Street Style: Project Menswear Show NYC

January 28th, 2014

Tradeshow week just wrapped in NYC. It’s always an exciting time for menswear as brands new and old come from all over the world to rent a booth and showcase their new collections, hoping to catch the attention of store buyers for purchase orders and editors/bloggers for media coverage.

Whenever industry insiders, fashion entrepreneurs, and menswear fans cross paths in NYC, it’s a great place to find some Street Style inspiration. Our friend Marcel (of OneDapperStreet and as featured here) hit the Project show and shot some Street Style for us.

Here’s our favorite stylish gents that he found.

1. In My Project


Our friend Marcus Troy (as featured here) helps run the Project Tradeshow. He did his thing connecting bloggers, editors and brands wearing all black everything – including a thin nylon varsity jacket under a slim black suit and some chunky-soled chukkas. Extra points for the sleek silver jewelry combo.

2. Stripes & Checks


Now here’s a man who knows a thing or two about matching his leathers. And what beautiful leathers we chose.

3. Peace Love & Shearling


That is an incredible shearling coat!! It looks extremely warm but also has a nice lean shape, making it a perfect match for slim grey flannel trousers. This is also a great example of a poncho in action, and wearing black & brown.

4. Stop And Smell The Cashmere


The upside down rose tie and the crispy suede tassel loafers are noteworthy, but I’m stuck on the fabric of that windowpane jacket. Looks like those were some mighty fine goats, eh? Also, are those moleskin pants?! This guy knows his fabrics, and fits.

5. Party Down Below


I was really feeling the upper part of this outfit (especially the fit on that jacket – wow) but I was expecting some scuffed-up black military boots. The yellow socks and bright blue laces/soles give the look a much softer feel.

6. Icon Status


Street style icon Nick Wooster (as featured here) looking very Thom Browne while staying ahead of the curve, as always. As predicted note the higher waisted trousers with fuller leg and fuller break. With reference to this article, let’s consider Woost the King of the “Cool Kids”.

7. Comfy & Classy


A turtleneck with a sport coat will always be a sophisticated and smart look –  especially if that sport coat is a softly-tailored masterpiece in a lush fabric.

8. Downtown Browntown


Speaking of 70’s influence, how about this brown & mustard color palette and those funky fresh plaid trousers? Very dandy of you, Sir.

9. Military Greens


So simple and so clean – puts the emphasis on the sharp hair and grooming. Also, killer boots, man.

10. Winter Textures


Great fit on a broader man. Love the earthy colors and the mixing of winter textures, too. But again, I’m dying to see some ass-kicking boots to finish this off.

Which look was your favorite? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

  • Jon King

    I think I found the exact same pair of pants in the last photo in some of my dads old stuff this past Dec. I could barely take them off all winter. Warm and stylish.

  • Jonathan

    Agree with some others that Wooster looks frumpy here. He normally looks really great, sharp, fitted. These pants make him look short, stumpy, childish. I can’t get behind this one.

    Also #2– agree on the leathers, but the layered vest over the blazer looks like a street style I’ve seen all over NYC– on homeless guys. Meh.

    I feel like #4 is about to sell me a life insurance policy, a side gig while he works on getting a business degree.

    Big ups to #1, #3, #7. Cuts/shapes on #3 are on point.

  • Javier

    Wearing a vest above a blazer is a look that i havent been able to digest. I know Brunello Cucinelli suggests it in his clothing style but to me optically doesnt seem right and I think it ruins the versatility of the blazer…just an opinion from a mortal who doesnt know crap of fashion

  • Anonymous


  • Lewis

    I hope the cargo pants resurgence dies a quick death.

  • Gazman

    Wooster looks like he is in pain and I don’t blame him. Anyone would look constipated in that get-up. I know he’s a short bloke but those wide daks with the thick turn-ups and the bulky hiker boots just makes him look even shorter. But, he’s an anointed style ‘icon’ and like any celebrity he’ll be applauded for his style regardless of what he has on.

  • JM

    People who say Wooster jumps trends obviously don’t have a background in apparel merchandising or forecasting. His status as an industry insider gives him insight onto which trends to “jump” to next. If he doesn’t stay at the front he loses his relevance, just like anyone in the industry would.

    • TimL

      Yeah, but something bugs me about this pic.
      He looks like a pissed off rooster or something.

  • Andy Collier

    Look #3! I am a sucker for shearling though……

  • Pete

    Wooster looks like a four year old boy playing dressup. As usual.

    The speed and frequency with which he jumps trends is a fairly solid indicator of how seriously his stylistic choices should be taken at any given time.

    • Robert

      Not trying play defense, but I’m puzzled by the comment “frequency of jumping trends?” I do not see that what-so-ever in his style. He style is rooted in the prep culture with “twists.” He’s stayed fairly consistent in my opinion. Unlike rappers, actors, and celebs alike, who are currently adapting their style choices based on Europe. Where if you could somehow compare Nick, I find him Northeastern with a touch of Far East (Japan) style. Classic, he doesn’t follow, he creates.

    • TimL

      “Wooster looks like a four year old boy playing dressup. As usual.”

      Ha…. that’s how I feel too.

  • Juan

    Number 7 is EASILY the best look; classic goes a long way

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Nick will always be a style icon in my eyes, I just can’t get with the new movement of higher waist/fuller leg pants for now, but that’s what I said about slimmer/fitted jeans while I was wearing straight leg/boot cut fit in my teen years back. My picks would be 1,2,&4. I saw the top half of Look #5 and said man he’s gonna kill the bottom half, but was kinda dissappointed. I had wanted to see a more rugged look to go with his haircut and the background of his booth. I look forward to every post, but I find I’m more excited about your Street Style posts or post like these. Keep at it guys!

    • http://undefined Robert

      In regards to Max Miller’s look, you would need to understand the company, to understand the shoes he is wearing. He’s wearing his own product, and well for that matter. Greenwich designs colorful soled shoes, and just colorful shoes with a masculine rugged aesthetic overall. To me, those shoes are extremely rugged, the blue sole is a nice juxtapostion. Not-to-mention, spring/summer is around the corner, time to prepare to lighten up the wardrobe.

      • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

        Well this site gives the readers a platform to share our opinion and the outfits posted on this site creates conversation/dialogue. I was just saying I thought the outfit was going to be anchored down with boots instead of the shoes chosen. Just like I had stated that what Nick Wooster was wearing wasn’t my cup of tea, as is the same for Max. You’re right, maybe I do need to read more into the brand to get a better understanding of what it’s all about. My opinion of these outfits was solely off of 1st glance.

  • cam

    great looks.

    confused on the wooster comment. is thom browne now going full cuts with no break? isnt this the exact opposite of thom browne?

    • http://undefined Robert

      Thom Browne actually caters to a “fuller” cut regarding thigh/calf room in the trousers, compared to European influenced designers. From what I usually see, Wooster typically has at least one piece from TB on, in almost every photgraph…but Dan could also be referring to the overall aesthtic of the look. This is a tradmark TB color palatte with the navys/whites/greys. And as always the oxford. The only thing you would not incorporate with TB would be the “full break” His ready-to-wear, can, but does not typically sit 3 inches above the ankle, usually just no break above the shoe.

    • Joe

      I was wondering the same thing. I also wouldn’t call those pants high waisted at all. Maybe it’s the full thigh cut…

      • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

        He didn’t call them high waisted, he said higher waisted meaning these Nick has on could have a higher rise than what we normally see him or any other guy wear.

        • http://undefined Robert

          High-waisted vs. higher-waisted, you actually think these terms each have their own inherent meaning? The rise and the waist are two different areas of the pant. He means the pants sit higher up on the waist, period. And yes, these trousers do sit higher on the waist than trousers/shorts Nick, or others in the menswear industry, have been wearing over the past 6-7 years.

          • t

            Calm down, brah.

  • Modini

    Nick Wooster looks great!

  • http://undefined TimL

    Some decent looks there.
    I still don’t get the appeal about Nick Wooster and his icon status. Whenever I have seen him, 80% of the time he looks like a misfit and dresses way out of his age group. He would look so much better if he dressed his age,just my opinion.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Blue blazer, cashmere cardigan, oxford shirt, grey flannel trousers – is this dressing “young” now??

      • Joe

        I think its his combination of the items, and the details on them. Grey flannel trousers? Sure. Grey flannel trousers that look too big with a patch pocket? If you saw some random guy wearing the exact same thing, you’d say his fit is off. Because it’s Nick, everyone says he is just on another level. I agree with TlmL. I know you guys reference him as a “style icon”, but just because you have been an icon doesn’t mean you do everything perfectly now. If I was a coaching legend, and then I switched up my game and started losing season after season, no one would say “the switch” I had made was great just because I was a legend; it was an obviously stupid switch because I lost. He was an icon (or is), but now he just looks (in my, and plenty others’, opinion) downright silly. But, I digress.

        • Robert

          I can remember in the late 90’s early 2000’s when I was a buyer at Bloomingdales, people shared the same thought regarding slim fitting trousers. I heard, men will never wear pants that tight, those are for women, etc etc. now the trend is starting to tilt the scale back to a looser full fit, and the argument is swayed the opposite. In 5 years, no one will be complaining, some just have to see the masses, before they can get the vision.

    • TimL

      The guy just looks frumpy in this pic.
      In general his style just throws me off.
      The guys a good looking guy for his age but his choice of outfits most of the time make me cringe.

  • Tim

    my dude Woost on some other level.

  • Patrick Germany

    Wow! I find look 10 extremely surprising (in a good way) once you go further down the waistline. I LOVE those pants! Any idea who designed them/ which brand this is?

    Nick Wooster is outstanding. As always.

    Great post guys :)

  • AdamE

    #2, 5 & 7 are all killer and very wearable outside of the tradeshows in NYC, some of the other looks are on point too, but are less sportable outside of that setting.