Round Metal Shades Can Change Your Whole Look

August 27th, 2014

No accessory in menswear impacts your overall look more than a pair of sunglasses; they’re often the focal point of an outfit and can add some distinct character. So rather than sticking to the same-old “updated version” of a wayfarer or aviator shape, consider trying something with a little more edge.

Lately I’ve been loving these round handmade titanium frames by Matsuda Eyewear. Not only are they a beautiful work of art in their own right (all meticulously hand-engraved and hand-lacquered in Japan), they also provide an edginess to my typically tailored looks.

They have this kind of “intellectual rebel”, “mad scientist” thing happening, and I love it.


Shades by MatsudaJacket, shirt and waistcoat by Michael Andrews Bespoke, Paisley silk scarf by Zara, Watch by Montblanc, Jeans by APC, Alligator belt by Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Suede shoes by To Boot NY


Shades by MatsudaJacket, pocket square and chinos by Michael Andrews Bespoke, Vintage polo shirt and suede loafers by Ralph Lauren, Watch by Montblanc , Brown leather duffle by Frank Clegg Leatherworks


Shades by Matsuda, Grey micro houndstooth wool/linen suit by MAB by Dan Trepanier, White shirt by Angel Bespoke, V-neck sweater by Alexander Mcqueen , Watch by Montblanc, Loafers by Bally


For a Matsuda Eyewear dealer in your part of the world, check their directory of boutiques. Otherwise, here are my top three recommendations for round metal sunglasses available online:

  1. Randolph Engineering 
  2. Garrett Leight
  3. Vintage Gucci 


Thanks for reading.

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Photography by Alex Crawford

  • Silviu

    First look is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Bill

    There should be an app that lets you download your photo and put different frames on it to see how you would look.

  • James Wong

    Love how you tell us what the shoes are but we can’t see them in the first two pictures. Oh you tease.

  • Josh

    Is that the first time you guys have done an ascot? It’s cool to see it used in a less stuffy way. Definitely a style/accessory that would be cool to see more of.

  • BougieHippie

    First, I love the styling in each of these looks. Secondly, the specs are nice but like shopping for clothing; size and proportions is important. Not everyone can’t pull off the “Johnny Depp-esque” specs. I think guys should consider their facial structure when coping some new sunnies.

  • Daniel

    Ironic that “round” is an edgy look

  • Jeanscuffed

    The MMM sweater outfit is by far one your best outfits and it’s not even because of the shades. The sweater looks of snakeskin for some reason. The shades take it that much further.
    I also discovered that had some funky shades in circle frames for really cheap.

    • TO

      Agreed JC. It does look like snakeskin and it’s one of my all-time fav outfits featured on the site.

  • TO

    Whenever I have searched for shades at different points in my life I always kept in mind this shape as a way to do something a little different. Never had I found any circular shades that were nice at all tho. It was always John Lennon in a bad way usually with light blue lenses.

    I actually love all three examples at the bottom and appreciate the beauty (but I’m sure not the price tag) of the super-detailed Matsuda joints.

  • cam

    I’m pretty sure I’ll never purchase sunglasses from anywhere else after spending a few minutes on Kings of Past

  • Miguel

    I think you definitely achieved the mad scientist/intellectual vibe in the first look. As someone who has worn glasses their entire life, round frames are difficult to pull off, has more to do with face shape than one’s ability to style them properly.

    • John

      Agree, if you want to wear round frames you need to have a longer head, and a chiseled jaw, to offset the frame.

      • thatoneduder

        Or, you can just say f*** it and go for it. I don’t have a long face and chiseled jawline, but I love wearing round frames. The outfit and confidence is what will make or break it.

        • Jeffmcallister

          “Fuck it and go for it,” the secret ingredient at the centre of every great look.