The Iconic Levi’s Trucker Jacket

October 18th, 2013

We’ve always been big fans of the Levi’s brand. In fact, all four of us grew up wearing their iconic jeans and denim jackets. So when they asked us to be part of their #MakeOurMark campaign, we were immediately on board.

The campaign centers on helping to equip the new age of industry pioneers as they make their mark and advance on a journey that Levi’s calls “The Modern Frontier”:

The Modern Frontier isn’t some far-off destination. It’s all around us. It’s where new ideas are born; where new forms of expression emerge; where new movements begin. It’s where progress is made.  The early pioneers moved west in search of new terrain. But today’s pioneers are moving towards a different kind of uncharted territory: one of ideas, connections, and creativity.  This is the future. This is The Modern Frontier. This is how some of the world’s most pioneering artists are defining it.

As our piece for the campaign, we came together as a team and agreed on our favorite iconic Levi’s design: the Trucker Jacket. Each member of our team then chose their favorite style (fabric/finish) for a WIWT style-off, during which we discussed Articles of Style’s journey and what “The Modern Frontier” means to us.

Feel free to vote for your favorite look using the poll at the end of the post!

    1. Dan


    For my choice in Trucker I went with the new wool/cotton blend, since I already have a vintage denim version and a rigid dark wash.

    This one’s got some great design tweaks, like a flannel lining, pleated back, rear waist adjuster, full-zip front, and tab neck closure.


    The sleek wool/cotton fabric makes it a little dressier as well, perfect for a “tailored just because” kind of day.


    Working on this campaign really got me thinking about the four-year journey that Articles of Style has been on.

    We’ve come a long way from this, but have really just begun building something special…more on this later.


    The #MakeOurMark campaign asks its innovators/influencers four fundamental questions about their journey:

    Origins – Who are you?

    We are four regular guys from different backgrounds who live, eat and sleep style. Find more on our about page & FAQ.

    Passions – What moves you?

    Challenging a seemingly unapproachable industry that every man must participate in. Inspiring others to dress better, to be themselves, to think outside the box, to innovate, to chase their dreams regardless of the expectations of others…

    Approach – What’s your strategy?

    Creating quality original content daily. Keeping everything authentic and honest with our readers. Sharing our journey from day 1.

    Destination – What’s your dream? 

    To make “fashion” more relatable to the everyday guy. To positively impact others and inspire them to push their respective boundaries. To retain freedom of time and location. To provide for my family and spend as much time as possible with the people I love.


    Shout out to our new friend Pedro from J.A.M.S. for these awesome chestnut/navy suede tassel loafers!


    2. Townsend


    Townsend is your classic outdoorsman. Naturally, he chose the Sherpa-Lined Trucker.

    “Channeling my Montana roots with some western vibes. I feel like you can’t wear a shearling collar without rocking some kind of cowboy hat.”


    What I love about Townsend’s style is that he’s always well-dressed, but doesn’t have an enormous wardrobe.

    He only invests in pieces that will last the test of time (both quality construction and classic design) and wears them to the bone. As you can see here with his 4-year-old “black” jeans and Red Wings with scuff marks from all over the country.


    “I’m also LOVING my ‘new’ pack… It’s so simple in it’s construction and design, but works like a charm.”


    3. Alex


    We continue to see the “Articles of Style Effect” taking place in Alex: an evolution in confidence, style, and swagger. All the while he remains the same down-to-earth goofy guy that everyone loves instantly…that’s the most important part.

    For this collaboration Alex went with the Slim Black Waxed Denim Trucker. Nice choice young man!


    “I pretty much stopped wearing black after high school. I got really into color, especially browns, navys, and khakis. I just started embracing black again within the last year, so I still have trouble putting together looks that blend black with color.

    Today I was set on black but was in a hurry…so I decided that the easiest/quickest solution was: ALL BLACK EVERYTHING.”


    Sick of cuffing up his long jeans, Alex has been on a frayed hem spree lately. And we’re all loving it.

    BTW, another dope pair from our friend Pedro at Just a Men Shoe. At only $125 a pop, it’s hard to go wrong (and not stock up).


    4. Westley


    Westley’s new inspiration: “The Filipino James Dean“. Therefore lately he’s been keeping it simple in lightweight jackets, dark denim and mean tailoring.

    Since we all know he already gets a ton of mileage out of his vintage Levi’s trucker, Wes went with a grey corduroy version. It’s a great choice to pair with jeans without having to do the whole denim-on-denim thing.


    “A big thanks to our man Franklin at the Tailoring Room for tapering and hemming these jeans. If you need denim alts – SEE HIM (and tell him we sent you).”


    Penny loafers with a fresh shine…a beautiful sight.




    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Levi’s for including us in their #MakeOurMark campaign.

    Use the comments to tell us about your journey to “The Modern Frontier”.


    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford & Westley Dimagiba

    • A H

      That navy jacket with the brushed cotton and back belt is so handsome.

    • StyleThroughMyEyes

      BANGBANGBANG!!! ALEX killed ya’ll!

      On his Johnny Cash steez.

    • Leo

      ALEX did you create the frayed effect at the hem of your jeans yourself? If so how did you do it? Your all black look is awesome

    • Sam

      Alex obviously takes this one, but I’m a little disappointed in the shoe choice. I know the #menswear world is stoked about monkstraps, but they honestly look a bit try-hard in this context (and, to be honest, most contexts these days).

    • Tiffany

      Alexxxxxx too good sir, too good.

    • Carter

      Would anyone on the team be willing to share some insight on the quality/construction of J.A.M.S? I’m thinking of purchasing a pair, but wanted to get some feedback prior. Great work fellas!
      Be Well

    • Vic

      Wow, Towni is looking ruggedly manly! Love the look and your clothes are just the right amount of worn in.

    • Austin

      Alex is KILLING it lately, I feel like him being a youngster makes it even better, I’m definately feeling this all black look and might be recreating it with a vneck and an all black varsity jacket soon

    • Style Boy

      Towni, i read you don’t have a lot of clothes, but the shoes and jeans are looking too worn out. At this point i dont think they are presentable.

      • Townsend

        I completely disagree… They’ve never looked better!

      • Sam

        Disagree about the jeans- they look absolutely fantastic and they’re the perfect shade of grey now. But I think the boots throw the outfit off just a little because all of the other pieces have that “rugged but polished” look, and they’re just “rugged.” Just my two cents. Still think they’re awesome boots though.

    • Orlando

      Alex is the definition of evolution right now lol..

    • John B

      Can’t decide, I’d vote for everyone if I could.
      Not a fan of the tab collar, but I’ll try to get that wool trucker. It’s amazing!

    • Erik

      Alex, PLEASE tell us where we we can find that jacket???

    • Dee

      Put those hands in your pockets or do something with them Alex! Don’t let them just droop down like a pair of meat sticks :)

    • DR

      The student has become the teacher – Alex took this by a mile.

    • Michael

      Alex hands down. He has really stepped up his game as of late. I am duly impressed and inspired.

    • Joe

      I don’t really get all the comments about “the evolution of Alex”. I get that his style has changed some (I voted for him today, and I think for the last few WIWT’s), but I’ve always liked Alex’s style, and have found his posts to be some of my favorites. Maybe it’s the Texas in me…

    • Chris

      IMO Alex has won the last three in a row for free.

    • Brooks

      Of COURSE you guys do a trucker post when I’m yearning for a new one the hardest.

      Alex is axe-murdering it with the all black and double denim. And those MONKS. DAING. So great to see how much your style has grown over the time you’ve spent with the TSB crew. The boy has become a man.

      Dan gets second for the subtle details. Band collar shirt (looked like a henley at first), hemp waistcoat (how does hemp wear as a suiting material, by the way?), wool trucker, and those loafers. Nailed it like a hammer.

    • Rob —

      Jesus Christ, Alex, you sir, are ******* straight killin it.

      Love what I see. Nice work.

    • Alex

      Towni’s from Montana? I thought he was from Connecticut.

      • Townsend

        Grew up in CT, but have family roots in Montana. Thanks for reading!

    • LouCaves

      I’m not voting today; I can’t decide.

      Everyone is looking smart.

      Thanks, TSB.

    • James

      I took one look at Westley’s shirt and thought “wow, I have to have that.” Then I saw it was MAB. NOOOOOO! What material is that made out of? It looks a lot thicker and sturdier than the usual white poplin shirt you get in the store. Also, is he wearing magnetic collar stays?

      • Westley Dimagiba

        It’s a cotton diamond weaved fabric and yes I’m wearing those trusty magnetic collar stays.

    • Derek

      Anyone have sizing advice on the truckers between slim fit and regular fit? Should I size down on the regular fit if I’m a large in most brands?

      • Dan Trepanier

        I would suggest sizing down on the sherpa or corduroy (or other classic cuts), but not on the black waxed or navy cotton/wool (those designs are slimmer).


    • http://undefined Joshua

      Man, Alex. Props sir. You’ve have been crushing it lately. I see an all Alex feature in the near future if it hasn’t been done already. Lol

    • BougieHippie

      Rugged yet neat…. I don’t hate it. God job guy!

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      MAN, all of ya’ll are making voting hard. I voted for Alex, he came for blood and wore all black for the rest of the team’s funeral. Almost voted for Towni because he pulls off the western look so great and with ease.

    • Tee

      Those double monks you have on Alex do they fit true to size? Thanks

      • Alex Crawford

        I generally wear an 8 1/2, but with these guys I had to go for a 9. Maybe size up half a size when you order.

    • Jen

      Alex has arrived! Stepping your game all the way up sir! Shit is clean!

      • Alex Crawford

        That’s cause I always wipe.

        • Jack

          If this were Twitter, I would fave that reply.

    • cam

      everyone gets my vote today!

      wes, you stated you had the jeans tapered? aren’t the 484s the slimmest fit they make?

      • Westley Dimagiba

        yeah, but the leg opening was still a little big for me.

    • Ali Naaseh


    • Brady P

      Alex killed it, love the waxed variation as well

    • Sergio

      The all black everything on Alex looks great and I love the wearing of the black double monks as it takes the all black everything look up a notch. It’s been great seeing Alex’s still evolve, dude is a cool dude.

      Second would be Wes, just a simple look that goes together so well. Definite shout out to Franklin and the tailoring room, they do great work!

    • Gary-A

      Really impressed with Alex’s look!

    • josh


    • Theguybehindthelens

      Alex has really been bringing it lately. The all black everything look is killer. I love that the trucker jacket is waxed and the jeans have a frayed hem. Those two elements add some variance in texture that keeps the all black look visually interesting.

    • Matt

      Alex. So sick. Seriously the sickest fit I’ve seen him in.

    • Aziz

      Dan is killing it as usual, but i will go for Alex!

    • http://undefined Amat

      Your links are broken and out of sequence. Only Wes and Townsend’s profiles are visible.

      • Townsend

        Should be fixed, thanks for the heads up!

    • Theguybehindthelens

      Just a heads up guys but only Towni and Wes are popping up in the post. I can’t view Dan or Alex.

      • Townsend

        Should be fixed, thanks for the heads up!

    • SL

      Hmm, I can only see Townsend and Wesleys looks… Sabotage? Lol

      • Townsend

        Haha, never! Thanks for the heads up!

    • http://undefined Robert

      This post is missing Dan and Alex’s pics