Street Style: NYC vs. LA

April 5th, 2014

The style in LA & NYC is completely different. New York is sharp, urban and professional. LA is laidback, casual and bohemian. We have a team in both cities, and try our best to document the style as we see it.

To be fair; in NYC Wes was roaming around the streets of Soho, while in LA Alex was shooting at the Melrose Flea Market (where he occasionally sells his antler art). Therefore, it’s not a fair pool of people to make sweeping claims about either city’s style.

Nevertheless, comparing Street Style shows the different cultures quite well and offers an interesting discussion about fashion in different contexts.

New York City

1. Student Fresh


This young gun knows that a stunner varsity like this (gold, purple, and green?!) should be worn with simple basics – like a white oxford, slim raw denim, and neutral leather sneaks. Extra points for going with name: “Babe”.

2. Three-Piece, No Suit


Firstly, the Detroit fitted hits close to home. But aside from that, this is one of my favorite looks we’ve ever shot for Street Style. I can’t necessarily explain why, and I would never wear it, but this guy’s got style. Sir, if you see this, please email us!

3. Italian-American Psycho 


Love the aggressive lapels on this banker stripe DB power suit. How to make your dark navy (or grey) suit more Spring friendly: pale pink shirt, plaid cotton tie, light suede loafers.

4. Rebel Chic


Awesome leather jacket – perfect slim fit on a slim guy. The angled side-part is kinda rad too. We’ve spoken about the “air tie” (buttoned shirt) trend, but another micro-trend we’ve been seeing lately is the sweater waist-wrap. Very 90’s.

5. Take Ivy 2014


The tapered hem/jean roll/thick sock/penny loafer combo instantly transports this look back to the Ivy League in the 1960s. Circa Take Ivy. It also makes me notice his clean cropped haircut, and buttoned-up oxford shirt. Crazy how how one element (like a pant roll) can change a whole look.

6. Long Hair Don’t Care


Comfortable, laidback, chillin. And looking cool doing it.

7. The Most Interesting Man in the World


Well-worn waxed Barbour, denim jacket, faded polo (with tipped collar, buttoned all the way up), heavy canvas olive jeans, rugged waking boots…and that incredible bulldog!? He is, the most interesting man in the world. Wonder what it says on that collar pin.


Los Angeles

1. Urban Cowboy


The Wild West is alive. We often see Country Western and Cowboy influences in LA style. This handsome gent’s casual look, for example, includes a great felt hat, bib-front band collar shirt, workwear trousers, country belt, and sturdy riding boots. Nicely played.

2. MC Breezy Linens


Less layering means an emphasis on seasonally appropriate fabrics and the right accessories to finish the look. This guy knows the deal. Very smooth, player.

3. All in the Accessories 


Love the interesting neckwear here, and those sharp boots. Also, what an important difference grooming can make as well… The goatee style strikes me as very European, and somehow makes me think differently about his outfit…

4. Quali-Tee


There’s the sweater-wrap move again, this time on the West Coast. This is another great example of the emphasis on accessories and grooming – with the glasses, hat, and beard.

 5. Professional Work Attire


This guy sure looks like he can handcraft you one hell of a something. I don’t know what I like the most about this look, the fur felt hat, the chambray shacket, or the selvedge apron.

6. Western RockStar Chic


I’m really feeling the jewelry here. Especially the bolo and necklace on that subtle graphic print scarf. West coast guys definitely have better – more natural – handle on man jewelry.

7. Brothers in Arms


Mixing the Western country vibe with the urban rebel vibe. I love the middle ground these guys live-in.




What do you think? Are you more NYC chic or LA Bohemian?



Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Westley Dimagiba (NYC) & Alex Crawford (LA).

  • Andres

    I’m from LA but I gotta agree the fashion in NYC is more moving forward, stylish and advance than LA :/

  • taiwo

    LA Boho…..

  • ahhhhh

    Kim Woo bin :-) Cool and handsome guy

  • sujin

    I love Woobin

    • Yoon

      Me too!!!!
      I love woobin Kim…

  • ChrisD

    sweater wrap when it’s clearly never meant to be worn (and wouldn’t fit under his slim jacket).. dumb =
    In fact it looks like it will barely close as is.. do people really spend hundreds (maybe even $1000) on a jacket meant to be worn open only???? =(
    Clothes are functional too..

  • JM

    LA is definatley to “Rebel” try hard, and New York is to “Steezy” both city’s offer well dressed individuals if you stop visiting the places every street style photographer goes to.

    • Alex Crawford

      We’ve had a lot of trouble finding good spots to shoot Street Style in LA, any suggestions?

  • Matt M

    I know you guys are still new to Los Angeles and all, but I hardly consider that LA Fashion. Step away from Melrose and Silver Lake and see what else the city has to offer.

    • Alex Crawford

      Yeah, we’ve been looking for new/other places to shoot in LA. Street Style is tough here due to the car culture. Tried shooting on Abbot Kinney a bit, not much there. Do you have any other suggestions?

      • Matt M

        If you go to Abbot Kinney sightseeing, go on First Fridays. Nowadays it’s pretty much the same hipsters you’ll see in Silverlake, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

        If you haven’t already, check out Bunker Hill area near 3rd and Grand downtown. You’ll see more business people and those that don’t want to be stuck near people ‘trying to make it’ in other parts of LA. Not to mention it’s a good excuse to grab some food at Grand Central Market.

        The Westside is entertaining and you’ll see some good (and not so good) styles, of course you’ll also be dealing with tons of tourists.

        At the end of the day, you can find whatever you want here. Hipsters, preppy dressers, grungy dressers, etc, etc. That’s one of the things I like about Los Angeles. Every city within the city has something different to offer.

        During the week I wear suits every single day. Weekends are chinos/shorts and madras/henleys. So depending on when you’re in a location, what you see will also be different.


  • megan

    Woo bin!!!!
    He is very famous in Korea

  • Clydicus

    The LA guys look like they are trying too hard…well, they all look like they’re trying too hard. But the LA guys look especially phoney. And I’ll bet that dude in the (brand new, unblemished) work apron can’t hand craft sh-t.

    • Alex Crawford

      Actually that guy makes amazing wood furniture. You can see one of his rocking chairs in the background of the image. If you’re in LA you should check out his booth at the Melrose Flea.

  • Gazman

    If you ever need convincing that grown men should not wear skinny jeans…

  • Woobluv

    I must say, I’m overwhelmed by the mere fact that Kim Woo Bin, South Korean high fashion model turned brilliant actor spent just a few days in LA and during that time was already noticed by someone and made into representative of LA street style, I mean, his star quality must be trough the roof, it’s amazing. Really hard to believe photographer had no idea who he is…

    • Alex Crawford

      I gotta get up on my Korean fame game.

  • Austin

    The LA looks are so much more natural IMO

  • LouCaves

    Is it ok to be split down the middle? After all, I am in the midwest.

    I do like some of the elements from both coasts’ style.

    Great feature.

    Thanks, TSB.

  • Brooks

    That’s definitely him! First thing I thought when I saw that picture. See if you can track him down, Dan–he’d be a great feature.

  • MF

    Yeah, the guy in #2 is Kevin Stewart of ESPN – he was also featured in an old lookbook for hickey back in 2009 –

  • Adrian

    New York. Definitely. Feels more controlled.

  • Tom

    FYI, in the last pic, the guy on the right is a Korean actor.

    • Alex Crawford

      Really? Do you know his name?

      • P

        Woo Bin Kim

        • Alex Crawford


          • s

            He is actor and model

  • JBells

    I find the west coast looks to be more natural and speaks more to the individuals hitory and personality. Seeing this post makes me really admire all of your features. Looking at these men I just want to converse with them and learn about their inspirations
    …and I can’t stop thinking about that selvedge apron

    • taiwo

      Me too. That selvedge apron has so much character by itself

  • Chad

    To be honest, I can’t really get behind the whole LA look. NY all the way

    • jeez louise

      yes. and i’m from california.

    • Capitalist800


    • ZachPack

      Although, something about the LA couple is captivating.

  • cam

    Before I even scrolled to your comments on the guy in the Detroit cap, I was thinking the exact same same thing….”would never wear this but man this guy has incredible style”. I’ve never been to LA but based on some of your street style pics here and of past, I pick up on some cool androgynous style going on. Thanks for some incredible pics guys!

  • Misha

    Isn’t the man in look 2 Kevin Steward, also known as “Professor Badass”?