Street Style: NY Fashion Week

February 13th, 2014

Alex and I are in freezing cold NYC to capture the personal style at the fashion shows.

Here’s some of our favorite stylish gents.

1. Black On Black


Love the texture mixing on this monochromatic look. Felt hat, cashmere scarf, badass quilted leather jacket, waxed denim, and slick leather soled boots.

2. Shades of Khaki

Another great monochromatic look, keeping it in the khaki family with shades of camel, cream and off-white. Extra points for the camel shades and the beanie + laces combo.

3. Winter Whites


Who says you can’t wear white jeans in the winter? This gentleman makes them look smooth with a trim navy topcoat, insulating vest under a grey blazer, and neutral suede chukka boots.

4. DB on DB


You already know I love a lush fur collar on a beautiful overcoat. The proportions of the double-breasted blazer (with gold buttons) are on-point as well. The animal print boots add a little “Fashion Week” to the outfit – to each his own.

5. Country in the City


We’re really into Country Western inspirations lately, so this guy caught our eye. Love the beefy knit and forest green boots, but the big win here is in the accessories – mainly that classic felt hat and awesome leather bag.

6. Camel Cowboy


Speaking of country western influences – killer cowboy boots man! Extra points for the black & camel combo and the cut of that beautiful coat.

7. Fur on Fur


Nick Wooster knows a thing or two about pulling-off fur like a boss.

8. Oh So 70’s


We’ve been talking about the 70’s influence for almost a year now – but this is the first time I’ve seen a guy wearing bell bottom trousers (or jeans!?) in a way that convinced me that there’s a chance they might make it back to the mainstream… Groove on player.

9. White-on-Whites


90’s footwear (like 6″ Timbs and fresh Air Force Ones) are making a popular comeback. Today, though, guys are wearing them with slim tweed trousers and tailored camel topcoats.

10. Couple Style  


Here’s a guy who’s got his sh-t together. From the awesome bowler hat, to the fur-trimmed overcoat, to the beautiful and fashionable lady on his arm. #hisandherfurtrims



Thanks for reading. Great content coming up!

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • A.M.

    N°3 is the best in my opinion. That is a easy way to look great.

  • TT

    This post kinda embarrassed me.

  • Jay v.

    Numbers 1 and 3 are just amazing. The jacket in number 1 is one of those pieces you see in person and want to reach out and touch. That kind of texture. 3 is just classic and fresh. Can’t expect anything less from Johannes. Every new post has gotten me pumped. I had to put on Craig Mack – Flavor in your ear to have an appropriate background reading this post.

  • WhenToWear

    Our focus shouldn’t be on Wooster in #7 it should be on Mimi’s split toes!

  • CrowdFound

    What is that jacket on #1? I need it. Badly.

    • William

      Hey did you find out where the jacket #1 was from?? i need it!

  • Brent

    When did 6″ Tims and white air forces go OUT of style??? I hold on to my favorites and they come back into style look at that!

  • 9Sharp

    1, 3, and 9 are killing it. 8 pulls off the bell-bottoms…real well, but I am not convinced yet.

  • Henri

    Johannes killed it yet again. Simple and elegant.

  • J. Darko

    Gentlemans with number 4, 5, 6 and 7 could be described as:

  • WatchLover

    #4 is a women’s overcoat, note the buttoning points. Not a fan of cross dressing.

    • Guest

      If you look closely there are button holes on both sides

      • WatchLover

        That’s true but on nearly every double breasted coat there’s only a single interior fastening point. That coat has two fastening points on the wrong side and what looks like just one on the correct side. Add that to the feminine coordinated buttons and you 100% have a woman’s coat.

  • Guest

    Wooster’s shoes are lame. They’re not the fun, eccentric kind of silly – just trying too hard

  • Kais

    Number 3 is Johannes Huebl – Olivia Palermo’s fiance and an eminently stylish fellow.

    • Alex Crawford


    • Dave

      He is german, that’s a proof, that my fellow-countrymen, can be stylish.

  • Miguel

    Very nice picks from the streets of the NYFW.

  • Jeanscuffed

    Man where do I start?? I have to agree with WideEyesTWBlog, that this Street Style is one of the strongest and why? Because people attending Fashion Week always bring their A-game.
    Look #1: I thought Angel had went rogue with the all black and boots. The look is stupid sick.
    Look #3: We all love a white denim and blue coated top. Classic
    Look #4: Fur coat I would swipe in a second
    Look #5: He looks like he dresses that way on the regular, as in he looks stylish w/o him even knowing he’s stylish if that makes sense. Digging the textures.
    Look #7: Nick redeemed himself from last Street Style for me.
    Look #8: He’s definitely one of those cool kids you wrote about a couple articles back and I like how his trousers compliment the beautiful brown hue of his shoes.
    Look #9: Ostentatious Style, he never fails…
    Look #10: NICE couple! Makes me miss my bowler hat that I let a friend borrow :(

    • Angel

      Ha As creepy as it sounds I’m not Look #1. haha That guy sure does look like me.

      • Nick

        Lmao I damn sure thought that was you as well at a quick glance.

      • TO

        ^I was going to comment and say this! But then the way his head is down I realized I really couldn’t be sure. Not enough beard!

  • Steve T.O

    I would love to see you guys capture Toronto Fashion Week or maybe even TIFF style.

  • John B

    One of your best, except #4.It looks overly feminine to me. Maybe it’s the way he’s standing, I don’t know. The women’s coat (the inside button is usually on the other side on men’s coats/jackets) doesn’t help either.

    The quilted jacket on #1 is amazing and #3 is probably my favorite!

    • WhenToWear

      Do you realize how msyogynistic your explanation for disliking number four is? You could have said you just didn’t like the coat. You didn’t have to say it was because he has a “feminine” stance.

      • Gazman

        Sorry but why is that comment remotely misogynistic?

        • WhenToWear

          Before he replied and elaborated more, his reasoning for hating the guys look was because he stands in what he considers a feminine manner. That’s where I took issue with it. Now that I read his reply and elaborated reasoning I can see where he is coming from and what he meant.

          • Gazman

            There was nothing whatsoever he wrote that was remotely misogynistic. He need not have apologized to you. You were being overly sensitive or do not know the true meaning of that word.

            • WhenToWear

              I don’t know why my offense to the comment bothers you so much. Am I not allowed to feel offended? Perhaps you should read above where I did apologize.

      • John B

        I’m not sure what you thought was misogynistic, I can assure you I didn’t want to offend anyone, but if this was the case, I apologise.
        I like the idea behind the look (DB over DB, fur on the lapels) but combined with the leopard print boots and the coat draped on his shoulders, it’s definitely a feminine look and the coat accentuates that.
        Nothing wrong with having a feminine look or wearing a women’s items, as long as it’s done with moderation.

        • Scott

          Just chiming in here, I’ve bought a lot of jackets and shirts in Europe where the buttons are on the “wrong side” compared to what we’re used to in the US.

        • WhenToWear

          I understand what you mean, and I agree, the clothes give the appearance of being more feminine. What I reacted to was equating his stance to a female. I’m sorry for jumping the gun.

    • WellBuiltStyle

      Agreed. The stance is something you will see a lot of females use on the red carpet and threw me for a loop as well. His overall style is certainly more feminine-inspired. To each their own.

  • WideEyesTWBlog

    No joke, I think this is the strongest street style selection you guys have posted yet (not saying photography was ever lacking, just maybe the subjects?). They were all pretty badass, but I think look 3 killed it, maybe because it’s probably the only one I’d feel confident wearing myself. I also love the vintage references (while they are always there, they feel extra strong this time around, even disregarding #8’s bell-bottoms). I know it’s largely the red hat in #9 that is reminding me of Marvin Gaye, but I still really dig the look. Great shooting, as always (I’m assuming we have Alex to thank for that one)! One of these days I’ll be out there in stuck of stuck here in Chicago. For all that the windy city has to offer, it is far from the leading edge of the fashion and/or men’s style world.