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What I Wore Today: No Snow in the West

January 29th, 2014

Articles of Style rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

“No Snow in the West”

Use the comment section below to tell us which is your favorite outfit and why!

    1. Alex


    “When I moved to LA I decided to stop cutting my hair. I had really long hair in college and I loved the way it looked, but in NYC we were constantly going to fancy events where I felt the need to keep my sh-t tight and looking dapper. Now that I’m in LA I have a bit more leeway with my mop top.

    The problem with growing your hair out from a buzzcut is the many awkward phases it has to go through. I’m going through a rough one of those right now. I’ve been wearing a lot of hats. But you can’t always keep a lid on it, so Dan suggested I try the slicked back look. This is my first attempt.

    On a scale from Leo to Macaulay what do you guys think?”




    • Black Denim Jacket by Levi’s
    • Chambray Pop Over Shirt by H&M
    • White 511 Jeans by Levi’s
    • Black Boots by JD Fisk

    2. Wes


    Wes is in town getting a much needed break from the NYC cold to soak up some LA sun.

    We’ve been showing him a West Coast experience with staples like In-N-Out burger, a private pre-Grammy concert, some bball in Venice beach, and a long night watching the waves.

    I’m pretty sure he’s having a good time.


    Wes kept his carry-on light by packing some simple blues. And of course, you know he brought some band collar shirts and a couple one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.



    3. Dan


    Ok, I’m not actually wearing this today. I’m “out of the office” (aka laying on the beach) so we pulled this look that I never used from our trip to snowy Sundance Film Festival.

    This is the oversized belted cardigan from my FIT Design Collection. I wanted the thickest, heaviest cardigan that we could knit. This beast ways about 10 pounds and is super warm. It’s also just large enough to fit over a blazer.

    I like to think I created a new category here: the overcardigan.


    I certainly don’t miss the freezing cold winds in the face, but after living in LA for a few months I do miss layering on heavy clothes.

    Winter clothes have such a variety and depth to them. Check out these awesome textures.


    Cotton/cashmere waffle knit cardigan, wool/alpaca double-breasted jacket, and thick velvety cords (from this custom 3-piece suit).


    Also, more dress boots in action.


    4. Khaled Nasr


    Our friend Khaled (as featured in Italian Power Tailoring as well as this WIWT) is one of the best dressed guys we’ve met in LA. Here he shows us how he dresses-down that incredible Italian tailoring.

    “A pinstripe suit can get a lot of debate. Some people insist that it’s a power business look intended only for a corporate work environment…and always with a tie. But I like to have fun with it. The key to this look is the three patch pockets, the heavier flannel fabric and a lean fit.”


    “As usual, I’m wearing a power collar shirt from Angel Bespoke – this time with bold red bengal stripes. I love the collar on these shirts because they stand high and hold their shape.

    Nothing kills a confident look more than a sloppy collar sagging under your blazer.”


    “The shoes are actually a subtle green suede with burgundy tassels, also from Angel Bespoke. In my opinion they make this traditionally serious suit a little more fun and relaxed.”



    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style
    Photography by Alex Crawford
    • Niall

      number 3 is nice but MEGA NEGATIVE POINTS for confusing “Ways” with “Weighs”!!!!!!!! Bad, bad, bad editorial work.

    • Mike B

      Love all the looks. Where has Townsend been, I have not seen him on here for quite some time. Is he still affiliated with TSB?


    • jim

      Where’s an economical place to get band collar shirts? I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

      • Marcus Forlan

        Wes just cuts the collar off to make his own. You can buy cheap shirts and have a tailor do this presumably.

        I have gotten some at CK Tang – it is big in HK and Singapore. But I dont think they have that store here in the US.

    • Irving Zisman

      I like the ‘random guy overdressed with mustache at Sundance’ look

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • TO

      I am heading to Austin, TX tomorrow for a few days.

      Alex, I was wondering if you could chime in about any places you recommend seeing while I’m there- relating to clothing, music, or otherwise. Cheers!

    • Brandon

      I like Wes this time around.

      And Dan…damn…I dunno if it’s the white balance but the combination of your skin tone surrounded by all the white snow is making you look ghostly.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • TO

      Dan. By a mile. Not meant as a diss to anyone else today, everybody dressed up well, but what a great combination of amazing pieces! I saw the shot of that wool/alpaca blazer on Instagram and was dying to know more about it. It has an awesome old-world, old fashioned feel to it. And the FIT piece is holding up really well so this shows how well made it is!

      Dan, keep holding this outfit in your back pocket and feel free to use it again if you want my vote for any WIWT!

    • Joe

      I’m voting for Wes. Beautiful jacket. Alex has beautiful hair and it’s plastered down to a shell here. Why plaster down such great hair? I usually like slicked back hair, but I don’t here (maybe it’s not slicked back enough? I do realize I’m in the minority here… oh well). Otherwise great look.

      Quick question – I’m thinking of changing out the buttons on a charcoal suit to dark gunmetal (still business appropriate, I think…, but with a little edge). Where can I find gunmetal buttons for a blazer? (A garment doctor post on changing out coat buttons would be awesome, with perhaps some suggestions on where to find and buy buttons)

    • Richard L.

      Alex’s “awkward hair growing out phase” is way way way better than mine, I can tell you that much. I can’t pull off the slick-back, but its well done here.

      • Richard L.

        but I’ll vote Wes because I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue-on-blue-on-blue with brown shoes.

    • Luke

      Hey Wes can you call out what loafers you are wearing and how you found/bought them and at what price?

      They look like the RL Edward Green loafer but not sure. I’ve been looking for a pari in black leather for some time but was hoping for some info from you all before I move forward. Thanks!

    • Rob

      Where is Townsend, has he left TSB ?

      • Bobby P

        He got tired of #winning

      • Joe

        I second that – I miss Towni’s classic, preppy take on things. Where did he go?

        • Robert

          He’s an outdoorsman now. Sorta…

    • John B

      Had to go with Dan, although everyone is looking good.
      I’ve thought of wearing a thick (and a bit oversized) cardigan as a coat in the past, but my cardigan isn’t that nice. I like the beard more than the mustache though.

    • RO

      Alex…….everything flows including the hair.

    • Jack

      My vote goes to Alex. Major points for not falling victim to the “Look at my watch” trend popular among the #menswear crowd. I didn’t even notice you were wearing one until scrolling through the pics a second time (maybe the hair was distracting me). Everyone else seems to love it, but I’ve always found the slicked-back look a little too douchey. But maybe it’ll grow on me.

    • http://undefined Robert

      Alex, but only for that gorgeous mane. That hair flows like wine. Beautiful women must instinctively flock to you like the salmon of Capistrano….

      • TO

        Hair flows like wine. Haha, great adaptation of a Dumb and Dumber quote lol

    • Steve-o

      Are these pictures of alex taken in front of a building in miracle mile? looks a lot like my old place

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        They sure are, good eye.

    • Anonymous

      Dang Alex is killin’ it!

    • J Fig

      You are all stylish youknowwhats but….Alex has been getting my vote for a minute now. The move to LA has really had a great impact on him and his laid back, cool guy style.

      Keep up the great fits Alex!

    • Adamo

      Alex takes this one. The clothes fit the look really well. Not that the same can’t be said about the others, but it’s a pretty badass look.
      Ps- more on the Leo side.

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford


    • Jmurd

      I’ll have to go with Alex today. He’s killing it with the white cut off denim and black.

    • Johann

      Alex today, but all looks are great.

    • Austin

      Where is towni?

    • ChrisM

      Alex takes this one in my view. Not only from the “Outfit I wish I was wearing today” perspective but form a “Most Improved” stance as well.
      To Alex: That wave in your hair just makes it harder. I couldn’t hack it because of mine but if you can stick it out man, go for it.

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        Thanks man, only time will tell!

    • Drew

      Alex – this us the best you’ve looked in WIWT as far back as I can remember. Really nicely done!

    • Brady P

      Great looks today. Really digging the new hair style on Alex, but my favorite look was from Dan. That suit supply jacket is off the charts!

    • http://anorexicescapades.com BougieHippie

      I like how Alex always find a way to personalize his looks no matter what aesthetic he goes with.

      Though Wes’s look is clean and minimalist ans that jacket is superb I must go with Dan this time for the win.

      Dan that blazer and sweater is simply AMAZIN”!

    • Anonymous

      All of these are ridiculously good.

      Alex gets my vote.

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      This is one of the best WIWT you’ve guys put together! REALLY impressed by all looks presented. It was a hard one like Shawn said, but I’m going to break down 1st:

      1. Alex: Keep the hair! Looks great, esp goes with your outfit. Everything ties perfectly, and I’m digging the frayed hem with the boots and the fit of the jacket.

      2. Wes: I found myself thinking your look was real Italian inspired. Not sure if you feel the same but the blue cues are put together really well. Real sleek and smooth and the suede loafers are a nice touch.

      3. Dan: Killed it once again. The DB has a superb fit (wouldn’t expect anything less), and nice play on the textures. Ironically the dress boots are named “Haight” for a reason lol.

      4. Khaled: Suit fits amazing! Glad to see your a regular in the WIWT line-up. Loafers are dope! Question: Is that a collar magnet on your lapel? Nice touch

      Verdict: It was up and down b/t Wes and Dan, but I’ll give my vote to Wes. Those shades of blue man…

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        I also got some serious Italian vibes from Wes this week. He gets my vote.

    • Kolja

      Best outfit for Wes, but best hair style goes to Alex – well done my friend!

    • http://undefined TimL

      Gotta go with Alex today Gents!
      Didn’t recognize him at first.
      Hair looks cool… maybe a side part to style it.

      Dan(the man) knocked himself out for me by telling the truth and submitting phoney pics of today( hahaha..).
      Should have just went with the skivvies on the beach ( or not ) :)

    • Olerud_4_Life

      Suit Supply is nasty. Even though im not the suave type for double breasted jackets, the third looks jacket from suit supply is disgusting and tough. Good look.

      • TO

        So hard to tell if you are being entirely positive or a mix of negative and positive haha

    • Carlos L

      Gotta go with Alex on this one. The West Coast move seems to have benefited his style the most, as he was always the most casual. Gotta love the evolution of his style through the years.

    • Bobby P


    • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

      I’m going with Wes today! That vintage jacket is awesome, and I have a recently sprung love affair with Ralph Lauren suede loafers. Alex, I think the hair looks good, especially with that outfit. Adds some rock-a-billy edge. I’ve gone through the buzz-to-real-cut hair transition, so I feel your pain. Dan, that cardigan is badass, and I want to wrap myself in it. Last, it’s good to see Khaled here again, and his look is nice, but I don’t think it stands out much. Also, just my opinion, the shoes seem out of place. Nice suit though!!

      Where’s Towni??

    • Shawn

      Damn, hard one this week! I think I’m just gonna explain what I like about each look! Alex, I love your new hair style, especially with the curls, looks real nice! Wes, I am really fond of your vintage jacket and loafers! Dan, your SS blazer, matched with those navy cords, nice as hell! And Khaled, well, who doesn’t like Khaled Nasr looks here? Once again, he nails it! I’m on the same page as him: pinstripe suits can be worn outside of CBD attire, you just have to rock it casually and don’t care!

    • Mirko

      Dan´s cardigan is just great!

    • Bill Morris

      Alex’s hair looks good…Really good. He should keep that look in his arsenal.

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        Thanks Bill!

    • cam

      easily alex’s college look for the win

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        Haha, I’m glad someone appreciated that.

    • Omar Shaikh

      I have to go with Dan on this one but that denim jacket looks really good on Alex too. What size did he go for on that jacket?

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        I went with the small on the denim jacket. It’s was a tough decision because I had to decide whether I wanted to layer over or under the denim. I decided to go with the smaller size so now I can put layers over it, but nothing more than a shirt or a very thin sweater fits under it.

    • Sergio Arteaga

      My vote goes to Alex. The hair man, the hair! Keep it slicked back, for sure! Love the influence LA has had on your style. By the way guys, I think the pictures are out of order, Alex (3), Wes (2), Dan (1). The only one that came out in the correct order is Khaled’s.

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        Just fixed it, thanks Sergio!

    • AdamE

      Dan for the win (love the DB blazer), with Khaled a close second. And as for Alex’s hair, it’s on the Macauley side of the scale, still a bit awkward to hit the Leo range…

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford


    • Sal

      Alex, hands down.