Graduate School in Style feat. Ryan Oozeer

March 20th, 2011

Student’s aren’t expected to be fashionable. Inexperience, budget constraints, pressure to “fit in”, etc. When you’re mature, established and back to school, however, those college hoodies and trashed runners don’t seem as appropriate.

Graduate school is an interesting scene because students often look lost somewhere between looking like a “student” and looking like a “grown up” (think business suits with cross-trainers or backpacks with loafers).

“The trick is to find the appropriate middle ground between looking put-together & presentable as well as casual & laid back. You don’t want to look like your taking yourself too seriously (think full suit and tie), but you also don’t want to look like you just finished football practice (think baseball cap and sweats).”

Let me take a minute to reintroduce Ryan Oozeer. He’s one of the most stylish guys I know and my best friend since the 9th grade, was my first ever fashion influence – the one who taught me what it meant to be “stylish”. Back in the day when I was begging for video games on my birthdays, Ryan was collecting sneakers, denim and accessories.

Here, Ryan takes us to school in style for five days.

1. Meeting with Professor

“No matter how nice your snorkel (parka) is, wearing it everyday gets boring. In my opinion, a more stylish and expressive way to avoid Toronto’s cold weather is to use a denim jacket as a layer. It’s fitted and has a high armhole so it fits comfortably under a number of my jackets. Together these are as warm as a big winter coat, but more practical because you can add/remove layers throughout the day if you get warm or cool.”

“Whenever I have a meeting with a professor I try to wear a shirt and tie. It always leaves a good impression, not to mention it’s the perfect accent to complete even a smart casual look”.

Bonus Tip: This outfit has a number of layers but doesn’t look “busy” or “distarcting” because the color palette is all neutral and versatile (Navy, Grey & Brown).

2. Class All Day


“I wore these white jeans in my prior feature on Articles of, but that was mid-summer. Here I’m styling them much differently for winter. Before I buy an item I always consider it’s versatility and how much wear I will get out of it. While some guys probably wouldn’t get much wear out of white denim, I wear these all summer and also get a kick out of the look my old-school professor’s face when I stumble into class wearing these in early March.”

Bonus Tip: Grey is a very underrated (and versatile) color for leather.

Bonus Tip: Fair Isle looks less country and more city when it’s knit in grey/black/navy


3. Commuter 


“I enjoy the lack of pretentiousness in current menswear trends. It’s cool to wear your clothes beat-up (raw denim and waxed cotton, for example). I love the worry-free feeling of throwing on my favourite pair of jeans and a sturdy jacket knowing that they are only going to look better the more I wear them.”

Bonus Tip: For a all the pedestrian commuters, don’t underestimate the value of a hat, scarf and gloves. Pair them with a (more stylish) mid-weight jacket and a couple layers rather than an overwhelming parka.

Bonus Tip II: “With my hair short again, I’m wearing hats more often since there’s no worries about hat head when I get to class.”


4. Class -> Work -> Out


“I only like getting dressed once per day. Some days, though, I go straight from school to work, to the gym and then out. In these cases, I try to incorporate a tie in a casual way. Pairing it with comfy knits makes it look not too stuffy for the classroom nor too informal for work and/or an upscale nightlife spot.”

“On days when I’m only going to class and back home, I usually carry canvas tote (see next pic). On days when I have to run from one place to the next, however, I usually go with a duffle. It fits my books, laptop, gym clothes and toiletry bag”.

Bonus Tip: Layering knits is easy (and awesome). Just layer heavier towards the outside.


5. Weekend Getaway


“A down vest is a great piece to transition between seasons, although it can also be layered under a peacoat or tweed blazer during colder months. The weather is slowly getting warmer in Toronto and I am back to wearing my down vest the way I like it most – over a flannel shirt.”

“I cannot say enough about the beans boots. Hoping off the subway, stomping through snow banks or rain puddles and getting to class comfortably and dry is a breeze in these. They’re a classic design that is inexpensive, comfortable and durable. It’s a no brainer.”

Bonus Tip: As we’ve seen before (here), Ryan appreciates the classics. The down vest and the Bean boots aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

In addition to finishing his graduate degree at the University of Toronto, Ryan just began interning at Garrison Bespoke on Wellington Street and now, finally (after trying to convince him for quite some time), Ryan has decided to begin taking personal shopping/styling appointments in the greater Toronto area. If you are interested, you can email him at



Thanks for reading and special thanks to Ryan for participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Marwan Helal.

  • Ami

    The pictures isn’t loading

  • Ryan

    You give really useful suggestions which are just perfect for the college students to take. The clothes shown on the photo look quite nice and fit you well. I’d like to learn from you and make my college life more fashionable. I really appreciate your posts and your pictures, Thank you!

  • Ben

    Love the denim jacket look.

  • Bobby

    Great article, but what about being a Grad student in Miami where wearing layers is unthinkable?

  • Campus Sartorialist

    Great looks all of them. Last one is our personal favorite. Bean boots for life!

  • Akira

    Great look, what the name of the Kenneth Cole boots please!!

  • PacSun Coupons

    You give really useful suggestions which are just perfect for the college students to take. The clothes shown on the photo look quite nice and fit you well. I’d like to learn from you and make my college life more fashionable.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, there is more to grad students life than just meeting the professors and weekend trips. How about Jam sessions.

  • 613Student

    An aside after seeing all that Club Monaco – CM kills it with 20% off for all students all the time.

    • Arron

      CM is the best about discounts.

  • MOZART5000

    Just picked up a stunning, heavy ass grey sweater from Banana Republic on sale. Best purchase of the year. Layering it with a blue suede double breasted jacket. Needs to get cold again in florida.

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    I live in the building from the first picture what a mind-fuck!

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    Great post! ONe of my Favs! Ryan killed it, looking super fresh! Especially looks numer 1,3 and 5!!!

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    Looks good, it’s a bit too much I’d say simply for going to class but this is a fashion blog after all. Aim high and let readers emulate parts they find interesting.

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    Great stuff. Look #4 is great, just my style. Weren’t there sizes posted?

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    Looking good, Ryan! I’ll need to come see you to get me into a new wardrobe.


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    I can’t help but think how timeless these looks are, maybe a little more fitted than Dad or Grandad wore but they would recognize these looks from their own wardrobes. Ryan knows how to put it all together, a sensible look that is excellently styled, timeless and very current all at once.


    He is very stylish.. he must read your blog often lol.

    Anyways, I hope you and your readers can stop by my fashion blog! Thanks!

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    I just walked by the Club Monaco on Prince yesterday; I should check it out.

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    Class All Day & Class -> Work -> Out are my two favorite…..thanks for the tips for us Students!

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    I love the college wear posts; as a college student myself, I would like to see more posts that reveal students dressing well, but casual too. I really like this site, but usually it feels too dressy for me.

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    Inspirational looks, favorite look is #4. Great to see Ryan back.. I think you should include him in more of your blog posts.

    Ps. How tall is Ryan?

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      Hey SC,
      I am 6 feet tall…

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      Anybody who cares as much as I do about the Oxford comma is worth marrying or befriending, as the case may be.

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    I attend law school in Seattle. I relate tons to Ryan’s style. Layering knits is a favorite of mine as well. Thanks for the post and good luck with your studies Ryan.

  • Cory

    I own many of these items — or at least similar ones — but I am far beyond grad school. :-)
    I’ve had my Bean boots for 21 years, and they’re still going strong. Needless to say, I’ve never hunted in them, and maybe worn them in the woods only once or twice.

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    What is your take on folding the bottom of the pants to include that much cuff on #3-5 vs. a slimmer #1?

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    Best part about this outfit, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to wear it and he has versatile pieces spread throughout. Though personally, the white jean isn’t doin’ it for me.