March Menswear Giveaway: Finalists

March 27th, 2014

The March Reader Giveaway was our strongest yet!!

We received so many great entries from all over the world that we had to extend the pool of finalists to include the Top 13. The team and I are continually impressed by the level of style among our readership!

Now it’s time to VOTE for your favorite style using the poll at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind you can only vote one time. Voting ends March 29th at 11:59pm. One winner will be announced and contacted on March 30th.


1. Handmade Japanese acetate sunglasses by Matsuda Eyewear

2. “Open road” felt hat by Stetson

3. USA-made Japanese chambray shirt by Osmium

4. Lightweight cotton cardigan by Suit Supply

5. “The Ryan” slim-fit Khaki chinos by Baldwin Denim

6. “Lakeshore Drive” tassel loafers by Allen Edmonds

7. “Classic York” watch with leather band by Daniel Wellington



1. Adam L.

Adam Lettkeman. Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Stillwater, Oklahoma

2. Akil M.

Akil McLeod

 Buffalo, NY

3. Brady P.


Bloomington, Indiana

4. Charles T.

Charlie Thomas Location- Sandgate, Kent

Sandgate, Kent

5. Corey K.

Corey Konsulis Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida

6. Dualleh A.

Dualleh Abdulrahman from The Netherlands

The Netherlands

7. Jeff P.

Jeff Payton (same name on Facebook) Location- Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois

8. Jeremy H.

Jeremy Hutchins Twitter- @jeremy_hutchins

Chicago, Illinois 

9. Jose Z.


South Florida

10. Luis C.


Chicago, Illinois 

11. Josh C.

Josh Chan Location- London, UK

London, England

12. Lukasz M.

Lukasz Maslowski Poland


13. Marlin J.

Marlin Jones Atlanta, Ga

Atlanta, Georgia



Thanks for reading, and special thanks to all those who entered the contest.

GOOD LUCK GENTLEMEN! If you missed your chance, the April giveaway is coming up next!

Yours in style,

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  • SAJ

    Akil and Jeremy got disrespected smh… Great looks!

  • Marlin.J

    Thanks to Tsbmen crew and for anyone who voted/commented

  • Al Bizzy

    Much respect to everyone brave enough to make themselves vulnerable. Blog life is brutal.

  • Dualleh

    I mean guys:)

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Dualleh! I was pulling for you!

      • Dualleh

        Hai Dan,
        Thanks man:) Means alot coming from u:) Maybe next time?God bless! Subject: Re: New comment posted on March Reader Giveaway: Top 13 VOTE!

  • Dualleh

    Well seems like i lost:( But gives me an excuse to enter again:) Thanx for the guy who voted for me:) Take care & bless!

  • Willie JS

    TSB Team,
    I understand that this site gets more visits (revenue) if the contestants share their status as finalists in their personal blogs, facebook, instagram, etc. However, this becomes unfair to some of the contestants that are not as popular and/or do not have such personal blogs.
    The winner might just win due to the number of “cyber friends” or followers it has and not due to his STYLE being better from other finalists.
    For example: All the previous comments showed multiple votes for Dualleh.
    We should acknowledge the votes from the comments only, as you guys did for WIWT in the past.

    Just my two cents.

    • Tony

      Great idea!
      That way we will see the vote and they will tell us why in the comments.

    • Dan Trepanier

      This is a good idea to see why people vote, but it doesn’t solve the problem. Those contestants who have more “cyber friends” can just as easily tell their followers to vote for them using the comments…

      We can’t really police who has a blog and who doesn’t, or who is more “popular” on facebook, instagram, etc… Although this is a concern, and we’re discussing potentially changing the format of the giveaway…

      Thanks for your feedback.


      • Willie JS

        Muchas gracias for addressing the above. I am glad to know this will change in the future.
        Ps: Can’t wait for the videos, store, etc……

        Cheers !
        Dedicated follower of TSB,

      • d4nimal

        Ever thought perhaps of having you all pick the finalists, and then having the reader votes count for something like 1/4 of the decision (based on you three having the other votes). That would be more of a safeguard against the popularity contest. Until the blind blog-follower voting is counterbalanced, I can say from my standpoint this totally discourages me from ever entering. It’s a really serious issue.

        In any case, props to you guys for taking the time to read all these comments and consider them.

      • Adam

        Perhaps make it to where no one is allowed to share the contest whatsoever? Keep the poll, but only let followers of the blog vote. That way it won’t be biased towards one person. I don’t know how you could enforce the ban on social media sharing, but if you could I think it would work.

  • M

    Number 9 gets my vote… Good to see someone understands that a jacket should cover the waistband as well. It’s much more appealing to the eye than all those shirts, sous-pulls, etc peaking through the quarters.

    That said, 1/3 of the votes for #12 with a relatively generic menswear outfit that looks pretty low budget as well, really?

  • Unseen Flirtations

    This is more difficult than that time I tried to rhyme ‘selvedge’ with ‘heritage’.

    Um, #9 or #13. 9 for the clean simplicity of it all and matching side-parting to pocket square, 13 for the impeccable shoes, accented by the casually bold (but classic) style choices, worn with something like confidence. Or nonchalance. Or both.

    Actually, scrap that. #6 wins for the beautiful leather key strap and gorgeous cuff detail on that ethno-print shirt. And the taper on his trousers keeps the whole think looking very, very sleek.

    Well done Dualleh!

  • levijyron

    Lukasz got the shoes shipped too early. Awkward.

    • William

      just notice…. LOL !!!

  • mligon

    All sharp looks, but Dualleh and Marlin were the ones who stood out from the pack for me. Just ‘effin smooth.

  • ChrisD

    Dualleh by a mile. Next to a camo-looking tree! Would love to see more of his style.
    Many others do look great but strike me as very cookie cutter (nice for everyday, not for contest).

  • Dualleh

    Thanx guys:) May the man with style win:) Goodluck to all!

  • Christian

    Tough choice for me this time. Was between numbers: 12, 10, 6, and 3 (Gary Oldman!?) I ended up sticking with #6 though. That vintage style was an easy standout for me and was so well put together. That afro too?

    I’m rockin’ it too brother.

    Again, vote goes to #6.

    Question for the TSB guys though:

    Any way we could get the blogs/Instagrams of the finalists that make it each time? I’d love to follow some of the people that make it up here.

    • Jeremy H

      Good point Christian, I agree. I will give you mine at least.
      Instagram @_thestandard

      – Jeremy

    • Brady

      Gary Oldman.. I’ll take it haha

  • Gazman

    I like #3 because it is a very natural look and #6 because it is the only individual look. Puzzled as to why #12 is getting so much love.

  • Alex W.

    The color palette on Dualleh’s outfit is spot on! BTW, I am curious as to how monsieur Jeremy tied that scarf of his. Suggestions, anyone?

  • dawdler


  • Patrick

    Dualleh all the way. I wish each submitter had to provide at least 2 photos – one in which they are post standing facing the camera with their hands at their sides and then another posed however they like. Lukasz benefits from his pose.

  • Medard

    Jeremy H, you have my vote! Great layering, pleasant color combination. Well done!

    • Jeremy H

      Thanks Medard. I appreciate the vote!

  • Adam

    I get what both groups of people are saying, this is a strong group in the sense that there’s no WTF moments, but on the same token, there’s nothing that jumps out at you as Killer that you have to vote for. I scrolled up and down at least 5 or 6 times, because I feel like most look very similar. I ended up voting for Charles, because that toggle coat really grabbed my attention, on top of the rest of the look being solid. I disagree with whoever suggested black footwear with that look, I love the pop from the tan shoes with the look…

    • Adam

      Just FYI to anyone who might be wondering, this is not from me (Adam L.)

    • Charlie T

      Thank you for the kind words and vote Adam.

  • Hatin

    When did this become a contest for the worst dressed from The Trashness Blog?

    • Dan Trepanier

      Don’t be mad because you didn’t get picked. There’s always next month.

      • AFH

        It is perhaps not ideal that many of these looks have been featured elsewhere – even if they were taken with the primary goal of making the shortlist of this competition.

        The whole voting thing gets very silly every time, especially as people can vote multiple times.

        • Miguel

          You can’t vote multiple times now unless you have different names, besides the people that picked up the finalists were the TSB team, after the people pick who they want and as seen before whomever has the most fans wins.

          • AFH

            Actually Miguel (and Lukasz), that is not true at all; Disqus and Polldaddy are not integrated. Polldaddy has mechanisms to prevent multiple voting becoming too easy (I won’t go into details here), but multiple voting remains pretty easy if you’re serious. I have tested this a little via WIWT today.

  • Mrr Phunkey

    some fantastic entries this giveaway, a tight competition indeed… Dualleh and Jeremy… hard call to make

  • Mark P

    Dualleh is the man. Very stylish but doesn’t try to match a particular contemporary look. We need more guys who are not afraid to create their own personal styles.

  • Anonymous

    Lukasz just went up 14% in about 10 minutes. How is that even possible?

    • Anonymous

      Went up another 4% since this comment.

    • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

      I have a blog about my personal style (you can find it in a web searcher – Outdersen) and I wrote today post about being in this competition. I didn’t suppose that this level of people will vote for me. Sorry.

      • pl

        yeah, right. gimme a break. U could do it after voting end.

      • modowy

        napisałeś na blogu: zapraszam do głosowania.
        Tu piszesz, że nie przypuszczałeś, że będą głosować. to jest kłamstwo. Dałeś link w nadzieji właśnie, że będą głosować na ciebie, a nie na “najlepszą stylizację”. NIe mówie, że to niedozwolony chwyt, każdy sposób dobry, ale nie mów, że zrobiłeś to nieświadomie- bo to kłamstwo. zrobiłeś to celowo i w zamyśle.

        • Alto

          Polecam naukę języka angielskiego.
          Szczerze to i tak Outdersen nie ma tutaj zbyt dużej konkurencji oprócz Jose Z. wszyscy pozostali albo przekombinowali z dodatkami albo mają źle dobrany ubiór jak i kolorystykę…. Nie rozumiem oburzenia.

          • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

            Thanks for that reply.

          • guest

            na polskim blogu to napisał po polsku więc co ma do tego język angielski?

            nie chodzi o to jak wygląda tylko w jaki sposób wygrywa

          • guest

            polecam nauke myslenia i czytania po polsku ze zrozumieniem

        • Lukasz Maslowski – Outdersen

          “I didn’t suppose that THIS LEVEL of people will vote for me.”

          • af

            chodzi o słowo “sorry”, czyli przepraszasz za to, że dałeś info na innej stronie, czy przepraszasz, że ludzie na ciebie głosowali?

  • Juan

    Brady and Dualleh clearly have the two most original and best executed looks here. Anyone could pull off the blue suit look pretty much everyone else went for.

    Props to Luis for the killer vintage sweater, although I think it clashes a little bit with the trousers, and to Marlin for rocking that 70s look with the plum suit + teal turtleneck combo. My vote would’ve gone to him had the lapels been a little wider (this whole skinny lapel thing HAS to come to an end).

    • LouCaves

      Thanks for the feedback, Juan.

      The sweater is from my dearly departed abuelo’s closet. I wanted to honor him.

      Be blessed.

      • Juan

        Your abuelo was a stylish man indeed. Hope to see you next month, brother.

        Take care.

    • Brady

      Thanks for the kind words Juan

  • Daniel

    Dualleh gets my vote for having the most personal style. Could find almost all the others in GQ.

  • way you make me float

    why are people voting for luckasz? because he’s wearing colorful socks? ugh. why do people feel the need to draw attention to their ankles?

    Dualleh all the way. No contest. RIP.

    • way you make me float

      i do like luis’s style too. Full break ftw.

      • LouCaves

        Thanks. Be blessed.

    • AFH

      Those socks are definitely too much for loafers like that.

  • Ben

    Lots of great entries!

  • ikenna

    no offense to the entrees but i feel most of the top votes were the worst. 8, 12, 9, and 7 were the best IMO.

    • Just Passing Through

      Mr. 8 is comedy. If only we could see him stop, pause, and spin at that loading dock. Ultimately, it’s an overly accessorized, poorly executed version of a look currently on a familiar suit suppliers website.

      • Someone

        It’s called layering with style. The guy definitely deserves to win.

      • ikenna

        honestly the only accessories he had were a scarf, hat, and those gloves. And they were all functional items that very well may have been needed in his climate. Like I stated it is only my opinion clearly since he’s not winning but at least give proper criticism.

  • JBells

    I find the background of these shots have such a psychological factor in determining which ones I like most.
    Nevertheless, I have to vote for Jeremy. I love the villain chic shot and the scarf knot.
    good luck to all

    • Jeanscuffed

      Funny thing is I thought the same thing when determining who I’d vote for. His (what seems like) reverseable down vest is mad nice!

      • Jeremy H

        Thanks for the support JBells and Jeanscuffed.

  • Jeanscuffed

    Strong entries indeed. I’m going with Marlin J. He’s got a smooth demeanor and his outfit doesn’t look forced. Easy going, minimal accessories, but with the D-Monks it’s saying that he’s no style rookie. Plus burgandy is always a plus here.

    My secondaries were Brady, Jeff, and Jeremy. Ya’ll were a BIG back and forth. If I had to step away from the computer to delegate amongst these 4, I couldn’t imagine how the TSB team picks were like, sheesh lol.

  • Vizzy

    Jeff has been a trendsetter of threads since I met him during our undergrad years. You got my vote man.

  • Shawn

    I voted for Dualleh because I’ve always been a fan of this guy’s style! Plus, a lot of his clothes are hand tailored or hand altered, which is, in my book, a notch more personal than just buying and wearing. But they’re all, for the most part, great entries and I could see me vote for any one of them, truth be told!

  • Jose Zuniga

    It’s an honor to be amoungst greats!

  • Jorge B.

    While I’ll always have a heart for well tailored suits, I have to say I’m surprised at just how many of these entries are tall skinny dudes with slicked over hairdos and slim fitting suits. While I personally liked all those looks, I honestly found them boring for the contest because of how cookie cutter it in seemed across the majority of the entries. I think it might be that this website has spoiled me to always expect something fresh and unique with each post that’ll knock my socks off.

    That being said, my vote went to Dualleh for his impeccable style. His afro immediately floored me from scrolling (afros are the bomb when pulled off), and that pumpkin orange vest coupled with the great silhouette he’s got was the nail in the coffin. I tip my virtual hat to you sir.

    • d4nimal

      My thoughts exactly. I was really excited to see who made it into the top looks but was so overwhelmed by Guy In Suit +Socks/Vest/Etc. Dualleh was like a breath of fresh air – I don’t actually like his style, honestly, but it oozes out of him so naturally.

      I don’t mean to disrespect Lukasz because his look suits him, but if he wins this it’s a travesty. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest. God help us if Bieber ever entered.

  • Owen

    My vote goes to Duelleh. I’m a fan of his looks and creativity, but it’s about time he won some new clothes instead of thrifting and making his own garments :-)

    A close second is my fellow countryman Charles. I would wear everything there, and that duffel coat is an amazing colour, but as stated below I’m not 100% on the tan boots, as lovely as they are.

    • Charlie T

      Thanks for the kind words Owen. Second is good enough for me!

  • LouCaves

    Wow made it on my first try (Luis C), praise God! This is exciting.

    Three from Chicago too! Nice.

    If I wasnt in, my vote would go to Dualleh. Strong, bro. Strong.

    Good luck everyone!

    Thanks, TSB.

    • RuddyOrtiz

      Just pushed it on my Facebook wall for everyone to vote for you! Congrats on making it this far & may God’s favor show up here for you! :-)

  • Tom

    Damn, those are all strong looks.
    You guys need to do a feature on Dualleh! Not my personal style of dressing at all but he….looks…good !

  • Josh C is killing it!

  • Miguel

    Man I didn’t make it.
    Strong competition indeed, I’ll vote later since I can’t decide right now, too many good choices.

  • AFH

    The field is strong, but noone’s ‘killing it’, for better or worse.

    Of the two British entries:

    Josh is representing London street-style reasonably well but 1) that air-tie thing is getting old fast and 2) you could walk round Notting Hill and see a lot of people dressed to a similar or better standard.

    Charles – The tan boots just don’t quite work, I think they clash with the jacket somehow. Some darker or black boots would have got him my vote.

    Hmmm, I’ll vote for Josh anyway because although he’s rocking a fairly standard London look….it’s a great look :-)

    Homourables to Brady for his more earthy look….

    • Thank you! :)

    • Brady

      thanks for the love AFH

  • John B

    One of the best so far. Can’t decide yet, I’ll have to come back later!