Made-to-Measure Online: A Suit Review

March 5th, 2014

After five years experience measuring/fitting bespoke suits in NYC and a degree in Menswear Design from the Fashion Institute, I’ve learned the hard way to appreciate the subtleties and intricacies of custom tailoring. Mainly, why it takes an experienced professional (or a series of experienced professionals) to achieve precise results.

That said, I always thought internet made-to-measure suits, the kind where you choose from fabric “swatches” online and input your own measurements, were damn near impossible. However, thanks to years of customer data and feedback, efficient global manufacturing, and a focus on customer service with ‘satisfaction or your money back’ guarantees, some of the leading players in the growing e-tailoring industry are now delivering good suits at great values.

I scoured the internet to do some research on the best companies offering online made-to-measure suits. After reading customer reviews, speaking to representatives, and digging deep into a half dozen websites (if there’s no attention to detail in the web design, what do you think their suits look like?) I decided on three companies that seemed to have the best product and reputation: Knot Standard, Black Lapel, and Indochino.

I visited each website, carefully entered my measurements following each step-by-step process, decided on fabrics and styling options, and ordered one suit from each brand. The following is what showed up in the mail 3-5 weeks later.

It should be noted that no alterations were done to these suits, they were only taken out of the packaging and steamed.

    1. Knot Standard



    Price: $495-$995. This one, the “Classic Navy Prince of Wales” 2-piece suit, is $595

    Delivery Time: Package arrived 40 days after order was placed.


    Fabric & Fabrication


    Knot Standard offers three different quality levels:

    • “Classic”: a fused front suit made from “100% wool Super 110s cloth” ($495-$595)
    • “Madison”: a half-canvas suit made from Holland & Sherry Super 130s cloth ($695-$795)
    • “Signature K”: a full-canvas suit made from luxury Scabal, Holland & Sherry, and Drago fabrics. ($995)

    The is the “Classic” suit. Although it’s a fused front jacket, fabrication feels solid all-around; a very clean and professional factory made suit.

    There’s no mention as to the origination or mill of this particular cloth, except for “100% Worsted Wool, 270 g/m”. Nevertheless, the hand is fairly smooth and it feels like a solid durable 3-season cloth (a little heavy for Summer in my opinion, but I’m spoiled by seasonal fabrics).


    Initial Fit – Out of the Box


    Of the three made-to-measure suits in this review, the Knot Standard garment had the best fit out-of-the-box (both jacket and pants). I chose the “slim fit” which turned out nicely: it’s an updated silhouette that’s slim without being too slim. There were only minimal fit issues, each of which could easily be fixed by a local tailor like my man Fanklin.

    • A little roomy/boxy in the midsection, even though I specified “slim fit” and purposely gave a close measurement at the stomach.
    • Slight tightness across the upper back, causing some minor pulling between the shoulder blades.
    • Needs a little sleeve rotation for my slightly-arms-back stance (note the breaking at the top of triceps). This is one of those measurements that is not taken with typical made-to-measure suits.
    • Very slight collar roll due to my square shoulders (I did specify my shoulders as “square”, but there is no measurement to quantify the degree of slope).
    • Trousers fit very well overall, just slightly tight in the back crotch (could let-out the seat a touch).




    I’ve already worn this suit without any alts, but I plan to have the midsection slimmed and the upper back let-out to settle that pulling. I’m willing to live with the slight sleeve rotation issue and a faint collar roll (removing the sleeves or collar will not be worth the price of the alteration, in my opinion). Life’s all about tradeoffs.

    As part of their “Fit Guarantee” Knot Standard will reimburse alteration fees up to $75. They also offer to remake your first suit if needed, or give your money back if you are nor satisfied.


    2. Black Lapel



    Price: $449-$699. This one, the Brownstone Glenplaid Flannel 2-piece suit, is $549.

    Delivery Time: Package arrived 25 days after order was placed.


    Fabric & Fabrication


    At Black Lapel I got a half-canvassed jacket for $46 less than the fused-front from Knot Standard. I also found an awesome brown flannel fabric with a subtle orange glenplaid. Again, no origin details on this specific cloth, but it has a nice hand and feels like it can take a beating.

    Black Lapel also gets the prize for most handwork (hand set collar, hand-sewn armholes, functioning sleeve cuffs) and highest quality inputs (100% bemberg linings, rubber grip in waistband, genuine horn buttons).

    I should also note that Black Lapel is known for their excellent customer service. Their “concierge” is a direct line to a representative who can help answer any questions or advise/update you on your order. Researching reviews online brought up several testimonials regarding their reliable customer service, which is critically important in any made-to-order business model. After all, this is as much a service as it is a product.


    Initial Fit – Out of the Box


    The Black Lapel suit was easily the slimmest of the three, with very little allowance in the garment. Their “slim fit” truly means “slim fit”, which is great if you’re a thin guy (or like a very close fit) . I’m 6’2, 200lbs. In hindsight I probably should have went with their “tailored fit”, which is a little more relaxed and probably would have been perfect for my body type. Here are a few areas where the suit is a little too slim:

    • The shoulders were cut a touch small (note my upper arms bulging outward from the shoulder line).
    • The upper back is tight (note the pulling across shoulders blades).
    • There’s a notable collar roll due to my square shoulders (again, I noted my shoulders as “square”, but they were cut a little too “sloped”)
    • Seat and thigh on trousers is very slim (note the pulling at upper thigh/under seat). The pants will need to be let out for comfort.
    • With that said, most of the body of the jacket (front chest, stomach, hips, jacket length, button stance) were spot on.

    I should also mention that this is the only flannel fabric of the three suit. While it’s a very lightweight flannel, it’s still slightly more forgiving in terms of offering a clean drape.




    If I let-out the center back 3/4″-1″ I think this suit will be in a very good place (this will alleviate some of the shoulder tightness and most of the pulling which is accentuating the collar roll). I’ll need to let-out the hips/seat/thigh on the pants by roughly 1″ as well.

    Black Lapel also offers $75 reimbursement toward alterations, and has a similar “Flawless Fit Promise” backed by a remake if needed, or a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.


    3. Indochino



    Price: $449-699. This one, the “Premium Grey Prince of Wales” 2-piece suit, is $649.

    Delivery Time: Package arrived 25 days after order was placed.


    Fabric & Fabrication


    Indochino provided the highest quality fabric of the three. It was described as a “Super 140s Australian Merino Superfine Wool”. The hand feel is noticeably smoother and more luxurious than the other two. I should also note that this suit is from their “Premium Collection” and costs a bit more than the others ($649, vs $595 and $545).

    Indochino uses a hybrid combination of fusible and half-canvas for their chest piece. I haven’t pulled the suit apart yet, so all I can say is that it feels relatively light and flimsy – more similar to the fused garment from Knot Standard than the more structured body from Black Lapel. Other than that, it’s a clean and sharp machine-made garment.

    Indochino wins the award for best website (it’s really crisp and easy to use) and best finishing (most eye-catching pic stitching and cleanest lapel buttonhole). They were also the only one to offer metal side adjusters on the trousers (which is a favorite move of mine), so extra points for that.


    Initial Fit – Out of the Box


    The Indochino garment was the fullest cut of the three, which caused it to drape the best and look the cleanest (hardly any pulling/wrinkling at all). As custom suiters often do with the first suit, it seems they played it safe and aimed toward the larger side (it’s much easier to take-in a garment than it is to let-out, and there’s much less risk of needing a re-make – I know that one from experience, unfortunately).

    Here are some of the areas where the fit could be improved:

    • The midsection was a little loose/boxy. Could take out an inch or two.
    • The biceps are a touch wide (notice how little “space” you can see between the jacket sides and sleeves).
    • Sleeves need to be shortened by 1/2″. It has working cuffs, but there is plenty of room before the buttonholes start.
    • I will most likely taper the pant from the knee down. Surprisingly (considering I chose “slim fit”) they came with 18″ leg openings (as compared to the Black Lapel which came at 16″ – closer to what I typically wear).


    Taper the jacket, taper the pants, and taper + shorten the sleeves. Good to go.

    Indochino also offers the $75 reimbursement for alterations after-the-fact. And of course, they have a money-back guarantee to make for a risk-free custom suit experience.



    Final Word

    While I’m not quite convinced that online made-t0-measure is the future of tailoring, it has certainly come a long way. I recommend it as a first choice for a suit if you:

    1. are a non-standard fit who can’t buy off-the-rack (and don’t want to drop $$$ on traditional bespoke)
    2. are looking for something unique or specific (like a 3-piece double-breasted suit with pleated pants, in a red windowpane fabric)
    3. are organizing a wedding party. It’s the best way to get guys of different shapes and sizes looking great in matching suits.

    My advice, whichever company you choose, is to work as closely with the staff as possible. Take advantage of the “special requests” sections to outline your problematic fit areas and share additional notes/pictures for reference. The more information they have about you/your body/your fit issues/your preferences/your expectations, the more likely they are to succeed in satisfying your tailoring needs.


    Do you have any experience with online Made-to-Measure suits? Please share your feedback in the comments below!


    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford.


    • Bruce I

      I am looking to give this a try. I am an athletic built 6’2″ 198-200 guy. I am 50 years old but am told I do not look it. I am in the high end hotel business, and want to look more current (many of my clients are 25-35). I see that the slim fit is what they all wear. I have already gone to the 2-button, flat front no cuffs look, but want to give the slimmer cut a go. Which of the three do you think would be my best bet?

    • Nathan Riden

      So part 2………..

    • ShaneO

      Have you ever tried EPH apparel ?, and does anyone on here know if they are fused or half canvass ??

    • Wil

      fter reading your review and many others, it just seems that when you are a reviewer you usually you get a great or half decent product from Indochino. I ordered a suit from them on Nov 30 and to make sure that it fit I went to the NYC showroom to be fitted.

      The experience was not horrible and I expected good things. But after checking the website for an update I realized that my suit was on hold because the sleeve was too short for my body type. This warning had been there for a week without anyone reaching out to me. When I called I offered to go into the showroom to be measured but they said it was not a problem. When a called a week later to complain what was taking so long, the response was you do not have to get the suit and you can have you money back. WOW. At this point, I would just wait to see what was going to happened.

      When the suit finally showed up (Jan 15th 6 1/2 weeks after the purchase), it was huge all over. The explanation was that the sizes that were sent were probably changed by the computer the company uses. So why even take them in the first place? A remake had to be made but instead of taking new measurements, the gentlemen at the showroom, used the ill-fitting suit as a template (he did take pictures) and just deducted from there. After checking the measurements that are online currently, they still seem to big compared to new measurements that I took on my own.

      It is now Feb 7 and no suit yet (11 weeks later). I did receive two free ties for my trouble when the remake was done but I just want my suit.

    • Kallan

      Amazing analysis to perfection on the black lapel suit.

    • Kallan

      You are as good as a tailor Dan. I am in the process of creating my own web site for tailoring. Would love to have your views to help me create my site. If you want to advice me or simply chat kindly email me on thanks

    • R Rivera

      Excellent review, thank you, love the shoes…..keep them coming.

    • Eric Lawton Forbes

      Hey Dan,
      Do you have any experience with combatant gentlemen? Your thoughts…

    • Emanuel

      I had no idea you were 6’2. I’m your height/size as well but I can never find any clothes that look nearly as cool as what you were in your photos. Please provide more advice and brand suggestions for us taller guys!

      By the way I’ve purchased indochino several times before and I routinely have a problem with the pant thigh being to tight and the bottoms glaring out like a bad pair of bell bottoms. For you athletic guys keep this in mind and add a 1/2 inch in the thigh

    • Steve

      I got an Indochino Charcoal Suit for a friend’s wedding and was very pleased with the quality and service. They sent me a coupon code to share with friends that gives you $50 off your first order (disclosure, if you buy with the code if gives me $50 credit, so a win-win I think). Here’s the link if anyone is interested:


    • Paddington


      I recently ordered one of IndoChino’s essential series suits. The jacket had shiny spots on the chest and tops of the arms. Did your IndoChino suit have this problem?

      When is Part II to this series coming?

    • orazor1324

      What an excellent resource. Thanks to the TSB men team and all of their extensive research, hard work, and, most of all, attention to detail. I’ve only found this blog today (as I am planning to purchase a custom-made suit), but will be returning in the future.

    • beardedman

      I’ve gotten two suits, MTM Chinos, a blazer and a number of shirts from Indochino and have been very happy with them. I’ve been a convert to online buying for years and when I decided it was time for some better clothes, I looked online. I liked what I read about the way Indochino treats their employees and gives them excellent working conditions. I’ve looked at BlackLapel and they look very good too but honestly I have no reason to switch as I’m very happy with Indochino. My first suit needed the sleeves shortened a quarter inch and that’s all. Love the feel of the super 140s charcoal microstripe. I’m a bigger guy and like a classic, not a slim fit. I like a low rise in my trousers and these guys did a perfect job there. Love that I can get shirts with a collar designed for a collar bar too.

    • Rob H

      Hi Dan, really good post, love your work! I wondered if you’d ever heard of or used I’ve got 3 suits from them and apparently they have won some ecommerce awards before. They’re a lot cheaper than the brands you mention here (e.g. around $300), but I’m assuming the quality takes a hit. I’d love it if you were able to comment at all. As I got a tailor-made suit produced when I was over in Vietnam recently, I’m a bit more familiar with what a decent suit should be like, but Nam is a long way to go for a suit so I’m wondering where the best value for money is on the internet (Nam’s a lot cheaper, but that’s to be expected!), and if I should move on from tailor4less or not… Obviously if the quality is no better at the ones you’ve mentioned here, then it’d be better not to move on!

    • Vidal

      Another great article Dan! And, one that struck a chord with me because the majority of my closet is composed of MTM suits I ordered online. I’ve tried three different sites, with differing levels of satisfaction and success. The one I have been most pleased with is . They don’t have a fancy graphic set up like some sites, so you can’t ‘see’ the garment as you input your selections, but the tailor has always been very prompt and thorough in communicating with me to ensure that I got just what I wanted. I don’t know a lot about the inner construction of a jacket, so I am looking forward to a future article you referenced in an earlier comment in which you will disassemble some of the online MTM pieces to see what they are really made of. I’m not sure what’s ‘under the hood’ of my MTM garments, but in reading your other recent article “10 Ways to spot a Cheap Suit”, none of them seem to describe what I’m wearing, so I feel pretty good about their construction. Anyway, I enjoyed this piece, as always!
      Thanks and keep the great content coming,

    • TO

      Pretty impressed with how all three suits turned out! In my opinion Knot Standard is the best looking suit of the three, despite that you mentioned Indochino had probably the best quality fabric. The Knot Standard has a nice rich pattern, sharp lapels and good overall structure. Disappointed it is a fused canvas, though!

      The Black Lapel suit looks great through the torso, you can tell it has a superior breast plate. Great to hear they pay attention to all those little details of quality buttons, etc. and the rubber waist band is an awesome plus in my mind. Seems like you would have to be very careful with your measurements with them however!

      I didn’t know/think about having the tailor let out the upper back, I am going to have to go back and consider this on a few jackets probably- if they have allowance there. It is an area that is a bit of an issue for me often.

      Pretty great to know that these places cover you for any minor alterations, the budget for which seems to be a non-issue in these examples. I can’t get over Indochino offering up a 9″ hem as “slim” (that’s insane!)

      • Darren Adams

        Just thought we’d throw in that any of the Knot Standard Classic suits can be upgraded to fully canvassed – the Madison and K lines come that way standard.

    • TO

      Absolutely wicked article, Dan! This is a valuable resource and was a great read and nice food for thought about the modern suiting landscape.

      Pretty impressed with how all three suits turned out! In my opinion, Knot Standard is the best looking suit of the three, despite that you mentioned Indochino had probably the best quality fabric. The Knot Standard has a nice rich pattern, sharp lapels and good overall structure. Disappointed it is a fused canvas, though!

      The Black Lapel suit looks great through the torso, you can tell it has a superior breast plate. I didn’t like the pattern as much as the Knot Standard suit, but I would love to see what other fabrics they carry as they seem to nail a lot of areas. Great to hear they pay attention to all those little details of quality buttons, etc. and the rubber waist band is an awesome plus in my mind. Seems like you would have to be very careful with your measurements with them however!

      I’m glad you mentioned it, didn’t know/think about having the tailor let out the upper back, I am going to have to go back and consider this on a few jackets probably- if they have allowance there. It is an area that is a bit of an issue for me often.

      Pretty great to know that these places cover you for any minor alterations, the budget for which seems to be a non-issue in these examples. I can’t get over Indochino offering up a 9″ hem as “slim” (that’s insane!).

    • Jack the lad

      As mentioned already, it would be great to see a similar review of Suit supply’s MTM program, but also of Kent Wang as both are roughly around the same price point as Black lapel et al.

    • Unseen Flirtations

      Thanks for this. Informed, informative and information…al… ist… ic…?

      Great post.

    • Adam

      I think this is an awesome post, since the MTM emergence fills the niche between OTR and true-bespoke work, likely as a result of guys being more into fashion and fit, but with the current economic situation procluding the bespoke option for a lot of guys, the MTM becomes the next best thing. When I went MTM, I took a bit of a risk, going by gut impression, since I looked at a lot of options, but nobody that I had talked to directly had tried any of the services, so a good review is awesome (since let’s be honest, if you read forums on-line people either love or hate what they got from their MTM, the haters will never go back, and the lovers stay loyal to where they ordered their suit, so you don’t have a lot of good comparisons where someone has ordered a suit from multiple MTM sites).

      I would also say that the other plus with MTM is that they are on par with the costs of OTR, If you figure for the fabric and construction of something you pay $500 for MTM you’re probably looking at roughly $400-$450 OTR, then you factor in tailoring costs at roughly $100 (looking at the per suit average I’ve spent on tailoring on OTR), you’re looking at similar prices or slight savings with MTM (assuming that the minimal alterations for the MTM would be recovered through their alterations program, which with most sites is possible).

    • Gazman

      Eighteen month’s ago I ordered a sports jacket from Indochino. The jacket that arrived (in reasonable time) was far too big around the stomach. I asked for a remake and got it. Their second attempt was still a bit too wide so I used their alteration guarantee and had a tailor bring it in a notch, after which it fitted very well. But after just 3-4 wears, a split appeared under the arms, which was easily repaired, but did make me wonder as to the construction quality. Overall I like the jacket. The fabric has a good feel about it and the fit, after the alteration, is pretty good. If I have a gripe it has to do with the style. The button stance is a tad too high and the armholes too low. I wrote to them about these issues and they said they’d gladly address them in my next jacket. Their customer service was spot on. My request for a remake was acted upon immediately with little trouble. I would definitely use them again. I’ve also read nothing but positive reviews on Black Lapel and plan to use them, too.

    • James

      Excellent post. I used to work in MTM so I know how tricky it can be. Dan do you think the results were good due to your experience in the game? As if someone without your know how would struggle with this I would have thought?

    • Ty.

      You look way better with a beard, sorry dan that’s an awful mustache.

    • Eric

      A great online MTM to check out is Kent Wang. A couple of your guest features were sporting MTM Kent Wang suits. Considering that they start under $800 for a fully canvassed suit with a multitude of options & you get to try on their OTR suits to have a better idea of how to alter the suit, it’s a great choice.

    • Alex Crawford

      I’m not exactly sure what I just watched, but homeboy was killing it in that grey bottom button DB.

    • Desmond

      Sensational article – many thanks!

    • d4nimal

      Awesome post – especially so since I’m having a tuxedo made for my wedding later this year. Something to keep in mind also about Black Lapel is that they will try to do most anything you want to change. Many guys have had formal (low cut) waistcoats made as well as special double breasted models, I’m pretty sure you can do side adjusters, and there is an option I believe to make it fully canvassed for ~$200 more. I don’t like the flow and width of their standard shawl collar, and they will make me what I want as long as I give them good example pics to send to their team. That is significantly more customization than I’ve been able to find at other MTM labels I’ve queried (though they are not able to change the build of the shoulder at this time i.e. roped shoulder, etc.)

      Interestingly enough, I agree about their slim fit. Their slim fit models look like their suits are body painted on to me. I’ve found the tailored examples in the wild to be more in line with what I consider “slim fit,” and will likely be getting that.

      Love this article. So helpful and wish I had it a month ago when I started looking.

    • Jaws

      Good post and jacket fit on the Knot Standard. Was there any measurements you weren’t able to customize on that?

      • Dan Trepanier

        As with all of the online MTM, it’s not fully custom. It’s more “multiple choice” style selection, and automated allowance building. I couldn’t chose things like exact lapel width and button stance height, for example.

        I didn’t dig into measurements or customization options with this review, because all this information is available on their website(s).


      • Darren Adams

        Jaws – like Dan said, be sure to talk to a Bespoke Advisor at Knot Standard. We’d be happy to customize just about anything for you – we lock down the options because it tends to intimidate a lot of people. You can also stop by any showroom (NYC, DC, Dallas, Dubai, New Zealand) and go nuts with additional fabrics.

        (Full Disclosure: I’m a Bespoke Advisor myself, just thought I’d pitch in and help answer questions!)

    • Dave Coakley

      Dan….what has your experience been with ordering custom shirts off the internet? I have a very thick neck (I lift weights) and I find it very hard to find a shirt that fits on the collar, without it being massive in the body, and far too baggy.

      • Dan Trepanier

        We have a “Online Custom Shirt Review” coming soon, but it sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for MTM shirts…

    • John B

      I’d like to know what made you choose notch lapels on suit #2.
      Staying tuned for part two, since I’m already about to give Suitsupply a try (OTR though). Would like to try MTM at some point, but I’m a bit afraid (of screwing up the measurements) fro now!

    • wistfulwriter

      Dan’s results look rather spectacular given the price point. I believe that his body is less problematic than others might be though: he is neither unusually skinny nor particularly voluminous. For oddly shaped men, I believe that they would do well to visit a bespoke tailor in person. Unless, of course, there any such gentlemen who would like to offer their experiences at these online MTM shops.

    • John

      Dan, I see you are wearing a Proper Cloth dress shirt. Any word on their fabric/fit/construction?

      • Dan Trepanier

        Custom shirt review coming soon :)

    • Rory

      Dan that tache made me think of only one thing – Swiss Tony

    • Rocknrope

      Great post! I would definitely like to see a “Round 2” with SuitSupply and Dragon Inside included!

      • Dan Trepanier

        There’s a Part II in the works…

        • Brock

          Would love to see Dragon Inside as well. I think they’re going to blow past many of the up-and-coming MTMs out there.

    • Tom

      Great post Dan!
      Do you have nay input/opinion with regards to how these online retailing suits compare to those from SuitSupply. I’d be curious to hear what you have to say on the matter since they seem to be in the same price bracket!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Part II coming soon.

    • GaryA

      Immediately one of the more important articles on this website. Well done!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thx Gary

    • Steve

      I had a suit made by Indochino last year when they were at Grand Central Station in NYC, this was my first experience with made-to-measure suits. Overall I am happy with the suit but I do agree with you Dan about the below the knee taper on the pants, like you I would have wanted a more tapered fit. I don’t know if you visited their set up at Grand Central Station last year Dan but the lighting was horrible and it was difficult to see the correct color of the fabric that I was choosing for my suit.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Good news is, tapering a pant is easy. I never made it to the Grand Central location.

        Thanks for sharing mate.

    • Juan

      Great post, I agree with Cam in that these articles are what keep you at the top!

      Any word on Indochino’s construction though? How much fusible and how much canvas are we talking about? I’m pretty much set on SuitSupply+alterations (their own tailoring prices are even cheaper than most tailors, at least here in Italy), but I’m curious. At $649, at the very least, I expect a padded lapel construction.

      • Dan Trepanier

        As Part II, or Part III, of this series I will be manually de-assembling the suits and taking a look under the hood… Stay tuned.

        • Juan

          Can’t wait. #menswear101

        • khordkutta

          Dan, I can only imagine what your ten year plan looks like. GOD Bless and Good Luck. Youre on some next level ish right now. Keep puttin in that work.

    • tommyjohn_45

      What a fantastic article. Truly appreciate you taking the time to review these for us.

    • Miguel

      A great article Dan, looking at your pictures gives us a clearer idea of what is a right fit, recently I’ve brought most of the my blazers and pants to my tailor, he knows the right measures and it has brought back to like some of blazer that were too big, thank you.

      I haven’t purchased a made-to-measure suit since it’s out of my budget but it’s good to know this websites offer this solutions in case you need it.

      • Dan Trepanier

        No worries. With the right eye/knowledge and alterations, second-hand jackets can fit like MTM.

    • Adrian B

      Awesome piece and great insight for those looking to step past OTR. However, I believe it is unfortunate that Thick As Thieves LA was overlooked for this piece. I understand that the three listed here are more popular and that TaT is limiting to folks over a 42 chest. However at just over $500, they offer many great fabric choices (including VBC) ranging from s100-s170s, amazing attention to pattern matching details, and most importantly, fully canvass at this price point. To date, I have purchased five suits from Jason and despite the un appealing website layout, I am more than happy with each suit. Do not judge this book by it’s cover ! The quality craftsmanship is 100% there.

      • Kais

        At university, my best friend, a law student, was looking for a decent-priced suit for job interviews. He is skinny (6 feet but with a 35 inch chest) and anything we found off-the-rack utterly drowned him in fabric, so it had to be bespoke – but at a reasonable price.

        I’d done some research and Thick of Thieves LA had some glowing recommendations so I measured him up and we made the order. Turnaround time was about 3 months; craftsmanship was excellent – I was especially impressed with how well the sleeve “pitched” at the shoulder seam (a common problem with MTM suits).

        He ended up buying a couple more from them for his wedding/work at a law firm and he has no complaints whatsoever.

        • Adrian B

          Glad to hear it work out for your buddy. TaT turn around is about a month for me (in the States, you said university, so it makes me think you are an international cat lol). I will always recommend Jason’s work to those looking for a suit given the $500 price point. Only down fall is no alteration credits. However the minor adjustment I needed on my first suit has been noted and the following 4 came out perfect out of the box…after some steaming of course.

        • Dan Trepanier

          Did you say 3 months?

          • Kais

            Sorry, I meant 2 months – must have accidentally hit the wrong key. It was 4 weeks plus about 10 days to ship to Calgary.

            • Kais

              Which, obviously, is about a month and a half lol. Apologies for the awful math!

              • Dan Trepanier

                What’s going on with the Math programs up north? :)

                • Kais

                  This frigid winter has made me innumerate, apparently ;-)

      • Alex Crawford

        It seems like Thick as Thieves LA, Dragon Inside, and Suit Supply are being mentioned a lot in the comments. Maybe we’ll do a part two with those three brands. Although, I don’t know if we could really include Suit Supply as they are OTR not MTM.

        • Adrian B

          Hey man…if you are ever looking for an idea for another feature with TaT present, holla at me Alex ;)

        • Juan

          That’d be great Alex! Big fan of SuitSupply, and even though they are known for being an OTR brand, they do offer a MTM service (not online, though).

          Not sure about prices in US dollars, but over here they start at €379 for their Blue Line and at €469 for their Suit Up Line.

          Also, their in-store tailors will do wonders on their OTR suits, and the alterations cost less than the average tailor.

        • Dan Trepanier

          This guy’s got all kinds of good ideas.

        • Brian Stone

          I know this thread is old but I’d love to see a Part 2. I’m particularly interested in Dragon Inside as they offer English and Italian fabrics. See? I’ve learned something here.

          I’m happy to be a “regular guy” guinea pig.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Their website, and the styling/modeling on their website, caused me to overlook them… I see you looking fresh in a couple suits in their “lookbook” section though… Got some friends in the biz AB?

        • Adrian B

          Oh, you flatter me. I can completely understand the oversight though. I accepted the risk after seeing a friend’s results and I very much enjoy their work. That is until I can afford to go full on bespoke. As for the biz, I got y’all TSB cats my homies lol

    • Shawn

      I’ll be damned, the 3 are actually not so bad fitting at all (for the price and being made according to data provided by users)! Browsing the Style Forum thread dedicated to Indochino, I’ve read some pretty horrific stories (then again, it could 100% be users measurement error) so I wasn’t expecting much. I know that you’re used to rock some bespoke suits made with top-of-the-mill fabrics, so it won’t have the same feeling, obviously, but for someone who hasn’t seen or worn any better, it think it’s not a bad idea (granted they provide accurate measurements!). Thanks a lot Dan for this article, I think it will provide a lot of insights for newcomers in this game (anyway, I think anything is better than what’s offered at the Men Warehouse (Moores in Canada) for those who don’t have better stores in their area!).

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Canadian Shawn!

    • AK

      Definitely a fantastic and useful post. Thanks again, TSB!

    • Adam

      I had looked at Indochino for a MTM suit, but I ended up opting for EPH Apparel from Winnipeg. They are a hybrid travelling tailor/on-line MTM (with a brick and mortar location in winterpeg…). I came across them at a wedding show, I grabbed their flyer and then looked at their website when I got home. They have a variety of fabrics (of various materials) and fits on-line and drastically more options if you go to one of their fittings. I ended up going back and having their tailor do my measurements, but placing the order on-line (they have you tube videos for home measuring, and will mail you a tailor’s tape). I opted for a grey super 130s wool 3 piece suit. They offer a lot of customization options (ticket pockets, pick stitching, functional cuffs &/or buttoniere, vent options, etc.), and from order to deliver was 20 days (standard is 4 weeks at no charge, I payed the extra for the 3 week turn around, since I had an event to attend where I planned to wear the suit).

      I’m very happy with the product, it fit quite well out of the box (I’ve worn it several times and have yet to take it to the tailor, the only alteration I might make would be to have the jacket taken in by 3/4″ or so), and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments every time I’ve worn it. I opted for their “modern fit”, so it’s slim but not skinny. Their customer service has been excellent (in person, phone and e-mail), and I would definitely consider ordering from them again. The material has a good feel and a good drape. It feels light and breathes well, but I’ve worn it outside in extreme cold and haven’t frozen (obviously had an overcoat, but my barometer is whether I feel the bite of the wind through my trousers, and they fared well).

      Before I order from them again, I would tweak my measurement profile slightly so that the jacket is brought in a smidge, and shortened by 1/2″ or so (I tend to favor slightly shorter jackets), but otherwise, everything was spot on out of the box.

      The one suggestion I gave them was to work on being able to offer an unlined blazer (since I asked about it, but at current, they are unable to offer it), I have no complaints about the breathability of the suit, but being a bit of a furnace, I tend to heat up and sweat a lot, so an unlined option would be great for summer suiting. the next time I order from them I will likely attend one of their in person fittings, not to be re-measured, but to take advantage of the wider selection of fabrics, since their web options are more limited.

      • Alex Crawford

        Great comment, thanks for sharing your experience.

        • Adam

          Thanks, I should also mention, that the total damage was around $500 CDN for the 3 piece MTM Super 110’s wool suit, taxes and shipping included (with the extra express shipping cost in there as well). They do shirts and accessories as well at EPH, and have package discounts (if you get a suit and shirt or multiple shirts and accessories). I didn’t get a shirt with my order, but would consider it in the future (since I struggle with arm length on OTR shirts, I find that with a lot of brands ones that fit the body well are often 1/2″ short on sleeve length, and ones that get the arm right, are loose in the torso). I didn’t order any accessories either, because I am very tie and tie-bar picky (for ties I’m very specific with widths that I wear, and even the slope to obtain that width… and for tie bars, I like them short, because I favor slim but not skinny ties), and thus hate buying on line since I can’t make sure everything is just right

      • Bart Rudolph

        EPH Apparel fit is terrible. There is no such thing as a made to measure in this world where you don’t do a proper fitting afterwards.

    • cam

      All I can is wow. This is that shit right here that keeps you at the top in the game. As a reference, and out of simple curiousity, can you link what you feel is your best fitting single breasted suit? Thanks Dan!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Hard to say. I have many suits from the same pattern, with minor tweaks here and there (chasing perfection). This is one of my favs, but probably more because of the hopsack fabric than anything else:

        Fabric density plays a very important roll in fit.

        • JoeFromTexas

          Quite a bit off topic, but what kind of buttons are those on the suit you linked to (the navy hopsack)? Are they metal, gunmetal? Also, do you happen to know of a good online source to find buttons (I’ve been looking for some gunmetal-like buttons for a while).

          • Dan Trepanier

            Yup, gunmetal. Have you checked your local fabric/trims shop? Buying buttons in person is better so you can get an idea of size, width, color, shape, weight, etc, etc. Most decent fabric shops have a wide selection.


            • JoeFromTexas

              I live in a small town. I checked, but there’s not much to check. I’ll look next time I stop in Houston. Thanks.

    • Sergio Arteaga

      In regards to Indochino always send a picture with your order of a properly fitting suit you already have, if you have one, it helps tremendously. Dragon inside I would suggest as a site to review as they are Indochino’s direct competitor and provide quite a bit of information on the fabrics used.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Perhaps we’ll get Dragon Inside involved with our next review… Thanks Serg

    • Daniel

      Best thing about this post: those crocodile lace-ups in the first post. Wow!

      • Dan Trepanier

        You got some high-end taste, Daniel.

        • Sergio Arteaga

          Maybe my next feature should show a slimmer me in a pair of python austerity brogues ;-)