WIWT: Fall Layering

November 21st, 2013

Articles of Style rule #1: Always bring your A game.

Vote for your favorite outfit using the poll at the end of the post, and tell us why in the comments!

    1. Wes


    Photography shot with the Canon EOS 70D digital SLR camera, with Dual Pixel AF technology and built-in Wi-Fi

    “Speaking of moleskin – these slim cargos are one of my favorite heavyweight pants. They’re soft to the touch but very durable. They also fit immaculately, thanks to you know who.”


    “If you ever run into me around NYC, you’ll most definitely find me wearing something from one of my favorite vintage shops…

    I’ve had this shawl cardigan for years, it’s one of the warmest knits I own.”


    “I’m giving my go-to Weejuns a break and wearing these handmade loafers by Ralph Lauren. The difference is amazing…I could wear these every day.

    The photo doesn’t really do them justice, the burnished tan color is very rich in person.”


    2. Dan


    Sticking with the Black & Brown theme for a poolside party in Beverly Hills.

    A slim black suit is a wardrobe essential. I find myself wearing this mohair version a lot in LA, often with just a simple t-shirt.

    Speaking of t-shirts, here’s one of my secrets: I stretch the hell out of the neckline so it dips lower and drapes imperfectly. I hate tees with tight, high-rise necklines.


    Light brown loafers can instantly add a daytime-friendly element to a black suit.

    This is how a grown man wears “crocs“.


    3. Alex


    Jenilee gifted me these amazing super-thick canvas pants by Taylor Stitch over the summer. I’ve already put them through hell and they’re holding up amazingly.”


    “Yes, I am attempting to grow out my mustache for Movember. Yes, this is actually what my mustache looks like after almost 20 days of not shaving. Yes, I realize this is a horrible idea and that I am a man-child.”



    4. Towni


    Speaking of makeshift 3-piece suits, Towni layers a rustic cardigan under a sharply-cut grey suit.


    Some subtle pattern-mixing with some clever touches of burgundy all around.


    Towni likes his classic menswear pieces broken-in and a little beat up, like these oxblood loafers that he’s been wearing since we met him.




    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford & Westley Dimagiba

    • Bob

      Towni’s Ludlow pants don’t look very Ludlow. I thought that line tapers quite a bit more than shown.

    • http://stylishbefore40.blogspot.com Michal

      Dan , do you have any friends from Columbia in Miami?

    • John B

      Voted for Wes, but Dan was pretty close!

    • Gio


      When it comes to suiting, have you regretted buying a bulk bespoke wardrobe at a young age? Given that you may outgrow or develop tastes much different?

      • Marcus

        Shouldn’t you be asking him this 10 – 20 years from now ?

    • Marty

      Because I wore something like this yesterday. Sorry Dan, but not a fan of the V neck. I don’t think it’s that good of look on you. I am too tall and old I guess, but I just don’t see the appeal of the no break (high waters in my day).

      Glad you guys can pull it off, but I don’t think it is a look that most people can.

    • anon

      Wow. That might be the worst thing Dan has ever worn, and that’s saying a lot.

    • Aziz

      DAN u killed it, simple but significant!
      im definitely stealing that look ;)!

    • Steve

      Wes does it every time, he’s class all the way (and I’m not saying it just because we have the same Filson bag)!

    • http://derbyparkour.co.uk James Wong

      I’m actually wearing Wes’ outfit today by shear conincidence, I’m obviously on this site way too much…

    • http://undefined Nate

      This is how well Wes’s outfit is put together – I don’t normally like either cargos or quilted jacket, but he just straight kills it today! That cardigan especially….jeez…. You are the Thrift King. All hail.

      Beautiful suit though Towni.

      And you boys had best listen up – Alex is coming for you!


      PS Alex, brave effort on the mo. You are to be applauded for trying!

    • http://www.techmorobo.com Chris

      stealing wes’ whole look

    • SL

      I honestly thought you had a hole in your pants from that pic Dan haha, but then I realized it was just the sun.

      Great looks all around, had to give it to Towni though (his pants look a little looser than usual though)

      • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that, but I thought his pants were bleached and he was trying something new.

        Also agreed with your Towni comment. I was thinking, “Either those pants are looser than usual or he’s been eating mighty well lately”.

    • Drew

      This is a rare occasion in which Dan doesn’t win by a landslide. He still wins obviously. But Wes is close

    • Luke

      Wes this time, loving that cardigan in particular. Would have voted for Towni though had the trousers been slimmer, I thought the top half was immaculately put together. Great looks all round however guys

    • http://anorexicescapades.com BougieHippie

      Wes I believe in you! Towni almost took this win from you. Very fresh for Towni, good job!

      Wes keep bringing the stellar ensembles!


    • cam

      Everyone looking solid today. Missing the old video content guys ;) and any update on the kickstarter program from awhile back?

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Hey Cam!

        We’re working on a whole new video series with a production company here in LA, as well as a potential TV show concept…but that’s a while out.

        Re: Indiegogo campaign. We are moving forward with the Style Guide as part of our new website design that we are working on currently. The new site is going to be AMAZING. A whole new era for TSB. We also just received the ties and pocket squares that we designed as rewards for our campaign contributors – those will be sent out in the next couple weeks!

        Thanks for your continued support Cam.


        • cam

          thanks for the update. this is all very exciting news and well deserved for you, alex, towni and wes.

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      I would have to say Wes edged it out for me. His outfit’s sublte color palette did it (Towni’s was REALLY close) and his chunky cardi helped.

      As for Alex’s mustache, November’s going to be over by the time it grows thicker lol. He and I have the same problem with growing facial hair. Mine grows very slowly and in patches lol but keep it growing Alex, looks good on u.

      Dan, in stretching your V-neck’s neckline, how sure are you when you did so the 1st time? It looks great and I’ve done this in the past but is there an art to it or just tug until it stretches? I’m always afraid it’s going to turn out looking like I’ve been sleeping with it on.

      Thanks guys for the great posts!

    • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

      Wow, Wes is rocking pretty much my entire shopping wish-list, haha, love it. How warm is that quilted jacket? I’m on the hunt for some semi-casual outerwear that will keep me warm here in Chicago, but I hate bulky down parkas, etc. I absolutely love the quilted jacket look, but I’m just not sure how well it will keep me warm. Enough for freezing weather if I throw an extra insulating layer or two underneath?

    • Drew

      Can’t believe how big Wes won! I voted for Wes, but it was really hard for me to decide this time!

    • El Zilcho

      I don’t get cargos, man. They are useless and ugly unless I’m out fishing, hunting, or camping. Having some extra pockets out there is nice, but in the city it just looks terrible.

      • Drew

        Disagreed, man. I love the cargo look.

      • Jimi Brady

        Also disagreed – that’s like saying that jackets with more than three pockets are useless and ugly.

    • http://undefined AJ

      Dan/rest of team TSB:
      I’d love to hear your suggestion(s) for one type of slim black suit (wool, cotton, linen, mohair, peak/notch) for someone living in New England.

      Love the site!

    • Chris

      Wes has this one