Garment Doctor: How a Tailor Fixes a Collar Roll

January 6th, 2014

Ever wonder what causes that curl below the collar on your suit jackets/blazers? It’s called a collar roll and it’s directly related to your shoulder slope (or lack thereof).

If this is happening to you, you probably have square shoulders (the opposite of sloping) and are wearing jackets that are cut for sloped shoulders (the average off-the-rack jacket is cut for men with average slopes). I have slightly square shoulders myself (left slightly more square than right) and often have a collar roll issue with off-the-rack jackets. It’s one of the reasons I originally started getting bespoke suits (of course, I also wanted to customize all the details…and I had basketball thighs that were blowing out the Dior & RL Black Label suit pants that I was scoring on eBay at the time).

Some people think the collar roll is caused by tightness through the shoulders/blades, which can cause “rippling” across the upper back (as well as divots at the top of the sleeves under the shoulder pads). While this can certainly make the issue worse, the foundation of the problem comes down to incongruous shoulder slopes. Rarely a collar roll can also be caused, or accentuated, by a short neck (when the back strap on the jacket is a little too long, causing some extra fabric to “pool” under the collar which is being pushed down).

The only thing I’m doing in the picture(s) below is lifting (or “squaring”) my shoulders by probably a half inch. Notice the collar roll this creates on the jacket:


Can a tailor fix this?

Yes. If he’s a good tailor who’s willing to remove the collar and recut the neckhole and front and back panels. As we’ve said many times throughout our posts on tailoring, any work involving the shoulders will be difficult and expensive. My advice is to try-on as many jackets as possible to find a brand/cut that looks as clean as possible through the shoulders, collar and upper back. If your shoulders are very square, or very sloped, or very uneven, going custom might be worth the expense to finally have a jacket that is properly adjusted for your frame. Fit is the most important element of a jacket and it all starts with the shoulders.

The photo below shows how a jacket (and shirt collar) should fit. Notice the clean drape of the windowpane fabric, with no breaking or obvious wrinkling. Of course, this can only be achieved at a resting state. Once you start moving around all bets are off (with that said, there should be enough room for the jacket to fall back into place once you stop moving and return to a resting state – if it’s getting caught up on your body, it’s probably a little too slim).


Hope this helps answer some questions.

Thanks, as always, for reading. If you have any questions about our online custom menswear, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to serving as your personal tailor and stylist. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Drew

    Dan, I’m particularly interested in this topic, because I have VERY square and very broad shoulders. Even my MTM jackets still exhibit collar roll (obviously because a pattern was altered, not created for me). The other problem I have is that my chest is somewhat prominent, so lapels never lie flat and usually pop just a bit.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to talk to my tailor about this issue, as I haven’t been able to correct it yet.


  • Wes

    In regards to previous post, obviously cost is part of the equation as well

  • Wes

    Dan, what tailor is good in the city to fix this? Would the tailoring room be good for this or do you suggest someone else? Thanks!

  • Gabe Steele

    What are some considerations for online tailors?

  • Marcus


    I have basketball thighs and always blow out my wool suit trousers.. have been looking to a solution to this for a long time. Could I know how you solved it? Many thanks.


  • cam

    special thanks to tsb team for their continued inspiration…received my first order of custom shirts today #gamechanger

  • Shawn

    One of my biggest problems with OTR suits.

  • BougieHippie

    Always brilliant/helpful styling tips!!! thanks!!!

  • Patrick

    Yes, I’ve had tailors tell me that it was because the jacket was too tight, and I knew it wasn’t the cause. Aside from the roll on the neck, shortening the jacket collar also ensures that enough of the shirt collar is exposed in the back.

  • Brady P

    I also have particularly square shoulders and the collar roll is my biggest problem with OTR jackets. I have found that the Ludlow cut at Jcrew works well for my frame. Just my 2cents

  • Alex

    Great insights and tips!

  • TO

    Makes perfect sense! Never knew that was the root cause. Thanks Dan!