Custom Vintage feat. Dualleh Abdulrahman

April 15th, 2014

You may remember Dualleh Abdulrahman from our recent March Menswear Giveaway. He made it to the finals of the contest but didn’t win, although he easily stole the “People’s Champ” crown when you take a look at the comments on the Top 13 post.

He was my personal favorite entry to last month’s giveaway, so I asked him to send us more pics so we could share his style and story…

“My name is Dualleh Abdulrhamn, I’m 36 years old, half Irag/half Somalie! Born in Dubai.

I’m an artist, photographer, clothing customizer & stylist living in the Netherlands. This crazy mix of interests has always made me an outcast. Kids always made fun of the way I looked because I was tall & skinny, and clothes never fit me properly. I’m 6’2″ with a slim neck & long arms. So typical a size ‘Small’ fits well at the neck, but the sleeves are way too short.

This made me want to try sewing my own clothes at a young age…but I didn’t have money to buy fabric. When I was 25 I started browsing the local thrift stores to find cheap garments that I could practice altering and customizing. If I ruined a couple pieces it wasn’t a big deal – we’re only talking a few Euros at the thrift store here.

I looked up to Prince & Lenny Kravitz as style icons – everything they wore i tried to find it at the thrift store and make it my own. I also love the 1920s working man style…and German soldiers clothing. So i try to mix it all and create a look that is only me… I think style is important because it’s the first way to express your creativity & personality.

When looking for new style updates I usually go to my favorite cafe to watch people pass by. I just take elements from what I see. Of course, I try to focus on people who are similar to me, tall and skinny, and focus on elements that would work for me personally. As Dan often says on Articles of Style, know your strengths – just because something works for one guy, doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you… But maybe you can tweak it ;)”

Here’s five looks from Dualleh’s vintage-heavy personal style, along with some of his clever Do-It-Yourself customizations that make his thrift store finds even more unique and personal.

1. Chopped & Screwed 


Cotton blazer by Canda, Shirt by WE, Coat by WB Lace & Co, Pants Vintage (recut), Shoes by Van Lier, Laces by Hickies,Bag by Frye (Vintage), Tie Vintage tweed (No Brand)

“This military trench coat was was really long – it covered my knees. I chopped it to make it more contemporary and versatile for the Spring. I also recut these vintage high-waisted trousers to look more style-forward and fit with my typical silhouette… Most of my trousers are vintage and self tailored.”

2. Collar Swap


Shirt by Canda (thrifted), Tweed tie Vintage, Tweed waistcoat by Peek & Cloppenburg (vintage),  Wool blazer by Hugo Boss (thirfted), Tweed cargo pants by Regent (thrifted), Shoes by Arange

“This shirt had a regular collar on it, but I didn’t like the shape of it… So I removed it and replaced it with a club collar (made from the fabric that I cut off the hem – the shirt was very long).”

3. Tube Tie


Shirt Vintage, Waistcoat by We, Leather tie DIY, Blazer by Zara, Pants by Levis Vintage, Boots by Arange  

“Leather tie: I made it out of bicycle inner tube! I also cut a skinny vintage belt to add ankle straps to these boots, since they were a little loose around the ankle.”

4. DIY Neckwear


Blazer by Harris tweed (Vintage), Shirt by Canda, Vintage tie made into a bowtie, Leather DB waistcoat Vintage (No Brand), Tweed pants by Heritage, Boots Vintage (No brand), Propellor pin vintage, Pocket watch & skull key chain by H&M

“I made this skinny vintage bowtie out of a skinny vintage necktie. It’s a very easy way to have a one-of-a-kind piece of neckwear… I also like that I can customize the shape and size (I like my bowties on the small/slim side).”

5. Worth the Effort


Shirt by Canda, Tie Vintage, Jean jacket by American Today, Leather waistcoat same as look 4, Pants by Canda, Shoes by Van Bommel. 

“This double-breasted leather vest needed a lot of work and alterations…but it was certainly worth it. Sometimes a piece is just so cool that it’s worth putting some effort into… I’m also wearing it in Look #4 above – 1 Piece/2 Ways!” (Also a waistcoat/double-breasted waistcoat mini story in here while you’re at it).



Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

  • Richard L.

    Unbelievable. His style is truly “unique” and inspirational.

    I would never wear these outfits simply because I couldn’t pull them off, but it does force you to think outside the box when putting stuff together for yourself.

    Great feature!

  • The LA Job

    Amazing, possibly my favourite post of the year. No talk about branding and you can see how he just tailored items he loved.

  • Patrick Germany


  • Daniel

    Fantastic feature – truly personal style and the fits are perfect. Glad I voted for Dualleh in the contest. Question: What is Irag (“half Irag/half Somalie”)?

  • tommyjohn_45

    Great article… Love Dualleh’s overall style and his personal alterations suit every outfit with a great background story. Well done man. Very inspirational. Cheers

    PS. Awesome that comments are on mobile now! Search next? ;)

  • Austin

    This is one of my favorite features of all time

  • Dave V

    This guy is seriously dope. The look on the first pair of pants/shoes/socks combo alone. The pumpkin blazer fits perfectly too. Inspirational.

  • khordkutta

    ….Aaaand, Dude shapes up his ‘fro NICELY.

  • Alex

    This dude was the best and THANK YOU for shooting the mini-feature. Inspirational indeed!

  • megusto

    Game over! This guy’s the bomb.

  • anon15

    Long time lurker, first time poster. This is the best thing i’ve seen in a while. My favorite part has to be this quote:
    “When looking for new style updates I usually go to my favorite cafe to watch people pass by. I just take elements from what I see.”
    Spoken like a true artist.

  • sultan

    now thats a man of style! .. very inspirational.

  • TO

    This guy is so great really unique style, I def voted for him for the contest. The db-waistcoat he has is amazing and look #5 is tops. Great alterations in 1 and 2- I am curious though Dualleh, how did you learn to do these kind of alterations on your own?

    • Dualleh

      Hai To! Just checked the tips on TSB! And youtube:P Thanx for the great comment:)

  • Miguel

    Wow, truly an inspirational post, really love his style, well put together, one of those articles that make you say, man there’s no excuses.

    • Dan Trepanier

      No excuses, play like a champion!

  • JoeFromTexas

    Brilliant story and brilliant looks. Thanks for sharing Dualleh.

    • JoeFromTexas

      Also, what’s with the front page cover photo not being in the feature (the khaki jacket / gray pants)?

      • Dan Trepanier

        Editor’s decisions.

  • Harvey

    Unique, but classy at the same time. I don’t know how you do it. I could use some lessons from you!

    • Dualleh

      Not trying to spam here:) But any questions on alteration just Fb me:) Peace bro

  • Randy

    This dude is so original, and not in a way where he’s trying so hard. He looks stylish and comfortable with himself. Great looks!

  • Jerms

    Im diggin’ the cropped trench in the first look and if you hadn’t said so i would have never known you cut it that way

    • Jerms

      Also I don’t want to forget mentioning how perfect the fit of his pants are. As a fellow tall, skinny person i can appreciate this.

    • Alex Crawford

      That’s my favorite piece too. I can’t believe it’s a cut trench.

  • Misha

    Dualleh the real “Professor Badass”.

    • Dualleh

      Lol i like that:)

    • Dan Trepanier

      Whoa whoa. We got the original Professor Badass coming up!

      Dualleh needs his own nickname!

      • Willie JS

        As per your introduction, it should be
        The People’s Champ !!!
        8 )

  • Shawn

    Been a fan of this guy’s style for a while now! What I really like about him is that he definitively owns his clothing. There’s a lot of what he wear I wouldn’t dare wearing, but he pulls it off so easily and with nonchalance that it makes it “him”.

    I also vote that you keep your beard and afro all year long, do not trim/clip/shave it under any circumstances!

  • AJ

    Fire! This guy is European style.

  • Mathieu Lavoie

    Very very nice! always curious to see clever DIY alteration, sounds like a very fun way to make your clothes unique and to express your personnality. More of those please! :-)

    • Dan Trepanier

      Not to mention inexpensive.

  • Nate

    Ah amazing! Been a big fan of Dualleh on Trashness for a while now – the very epitome of personal style. Does his own thing, is inventive, uses colour well, and understands his proportions.
    Too many great pieces to mention here. And that hair in look 5 is off the CHAIN!!!!

  • Tom

    Awesome style! Funny how different his style is to the previous feature with Boswell, yet both are so damn on point!
    It’s practically unfair that he didn’t win the March giveaway!

    • Dualleh

      Thanx again Tom:) Its funny you mentioned Bosswell! When i saw him i was like damn the beard is the same:P Take care bro

  • Rob

    The casual waistcoat look is insanely awesome. I love how he carries it through everything.

  • LouCaves

    As I said before, if I wasn’t in the March contest, Dualleh would’ve received my votes…on all my devices. Ha!

    Impressive, sir. Impressive.

    Thanks, TSB.

    • Dualleh

      Well i will try again this april:)

  • Matthew J. Willis

    I’ve seen him on a couple of mens style blogs, and I must say that I’m completely enamored!

  • AK

    If this guy had any more class, we’d have to call him Professor D.

  • d4nimal

    Talk about inspirational. While the rest of us are busy checking out new Spring lines, this guy is making ties out of bicycle parts. Love pieces like these.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Hahaha. For real. Teaching us to think outside the box.

  • John M.