Style-Off: The Green Tweed Suit

February 11th, 2014

While we’re on the topic of green suits, my boy Angel has the same forest green donegal from this season’s Ariston collection.

Who do you think wore it best for New York Fashion Week?

Use the poll below to cast your vote, and feel free to share your opinions in the comment section!












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    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • UTexasex

      There are only two real colors for a donegal tweed suit: dark charcoal gray and dark brown (maybe a light tan with some gray flecks or blacks woven in). Everything else is junk.

    • Aaron

      Angel has the edge. Why?
      He takes better advantage of the appropriate textures for the time of year (which I think indicates a higher level of style maturity). Also, donegal tweed is a busy fabric. Shirt and tie choice are well done by Angel. Dan’s shirt and tie choice along with what is a beautiful coat just busies up the entire look. One really has to focus on what’s going on there. Too complicated.
      Angel wins with shoe choice as well. Basing this on texture more than color. The dryness of the Angel’s entire outfit is perfect for winter. A true sign of style maturity. Dan, on the other hand, is too sheened up with the hair and more traditional cap toe oxfords. I certainly understand the look, but if we’re splitting hairs, Angel takes the cake.
      My personal preference on the cuts are again in favor of Angel. Why? Tweed should always be unstructured and understated. It is originally a very functional fabric and looks off when worn in a structured look. If the the fabric were a flannel or heavy-weight winter worsted like Zegna Electa or an Ariston cloth with some heft, I’d say Dan’s cut is better.
      Too much hair splitting!

    • filip

      angels pants are too tight. Dan wins

    • Andrew

      For the love of amazing hats, who makes Angel’s hat?!?

    • Ambs

      Angel. The scarf is perfect for the outfit

    • Jay v.

      Really can’t lose with either of these choices. Angel is always on point and that scarf just goes so well with that green. I am going to go with Dan though because those shoes are something else. I need to get a pair like that yesterday.

    • cam

      the debate here is pointless, both of these guys are at the top of their game. on another note, dan whatever you did to your hair in terms of styling here looks soooo much better than usual…i think it looks a little flatter on top and softer…keep it up

    • Josh

      This was tough cause I loved the three piece look on Dan, but the “classic” or looser tailoring of the suit threw me off.

      I guess I’m not ready to stray away from the sharp tailoring quite yet.

    • Kevin from NJ

      Dan…the colors that he chose out the best of each other. Angel’s boots just didn’t work for me and brought down his whole look, though they both were awesome!

    • TO

      I voted for Dan.

      Let’s be honest first of all both of these dudes look great and it is pretty much impossible to pick a winner.

      There are so many intricate details that each has going on in their outfits, many of which have been pointed out already.
      I’ll stick to the aspects of Dan’s actual suit design that won me over; the contrasting brown buttons, the added waistcoat and the extra amount of roll of the lapel (being that it is a 3-button stance). These details synced up with the heavy textured tweed fabric in my opinion.

      Both suiting cuts I see as viable options, are equally awesome, and a matter of personal preference- so I purposely didn’t mention this. I personally would opt for something in between the cuts of both of these gentlemen if I had the amazing opportunity to design myself a suit with this outstanding fabric!

    • wistfulwriter

      I voted for Dan. The top stitch lends heft to the lapels, which matches the heavy nature of donegal. His tie bests Angel’s because it doesn’t just fade into the fray. The brown buttons also balance with the green, as opposed to Angel’s darker brown buttons that fade away. The green suit also pairs better with Dan’s brown shoes than it does Angel’s blue ones.

    • Ejiofor

      One element of style is that your style is your style. I picked Angel because what he’s wearing, I would wear. The combination of the scarf and the suede chukkas blended well with the jacket and pants. Dan is the top coat king. If he wouldn’t have wore that coat, his outfit would have been less busy.

    • Tom

      Can I just point out how cold Angel looks…

      • wistfulwriter

        Donegal is heavy, and you’d be surprised at how warm you can stay with just a scarf and gloves. At least, that’s what I’m doing these past couple of cold weeks.

    • Drew Middleton

      What??? It’s not even close! Dan looks waaaaay better!!!! That shirt and tie combo is amazing. And Dan’s shoes work way better with the suit. They both incorporated blue into their outfit, but the shade of blue Dan chose (on the shirt) actually works with the deep muddy green. Angel’s blue boots (while being awesome shoes) just don’t quite work with the suit. So Angel looks good….but I think Dan takes the crown

    • Anonymous

      Difficult to choose here. Each look has something about it that I love but Dan wins by a very slim margin because of the buttons. For me, it just adds a bit more ooomph.

    • Robert

      #beefandbroccoli rocking with Angel

    • LouCaves

      When all things are equal I usually go with the guy who has the beard – keep rockin’ it, Angel. But I like the fuller cut of Dan’s suit more. Going with Dan in a very very close race.

      Thanks, TSB

    • Jeanscuffed

      This was pretty hard to decide but I give it to Angel. The hat and his beard won it for me lol.

    • Miguel

      Dan, Angel, both look good, I can’t decide, I need one of those green suit.

      I say it’s a tie since you can’t go wrong with any.

    • eddy

      making angelic melody all the way. vote angel for president. both are top quality and excellent

    • WideEyesTWBlog

      Damn, I think you both rock them to your own sensibilities, and both do a top notch job doing it. I see things I love in both, things I wish I could pull off, and things I’ll take away. Angel has a sick hat game, but I don’t think I could ever pull off the floppy brim (if only because I don’t think I can – lack of confidence, and I know it)! Maybe some day…I also love the scarf pairing, and is something I think I could pull off. I’ve gotten really into scarves this year, as it’s been cold as all get-out in Chicago, but I get stale with the same knot, worn under my coat, etc.

      Dan on the other hand knocks the shoe game out of the park, as can be expected from Dan the Man! I’m also loving his shirt/tie pairing…I’ve been looking to mix more plaids into my shirting, but have a lot of plaid ties, so it’s hard to match. Basically, I need some new shirts and some new ties, and I’ll look to this ‘fit for inspiration, for sure. I love the fur scarf, but don’t think it’s quite my swagger.

      End of the day, it’s damn hard to pick, but I’m going Dan on this one…maybe it’s the addition of the three piece? Or that boss overcoat? But both hit it strong.

    • Jeff McAllister

      I’ve got to go with Angel on this one. Although admittedly you both look great, there’s something about that apricot scarf against the forest green donegal.

    • Bert

      As Brandon Marshall would say, “Angel BESPOKE!”

    • Mark Smith

      I love the subtle hint of leopard print on the back of Angel’s suede chukkas. It takes a lot of balls to not only wear such rich blue shoes with a dark green suit, but to pull it off so effortlessly. You got my vote, brother.

    • Shawn

      I voted Dan for the fuller cut suit (I’m slowly leaning back toward fuller cuts), added waistcoat, the footwear choice and the scarf. But, that is not to say I dislike Angel’s take. I especially like his beard and hat!

    • John B

      I’m voting for Angel because I think Dan’s shirt is a bit too dark. I kind of prefer the fuller cut of Dan’s suit though (and the boots). Let’s be honest here though: both suits are amazing.

    • Juan

      I prefer Angel’s combination: the color palette is extraordinary, yet still subtle, and the scarf and hat complement the green of the suit and the various colors of the yarn of the heavy donegal tweed, all while being pulled together by the tortoise-shell pattern of his glasses.

      But I do agree with T in that I think the fit isn’t great. For me, at least, wearing pants that tapered and a jacket that tight isn’t very flattering, not to mention uncomfortable.

      With that said, I’m a great admirer of Angel and I’d be thrilled to see much more of him on TSB; his looks are always exceptionally well-thought and it’s evident every little detail has been accounted for (in this look, a perfect example would be the stitching on his boots matching his scarf).

      Great post, this is EXACTLY what I want to see on TSB. No offense to TYGA.

    • Silviu

      I voted for Angel. The hat is a nice addition to the outfit. For me it stood out more than Dan’s.

    • JoeFromTexas

      Tie – both look great. Can’t find any reason to say that one or the other lost.

      A What-to-wear post on packing for NYFW would be interesting, I know you’ve done a few posts on what you packed for long trips in the past, and how unexpectedly light it was. I’m curious what an insider packs for NYFW when flying across the country, and whether it all fits in a carry-on.

      • WideEyesTWBlog

        Ha, completely different style of writing, and aesthetic in general, but Four-Pins did a humorous piece on packing for NYFW that I enjoyed. Not practical, by any means, but a funny read.

        • JoeFromTexas

          That was hilarious. Thanks for the link.

          • Alex Crawford

            Four pins is one of my favorite blogs. It’s hilarious.

    • Daniel Moretz

      Awesome redesign Dan. The site loads much faster and the style guide rocks. Enjoy fashion week!

    • T

      This ‘Angel Bespoke’ person is peacock excess. Bad fit

      • WhenToWear

        How is it a bad fit? Just because it isn’t cut quite as full as Dan’s? Angel is a really thin, lanky guy, because his suit is tailored more closely to his body it works really well with his physique. If it was cut like Dan’s it would appear that Angel would be swimming in it. On the subject of peacocking, Angel make some incredible shirts, shoes and jackets, so any excessive peacocking is warranted.

      • WideEyesTWBlog

        Huh…I don’t see his look as peacocking at all…it’s actually pretty simple. The only ‘out-of-the-box) addition is the hat, which might not fit everyone’s sensibilities, but isn’t flamboyant by any means. Beyond that…he went two-piece, plain white shirt, plain white pocket square, solid tie…maybe the blue suede shoes are a bit flashy, but again, not excessively so…

        And I’m with @Whentowear:disqus – bad fit? Do you mean bad ‘fit (as in outfit) all-together? Cuz I think the ‘fit’ of his suit is pretty impeccable, as is the usual with Angel.

        Anyway, not trying to invalidate your opinion by any means, but just not sure where you are coming from.

      • Robert

        “Peacocking?” His look personifies the opposite of the unwritten definition of the term “peacock” relating to fashion. He is completely understated according to hues and for that matter accessiories. Everything he is wearing is completely muted. Sorry, Dan, but if there were only one piece or article that would emulate “peacocking,” it would be the fur scarf. But in context of location and the reasons as to why you are in NYC to begin with, this really isn’t peacocking either.