The Freshest Student on Campus feat. Austin Gottron

November 2nd, 2013

We had a long conversation about Austin Gottron the other day…

My man submitted some killer looks for the October giveaway. So killer, in fact, that as a team we decided not to allow him to participate in the contest (since he already won our March Giveaway). For October Austin submitted the first two looks below; wearing the tortoise shades by Matsuda, the loafers by Johnston & Murphy and the leather folio by Holdall that he won back in March.

The best part is, he does it all on a student’s budget – proving that you don’t need a lot of money to have great style.

So this is a shout-out to you Austin. Thank you for your awesome entries. We’re debating whether or not we will allow our 2013 winners to enter out contests in 2014… Stay tuned for more on that.

“I’m a junior at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI studying clinical exercise science in hopes of getting my PhD in Physical Therapy. I work at Banana Republic and at a local PT clinic in Grand Rapids…  My style is influenced by my love of both the Americana/Prep look as well as the British/London tailored look… I keep my eye on fashion but it can come and go every ten minutes, style is eternal and underrated and that’s what I enjoy.”





Thanks for reading. Austin: keep doing your thing young man!

Yours in style,

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  • Peter

    The hat he is wearing is a Stewart James x Ebbets Field Flannels. You can see more @

  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    First 3 pics: awesome bro! (Outfit 4: dork-city). You could definitely model for any of those companies you’re wearing. In fact… you should start applying now, unless you want to be in the blast radius of senior-citizen farts all day in a P.T. clinic.

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Look #1…..MAN!

  • LouCaves

    “… fashion but it can come and go every ten minutes, style is eternal and underrated…” I agree.

    Plus, this statement supports the fact that I was FINALLY able to get a canary yellow cardigan from my late-grandfather’s closet yesterday. It. Looks. Awesome.

    Rest in peace, Abuelo.

    Thanks, Austin, TSB.

  • Khalid

    Nice looks all around!

    Austin, did you have any tailoring done on these pieces? Specifically the blazers? Thanks!

    • Austin G

      None. Thanks for inquiry.

  • Jimi Brady

    Austin appears to be about the same height and build as me, so it’s great to see the types of looks he can pull off with tailored clothing. Often I’ll try on clothing or order clothing only to find out that it swallows me whole. I appreciate that TSBmen features guys of all heights, shapes, and sizes.

  • J Fig

    Great solid pieces!! Very classic modern-day fits! Tailored, refined, polished looks.

    smart choices and glad to see that it is all on a “starving student” budget. Style does not have to be expensive and my dude right here proves it.

  • Chris

    Look 2 is by far the best. Loving that one.

  • BougieHippie

    These are some good solid looks! Except for the Sperry’s, Sperry’s are like the Subaru of shoes. Who actually go into a dealership and say I WANT A SUBARU?! Sperry’s are awful but not his hair and wardrobe. Good job guy!

  • Nick McCann


  • lol

    Jumbled mess of items. No wonder Dan and co. we’re crazy about this clown.

    • Michael

      Please elaborate on your statement, “Jumbled mess of items”.

  • John B

    I’m still on the fence about the layered sockless look, but the other looks are definitely good. Great job. There was a feature about him on GQ Eye a couple of days ago too!

  • Brady P

    Very cool to see the winners showing off their prizes. Nice idea for some future posts. That second look is solid, love the loafers w/ the light denim! Well done Austin

  • AM

    He is an excellent example for me. It looks tidy, elegant and uncluttered. That’s what I look every day when I dress, to look good without looking like a fashion model. I’d like to see more pictures of Austin, I want to see the way he wears suits.

    Congratulations, good to know that some people have the same intention as me and that is successful in this task.

    • Austin G

      Right on, thanks brother!

      • Evan G.

        hey im wondering where i can find that red jacket from banana republic because its not on their website any more. Im looking for a cool golf jacket for the spring. Or if you have any other ideas for places to look.