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March 6th, 2014

Articles of Style rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

Use the comment section below to tell us which is your favorite outfit, and why!

    1. Dan


    A casual “winter” day in Los Angeles.

    Vintage southwestern print shirt, old soft henley, maybe the best waxed denim of all time, some sh*t-kicking boots, and a handful of simple accessories.


    This is the same hat style that is currently being offered in the Articles of Style March Menswear Giveaway.

    For the history buffs: the “open road” felt hat by Stetson was a style that was popularized by presidents Truman, Johnson and Eisenhower.


    These midnight brown waxed denim jeans are unbelievable.

    You know how some waxed denim only has a “slightly waxed” feel? Not these guys. These are heavily coated for a glossy, oily finish but the cotton is brushed soft on the inside. It’s truly a unique texture that ads an entire dimension to a typical pair of jeans.


    2. Nish de Gruiter


    We were catching up with our good friend Nish, the vice president and creative force behind Suit Supply, and discussing potential LA real estate for their 14th store in the US.

    Nish has been flying around the country opening shops, and looking crisply tailored, as Suit Supply continues to grow by dominating the $400-600 suit market.


    Today he’s keeping it bossy in bold flannel chalkstripes, a crisp spread collar, lush geometric tie, and a beautiful wool/cashmere double-breasted overcoat.


    As we spoke about here with our friend Angel, sometimes the back of an overcoat is as important as the front.


    And to finish it off… What do you know about double monkstrap chukka boots?!


    3. Alex


    “When I was in New York for Fashion Week I hit up one of my favorite thrift shops, 10 Ft. Single, and found this fantastic pair of Carhartt overalls. I’ve been planning a trip to my parent’s ranch in Texas with some of my friends for a while now and I knew these overalls would be the perfect attire.”


    “At first I thought the only time I would ever wear these bad boys was on the ranch, but they’ve really started to grow on me. You might see me rocking them on a regular basis. What do you think? Am I getting a little too comfortable with my backcountry roots?”




    Thanks for reading. Great content coming up!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford


    • jonphillips

      Overalls? Really? Laughable…just give it up.

    • Ben

      Dan, your outfit is amazing. Loving the southwest style shirt, and those waxed olive pants. I am not a hat guy, but in combination with that outfit I would consider it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • marcel

      Nish wins. (Gefeliciteerd als je dit leest :))

    • TO

      Dan has my vote. Those jeans are unreal and cool (read: trademarked) southwestern print layering from him today.

    • Ike S

      Where can I find those waxed jeans?!

    • JoeFromTexas

      For Alex: http://streetetiquette.com/2011/11/04/fall-etiquette-coverall-overall/

      Moral of the story, overalls can be done, but get thee to a tailor!

    • Ishandev

      Alex for the win. Everything about that look speaks volumes of your personal style. I’d rock that ish with you in NYC for sure. Except we may have to hire a truck and make a few house calls.

    • Mitko

      Dan killed it today!! That print shirt is too sick and so are those jeans. It also looks like you’ve been hitting the gym. Very nice post!

    • kid_icarus

      That railroad spike bangle is very cool, Dan.
      Nish’s coat is SICK. But his brown gloves and black boots don’t really jive.
      Overalls always make me think of 90s hip-hop. I don’t feel great about them outside of the ranch setting, but rock them if you must, Alex.

    • Adam

      Close call between Dan and Nish, Dan for the weekend, NIsh for the weekday… Overall I’ll give Nish the nod for those boots!

    • Lothar

      Anybody else worried about about Suit Supply getting overexposed and played out? Obviously as a business, it’s in their best interest to keep expanding for a while, but already I’m getting tired of their aesthetic (especially the loud suits), and when I wear what I’ve already purchased, I feel like there’s a better chance I’ll see somebody else wearing it too, because more people shop there than before and because the Suit Supply look is often loud and therefore easy to spot. Also, as they’ve expanded here in the US, I’ve noticed more negative reviews of their products and services, and I’ve purchased and returned a poor product that never should have made it past inspection. Maybe that increase is strictly on scale with their expansion, in which case it’s not really fair of me to criticize them. But I’m cautiously beginning to wonder if it has more to do with compromised standards.

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        One of my favorite things about Suit Supply is the variety they offer when it comes to suits. You can easily avoid loud products and still have an entire wardrobe from Suit Supply. It’s your choice how crazy you get.

        Suit Supply is able to provide high quality fabrics and cuts at lower costs because they serve so many people and stores. I don’t know specifically what SS’s track record is with defected products, but any large producer is going to have an occasional defected product, it’s just a part of growing. The real question is: how good is the company’s customer service. If it’s excellent, then they will let you return the product and exchange it quickly and completely free of charge. Including shipping. And I know that Suit Supply’s customer service is top notch.

        I don’t mean to sound like a fanboy or a ponzi, but I genuinely love the brand.

        • Corey

          As much as I’ve loved suitsupply recently and their ability to essentially take designs from other designers i.e. that cucinelli cashmere jacket mock, and basically charge half for it, thus making it accessible to everyone; I still feel as if their demise is inevitable. Surely, we’ve seen an unreal spike in interest in menswear. And because of this there has been an amazing spike in options for suiting. Hope I’m wrong, but I can definitely see the point that the first commenter was trying to make.

      • Robert

        I’m with you. YMMV, but I’ve bought 4 suits from them. 2 were worn out by 4-5 months in. The other two are threadbare after a year. Dan (and many others) have been saying it since day one: “you get what you pay for.”

        $500 suits will always be “less than” quality.

        • Juan

          Don’t mean to sound opinionated, but SS uses the same fabrics that a lot of high-end OTR and bespoke brands/tailors use. Kiton, Brioni, Canali, Borrelli and Isaia use Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Ormezzano and Guabello fabric, and so does SS.

          As for the $500 comment: I see Milanese businessmen in awful-looking $2000 Armani (Gucci, Prada, etc) suits that are, 99% of the time, fused. At $500, SuitSupply provides not only top-notch fabrics, but also half-canvas (or, for a little extra, full-canvas, such as their La Spalla and Jort lines) constructions.

          • Lothar

            I’m not saying SS is garbage. But Robert’s complaint (four suits, all of them falling apart) illustrates my first point perfectly: that I’m reading a lot of negative reviews of Suit Supply’s garments.

        • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

          ‘Worn out’ and ‘thread bear’ after 4-5 months? Geezus, man, how do you wear your suits? I guess if you go up the price point to say double what an SS would cost, you might just get a year or two’s worth.

          • Robert

            It’s more about stitching and craftsmanship. With a higher end suit (nb: quality-wise, not “high-fashion” brand-wise) buttons wouldn’t fall off in 5 months, seams would be tearing in 5 months, small pinholes wouldn’t be forming, etc., etc.

            I wear suits every day and depending on the season, I have a rotation of 5-6. My SS ones deteriorated very quickly all things considered. I expect to wear my clothes and not have to baby them, i.e., wearing them from 9am to 2am on a Friday, tossing them on the floor if the situation arises, etc.

            • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

              ‘Tossing them on the floor…at 2 am’ – what, are you a stripper? I get it that more expensive suits would, or more to the point, should, – have better construction but I still find it hard to appreciate that an SS suit would fall apart in less than half a year when worn in high rotation. (Would like to hear from other SS wearers.) Even cheap clothes last for some time when cared for properly (You don’t have to ‘baby’ them). Now if you told me you’re in an occupation that requires the odd commando roll, scaling high fences and wrestling bad guys to the ground, then I can buy that, but if you’re in an office environment then I’m shaking my head. Maybe you’re wearing them too tight…

              • Robert

                SMH, spoken like someone who does not wear suits everyday. If you don’t know, you don’t know, bud. As for not throwing your clothes on the floor at 2am, clearly you and I are leading 2 very different lives. Agree to disagree. When a girl is tearing my clothes off, I’m not going to be all “Hey, can you stop for a minute, I have to put shoe trees in my shoes.” LOL.

                • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

                  Wore a suit 6 days a week for 15 plus years, stud. With that kind of action, yes, I guess you’d better go up your price point.

                  • Robert

                    My man!

      • Sky Seveni

        Speaking of overexposure, SuitSupply’s advertising is disturbing, with all its crass objectification of women (and even men, to a lesser extent). I’d really like to support a brand which is producing quality garments in good fits at reasonable prices, but it’s hard to do so in good conscience. I’d feel like a misogynistic louche rather than a gentleman. I hope Nish really gives this some thought.

    • Malcolm

      Each of these looks is superb in that it seems to express the roots for the individual. That being said, Alex, those overalls are fantastic! It’s different and goes against the grain of typical menswear, but it’s functional and appropriate for so many different circumstances.

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        Thanks Malcolm!

    • Jeanscuffed

      It was a toss up between Dan and Nish for me. Dan for the finish on those jeans and Nish for his outfit all together (yes the jeans are that serious lol), but I’m giving the victory to Nish, complete Boss. I do have a question for Nish though.
      Nish: Even though your outfit is something I would wear and also nicely put together, how do you decide to go with a brown glove instead of a black one since your shoes are black, your suit is dark in color, and your tie has black accents. Don’t get me wrong, your presentation is boss, but if I was getting dressed in the same attire I would have a difficult time deciding should I go with black or brown gloves.
      It’s different seeing Alex in FULL on backwoods menswear lol. He looks great in it but it would take some courage for me to go that route. Nicely done Alex.

    • John B

      I’m going with Dan. Nish looks good too, especially the coat.
      Not a fan of the overalls, sorry Alex!

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        It’s okay John, the overalls are like an exquisite port. Some people can’t handle their strength.

        • Jhwendland

          Also, just like port, overalls drive me to vomit.

    • Juan Zara

      I’d wear all three looks in a heartbeat. I never thought I’d say this, but yes, I’d wear the hell out of those overalls too! I’d button the middle button on the flannel to give it some dimension, but otherwise I’m loving Alex’s transformation.

      Also, Dan, where’d you get that killer southwestern print shirt? I’ve been dying to get one since I saw this: http://tsbmen.com/17078/trend-in-small-doses-aztec-prints/

    • Jeff P.

      If I vote for Nish…will he open the SuitSupply outlet store? haha

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        I wish!

    • Bob

      Dan, because it’s something I’d actually wear. Love the boots. I own the same pair.

    • ft_tony

      k seriously where’s wes?

    • Dustin

      All great looks!!! My personal favorite is Alex’s. Alex has a talent for making workwear look great, without it looking like some sort of ironic, co-option of rural America style. Always looks authentic.

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        Thanks Dustin!