October Menswear Giveaway: Top 10

October 28th, 2013

We had a record number of entries to the Articles of Style October Giveaway! It wasn’t easy, but we narrowed them down to our Top 10.

Now it’s time to VOTE for your favorite outfit using the poll at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind you can only vote one time.

Voting ends October 3oth at 11:59pm. One winner will be announced and contacted on October 31st.

Best of luck to all you stylish gents, one of you will be receiving a very nice prize package:


1. “Havana Grey Check” flannel sport coat by Suit Supply

2. Handmade acetate/titaniun sunglasses by Matsuda Eyewear

3. Shrunken leather card wallet by Frank Clegg x Dan Trepanier

4. “The Henley” slim jean in Resin Rinse by Baldwin Denim

5. “Dalton” wingtip leather dress boots by Allen Edmonds

6. Blackwatch tartan wool/angora scarf by Sir Jack’s

+ A chance to be featured in a post on Articles of Style.com!


1. Abbas S.


Washington, DC, USA

2. Khanh N.


Sacramento, Ca, USA

3. Joseph K.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

4. Simon A.


Cardiff, Wales, United kingdom

5. Jesse P.

IMG_8861 (2)

Dallas, TX, USA

6. Jireh L.


Chicago, Illinois, USA

7. Christian D.


San Pedro, CA, USA

8. Ryan B.


San Francisco, CA, USA

9. Philip A.

image copy 2

Houston, TX, USA

10. Esosa I.





Thanks for reading, and special thanks to all those who entered the contest. GOOD LUCK GENTS!


Yours in style,

Articles of Style

  • dalton graham

    Is there any way you know where that sweater came from in number 3? It’s so nice!

  • Mitchell

    This photo of Jessie P. looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.

  • Saint

    I’d say it comes down to either Joseph or Khanh. Very well put together. Not to mention the rest of the outfits just don’t seem as interesting to me as theirs. The other guys’s outfits are nice but they’re nothing new.

  • Nathan

    Def. #3

  • GPayton

    Man, I was really impressed with this months entries. It was tough to make a choice this go around, but for me it came down to Ryan and Phillip. I think both looks were awesome, but I gave the edge to Ryan. The primary reason is because of the ambiance he chose for his photo. His ensemble is complimented by the background(Looks like a scene from Boardwalk Empire). Plus there was a bit of old with the new with the socks. However, the oxblood, shawl lapel dinner jacket and opera pumps by Phillip was boss. If it were in a different setting the scales would’ve tipped the other way. Great job Gents!!!

  • Jimi Brady

    This the best turnout yet, I think. I actually had a tough time choosing, but I went with Jesse. I’d love to know where he got the hat and the anorak (he said he thrifted it, but is there a label?).

    Every outfit is genuinely great, though.

  • 510

    A lot of Cali folks. #westcoast. Some nice pieces this month

  • Gazman

    Voted for #5 Jesse and was surprised to see him leading this far. Apart from the cool casual outfit, the photo is truly outstanding. He looks very comfortable in his clothes, as if he wears it on a regular basis and not just to have a photo taken to enter a competition. They all look good though.

  • Brendan

    Joseph Knowles! Great style! Wow those shoes are on point!

    • Joseph

      Thanks alot man :) the boots are my pride and joy right now haha absolutely love them

      • Roy


        What boots are those exactly? You inspired me to purchase a pair!

  • Levi G

    Voting for Jesse because I think his last name might be Pinkman.

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      I thought he resembled Johnny Depp a little O__o

  • Joe

    This was a real hard one… Great looks all over the place.

    Abbas – Never seen white jeans so classy
    Khanh – really like the classy DB and rugged details, very cool
    Joseph – I would love to have that cardigan (and live in Vancouver, great city)
    Simon – Fly suit with mad scientist glasses…
    Jesse P – Great fit and details, rain is no excuse for not stepping out fly. Also Texas
    Jireh – This is the first time I’ve seen the 4×1 DB look good, and you make it look so casual
    Christian – I really, really want that cardigan.
    Ryan – I really dig the color on that suit, and the details and fit look great
    Philip – Maroon Evening Wear! I never would have thought of that, but man it looks fly as all get out, also I’m pretty sure I used to live in those apartments (I’m also pretty sure 90% of apartments in Houston look just like that)
    Esosa – The perfect suit and perfect fit, I wouldn’t change a millimeter.

    Could have gone to most of you, but came down to Jesse and Phillip, and Philip in H-Town edged it out.

    • Ryan

      Thanks Joe, appreciate the feedback! Kudos to Suit Supply for making a suit that truly fits right off the rack.

  • josh cassano

    i think that its funny that all these looks are very common in milan or even less stylish than in milan. Im here for the weekend and these feel under whelming

  • Chris

    I voted for Jesse. A great outfit for a rainy day, especialy that parka is awesome, where did you get that from?

    • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

      I actually thrifted it a couple of years ago. I don’t really have many opportunities to wear it here in Texas. Thanks for your vote, Chris!

  • Sebastian

    Abbas .. It’s not really close. Most fits look forced and unoriginal. Abbas looks comfortable. Easy win

    • Abbas S.

      Thanks for the vote!

  • Ancient Adage

    Yesterday’s tie bar is today’s lapel pin.

  • LouCaves

    Christian D. has my vote.

    That sweater made me say “nice” out loud.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Thanks, TSB.

  • Jesse

    7. Christian

  • http://undefined Rob —

    Nice job to the finalists, but I do have a question.

    Is there a reason why the TSB team doesn’t provide reasons for why finalists were selected? Honestly, it feels like the selections were rather homogenous. I love this site and what it offers, but the #menswear cliches are starting to peak at an all-time high, especially in this contest.

    Dan, Towni, Wes (and the others), I’m not sure others argee with me in my sentiment, but it feels like if contestants aren’t wearing a DB suit, dub monks, or super-tapered pants with a close-crop hem and no socks… they aren’t getting selected. I don’t mean that every contestant in these contests exhibit all of these #menswearisms, but a great deal do. Some of this stuff, while admittedly stylish, does look “menswear costumish,” at times. Where are the REAL people, who exude style with more everyday looks?

    I can’t tell you how to run your site (or contests), but I do think it’s fair to at least pose the question, and see if I can better understand. Thanks in advance.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      We used to provide reasons why finalist were selected but we worried that it might sway voting so we stopped. The team spends a lot of time deciding on which of our submissions make the top ten and we feel like the ten selected are not only the best dressed but also some of the most diverse submissions. You can’t cater to or away from #menswear trends. Some people look try-hard when they wear dub monks with no socks, others look like they’ve been wearing them since the pound symbol was only used on telephones. It’s less about what you’re wearing and more about how you wear it.

      “and the others”

      • http://undefined Rob —

        I greatly appreciate the truly candid response, Sir “And the Others.” Sorry for forgetting your name in my fit of keyboard fury, Alex. :)

        I can understand why you stopped providing reasons.

        • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

          Haha, no worries ;)

    • Joshua

      “Where are the REAL people, who exude style with more everyday looks?”

      Some of us do wear these looks everyday and we’re REAL people, too :). What the finalists wear seems consistent with what this website is all about.

      • Ryan

        I am in fact real @ #8 and do wear this look to work almost every day.

        Hopefully the rest are real too!


  • AM

    3, 4 & 5 are the best. My vote is for number 4, just because I always prefer a nice suit. But look 3 is awesome.

    • Simon allen

      Thanks so much, I’m so happy just to be selected.. massive honor. Thanks again for your vote.

  • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

    Thanks for all the compliments and votes, guys.

    • Anonymous

      Dude love the belt. Where is it from?

  • http://Mrdav.us Christian Davis

    I’m elated that I made the list. Thanks so much TSB crew. HUGE personal victory for me.

  • Jen


  • Nick

    Have you thought about setting a theme of sorts for each months style challenge?
    To be quite frank it may be interesting to see how people could fit certain constraints for an outfit. An example could be something as broad as casual/street wear or as specific as earthytones

    • Joseph

      I would love to see some street wear fits on here but obviously it’s user generated. I would of thought there would be more street wear submissions (maybe there were I don’t know) because Dan seems to have an appreciation for it given his basketball days. Maybe next one eh :)

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        We get surprisingly few streetwear submissions.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      We’ve never considered themed contest, but I like the idea a lot. We’re in the process of trying to decide how we’re going to change up the contest in 2014, I’ll keep this in mind.

    • Jimi Brady

      My only criticism regarding a themed contest is that entries come from all over the world, so if the theme is outerwear and you live in tropical central America, you might have a hard time making outerwear look natural while the sun’s blazing.

      Themed contests are great, but the diversity of the contestants makes it tough.

  • M.

    Jireh L, because he looks so casually cool, seemingly without even trying.
    For me, Philip was a close second, because that’s one seriously classy look that suits him.

  • Nour

    KHANH N. outfit is masterfully put together, rugged and timeless. Good job sir.

  • scotty

    I liked Abbas’s how casual type look but would of liked to see wrist accessories.. A watch or bracelets of some sort unless its on the other wrist which he should have shown.. Joseph had a cool everyday fit as well.. Esosa with that suit(not a fan of the patent slip on).. So i went with Jesse this month..

    • scotty

      Sorry meant Philips shoes not Esos, got those two mixed up..

    • Joseph

      Thanks man, I’d love to rock suits like these guys but I never have an occasion to wear one. Maybe one day :)

      • Adam E

        No need for an occasion to wear a suit, wear one because you want to, not just because a situation dictates that you have to. I am certainly not mandated to wear one for work, just wearing a tie, makes me more “dressed-up” than 90% of guys here. That said, I commonly work a trusty sport coat in and the occasional suit, because I want to, not because I need to…

        My vote went to Philip, classy look, and I think the patent shoes match the look. While I can’t say I’d buy a pair, because I fear that worn with anything less than a dinner jacket, they would be too much, I think they fit the look well.

  • http://anorexicescapades.com BougieHippie

    Joseph K is the only who doesn’t have a fit problem, appropriate for that time of day and his look doesn’t look used.

    • Joseph

      Appreciate it bud, it’s a comfy outfit that’s for sure

    • Simon allen

      I will admit my suit was pretty tight.. that’s what I get for buying it while drunk on Ebay haha

    • cam

      @BougieHippie – I would love to hear your explanation as to the fit problem on the other entrants. A few might have fit problems but the majority do not. To say they all do except Joseph is absolutely ridiculous.

    • cam

      And in fact, nothing against Joseph, but his cardigan is too wide in the shoulders as the seam is hanging down his left arm.

      • AJ

        @cam, that kind of shoulder is actually common in cardigans. It’s called a drop shoulder and is meant to fit that way. Can you imagine someone with shoulders wide enough to go all the way to that seam? SNS Herning is an example of a well-known & respected brand that commonly has cardigans with drop shoulders.

    • Zach!!!

      I’m extremely curious as to what problems you have with everyone’s fits. All these dudes look great. No need for pretentiousness.

      Also lolling at the idea that a man in a suit is a “used” look…

  • http://byhookandbycrook.tumblr.com/ Theguybehindthelens

    Khanh got my vote due to the more stand out personalized details but Jesse and Joseph made it quite difficult. That striped cardigan Joseph is too dope.

    • Joseph

      Thanks man, I thrift 90% of my clothing and this cardigan was my latest find so its cool to see others appreciate it as much as I do :)

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    No picks from Louisiana this time??? Ahhhhh, but the competition was still hard to choose from. Clean picks for me are #’s 4,5,7,8, & 9 (I would’ve liked to see something different from Esosa because his same outfit got him in the Runner-up picks a few giveaways back). Ultimately, I went with Jesse P. The photo is crisp, and the outfit are spot on. Plus, his outifit is functional (boots, rain coat, hat all for the rain).

    • Ian in Dallas

      I voted for Jesse too. We need more stylish gents in Dallas like him!

      • Jeanscuffed

        We do, and I’m glad he turned this rain we’ve been getting into an advantage to layer on. Good stuff Jesse

  • http://undefined Joshua

    This month’s top 10 was a tough decision. All the guys look really stylish and there are elements of the outfits that works really well. In the end, I voted for Ryan B. I’m assuming that tie is wool. Its a nice color and fits really well with his brown pinstripe suit, which perfectly compliments his background (excellent choice for this picture). Everything flows, but good job to everyone this month.

    • Ryan

      Joshua, thank you for the vote! The tie is silk but woven in a manner in which it appears to be wool on this particular suit. Unsure why the photo turned out so grainy, I do have a higher quality version that would have lent to a cleaner view of the details/accessories.

  • TJ

    Tight competition this round! Took me about 20 min scrolling up and down to come to a decision but ultimately ended on Jessie P, as I think he makes great use of his accessories.

    Great style all around this month!

  • cam

    Esosa should take this one in a walk…not even close

  • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

    Not hugely impressed this month (sorry guys). It’s not that everyone doesn’t look sharp, cuz they do, just not a ton of stand-out looks this month, in my opinion. That said, I think Khanh and Jesse killed it…very ‘classic’ looks but with just enough flair to, well, stand out a bit.

  • http://undefined Dias

    Looking at some of these outfits I have to wonder why I didn’t make it :/ Hopefully next time. #5 Definitely has my vote.

  • http://undefined Micaiah

    soo… can we atleast discuss Esosa’s shoe game though? I had to vote for Jesse P, but Esosa was a clooooose second. That’s a sharp suit, and those shoes are everything. However, in my opinion, Jesse P did the most, piecing several different items of clothing together to make a fly outfit. So he deserved my vote.

    • scotty

      In my opinion (since u brought Esosa), I would have rather seen that with a pair of patent lace ups, the slip on just kind of through me off abit Just my opinion though and reason i couldnt pick his photo..

    • scotty

      Sorry just got Esosa and Philip mixed up.. I thought u were refering to Philips shoes.. haha