    The 3 pieces of number 8 are a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Mr. Dacian, you got my vote.

    • Dacian Spînu

      Thank you, I am so glad you like it !

  • http://l33tminion.livejournal.com/ Sam

    Tim S. for me. Hard decision, though, what an amazing selection!

  • Owen

    My vote goes to Brandon B. Nice casual outfit that would work well here in Sweden on a cold spring or autumn day.

  • Calvin McCoy

    Is it me or does anyone else think Christian looks like Shawn Stockman…or maybe Fabolous lol

    • Jeanscuffed

      I’ll add those to my list of doppelgangers lol

  • Alain Tse

    Daniel C. That pop of maroon with the tie and loafers is great.

    • Dan

      Thanks so much Alain! I got both on Ebay for a steal :).

  • Najeeb

    I don’t mean to downplay any of these guys’ styles, they all look great, I just would like to see more people with outfits outside of a suit/suit separates. As quintessential as a suit is when it comes to menswear, it’s easy to look good in one and there are other things men wear. I’d like to see what people come up with outside of simply wearing a suit. I realize there are intricacies with regards to picking color, accessories, shoes, ties, etc, and by no means do I hate suits, but I think guys should be more willing to show more aspects of their style. That being said, I’ll vote for Joseph this time around since amidst these 10, his is moreso what I hope to see.

    • Jorge B.

      Couldn’t agree more. This is exactly what I was saying about the last voting round. No offense to these guys, they’re wearing solid outfits, but there’s too much #menswear going on here. I understand that suiting is the bread and butter of a man’s wardrobe, but there needs to be more variation. Personally, I don’t feel that suits/suit separates are the most ideal choice for what to wear in spring time weather, so most of these felt unnatural and felt too #menswear-y. With that in mind, I admired both Brandon and Joseph the most for coming in with looks that felt natural and cool.

      Like you, I gave my vote to Joseph too, that scarf is killer. His khaki bomber (?) compliments it pretty well, also haircut and beard on point.

      • Kenny Loggins

        I love it, too much #menswear on a #menswear blog

    • Dacian Spînu

      I really think that the proportions of the styles in this contest reflects the proportion in which a certain style is promoted by the TSB team.

    • Dacian Spînu

      I really think that the proportions of the styles in this contest reflects the proportion in which a certain style is promoted by the TSB team.

  • Benny

    Joseph’s scarf is so cool!

    • Joseph

      Thanks my man, I thrifted it actually, bought it right off the back of one of the workers haha

  • Wun Wura

    Madalin M. Rocks :)

  • Marcin Naworski

    Daniel C, you have my vote, great style!

    • Dan

      Thank you so much Marcin!! It means alot!

  • Mrr Phunkey

    Great seeing myself among top 10 in this tight comp. Good luck to everybody !

  • Irinel

    Vote for Dacian!

  • Mark Smith

    I see you there ‘jknowl3m’… Love that scarf, man.

    Have to go with 8 – tan and dark green is such an interesting combination, and you pull it off effortlessly.

    • Dacian Spînu

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation !

    • Joseph

      haha thanks bud

  • ikenna

    i voted 9 though i feel 5 was best. It was just the same old repetition of style that alot of guys do

  • Guest

    My pick is number 10. I like when people go with bold bright colors! I never dare to, but maybe someday.

  • Letmein

    Malcolm O. is really crushing the comp! What a sweet bowtie!

  • Jeanscuffed

    Feels great to be picked for such great recognition. This is like getting an A for mama to put on the fridge lol. Good luck to the stylish gents that I’m lined against. Such GREAT competition!

    -Christian M.

  • Mason

    Daniel C because of those sweet socks

  • Ben

    madalin m, you have my vote, a lot of courage and a complete success

  • James Lee

    I voted for Chris L. Love the black check with the blue suit.

  • Tim Schultz

    It’s an honor to be chosen alongside such fashionable dudes. Good luck to you all, and thanks for running this promotion!

  • MN

    Madalin M takes this.

    Readers of the blog dress better than 90% of the featured people!

  • Teemu Jokinen

    My pick is number 10. I like when people go with bold bright colors! I never dare to, but maybe someday.

  • Merry

    I like no. 6 Madalin M because the outfit is not boring at all! He took risks and succeeded to blend colorful vintage with dapper. Great texture mix also.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Murder-Of-Crows-Stylist-Diy-artist-Photographer/373321226096078?sk=photos_albums Dualleh

    Its a tough one! Brady with his casual look! Daniel with great color combos! or Dacian with a great suit & the tie is just amazing! Well i will go Dacian:) Great job bro!

    • Dacian Spînu

      Thanks a lot !! I truly appreciate your words !

  • John B

    Voted for Daniel, although I could have easily voted for everyone!

  • Topher Paul

    Tim S. because I the suit says “all business” but the socks say “with a little fun in between”

    • Andrew

      What jackass-y thing to say.

  • http://whentowear.tumblr.com/ WhenToWear

    Went with Chris, because it looks like his waistcoat has a little horse shoe cut going on.

  • Dacian Spînu

    I am once again very delighted to see myself in the top 10. Besides the very expensive and stylish prize, is more important the fact that my style choices are recognized by men like the TSB Men. Thank you and I very much appreciate the chance and I salute all the finalists, great styles and your outfits represents so much inspiration for me right now.
    Dacian S.

  • Dan

    Holy crap, I got into the Top 10! Thanks so much for this opportunity :)!

  • cam

    Chris L not only for the outfit but the overall composition of the photo is spectacular.

    • Dan

      I agree: Those loafers sold me!