Let’s Get Chalky feat. DJ McDonald

October 23rd, 2013

Here at Articles of Style, we like to connect people. I’m of the belief that if you put people on, you will be put on in return.

We first met DJ McDonald at one of our Articles of Style parties in NYC a couple years ago (damn, I think we’re due for another party…). Since then we’ve featured him in a few editorial spreads (Sock it to ‘Em, Scarf SeasonLike Feather, Like Son) and he’s become part of the extended Articles of Style family. I always knew he had talent for tailoredwear styling (in fact, I consider this look to be one of our strongest of all time) so when he was looking to break into menswear, I put him in touch with our friend Nish at Suit Supply.

Today he’s working with Suit Supply doing sales and styling, while collecting a pretty mean wardrobe in the process. Lately he’s been on a flannel chalkstripe kick. Here are three of his favorites for the season.

“Chalkstripe”: the thicker, bolder, and fuzzier cousin to the pinstripe. Usually found on flannels and heavier worsted fabrics.

    1. Gentlemanin’ Ain’t Easy


    “What can I say about this look… It’s badass!

    The only thing I’m missing is an entourage, and a tommy gun, and a case of whiskey, and a beautiful lady… It all starts with the suit though, trust me.”


    There’s something about a dusty stripe woven into a flannel fabric that is so full of charm, romance, and power.

    A stripe this strong can sometimes look overwhelming, especially in a DB. That’s why you have to keep it trim and fitted like DJ here with a nipped waist, slim sleeves and high armholes.

    He also nails the details like the tie dimple, the collar curl, the soft shoulders, the pattern play, the minimal accessories…



    I would probably never wear a pair of saddle shoes with a chalkstripe power suit, but somehow DJ always pulls this off.

    He’s also always been a believer of in-your-face socks.


    • Red socks by Ralph Lauren
    • Navy and Bone Saddle Shoes by Duckie Brown

    2. Three Times the Pane


    “Okay, this is a windowpane not a pinstripe, but it’s still chalky and awesome.”


    “The texture of a wool tie is a little less showy than silk, in my opinion… The flecks in this wool also ties together the beige from the windowpane…

    And, of course, the white spread collar shirt tames all this boldness.”


    Sometimes a sock in a “statement color” is just the best possible choice, even with a bolder suit. I don’t think a navy, grey, or brown sock would have complimented or finished this look as well as DJ’s brilliant choice of faded lemon.

    Lastly, this is another great case for the single monkstrap (but not as good as exhibit A).


    • Yellow Socks by Ralph Lauren
    • Watch by Timex

    3. Tonal Stripes


    “The thing with wearing suits in bold colors or patterns, you have to fully embody it.

    They say the man makes clothes, not the other way around.”


    A stripe doesn’t have to be grey or neutral, but you might want to try something tonal (like sky blue on navy) before getting too far into colored stripes territory.

    You don’t want to end up like Don Cherry. Or maybe you do…


    “The stripe is so wide here that it actually makes it simpler to style… Pairing it with patterned shirts and ties is easy since I don’t have many other patterns at this scale.”

    For more on putting together patterns, check out Pattern-Mixing feat. Alex Yampolsky.


    So let’s do a little review of the unexpected color palettes here, just to make sure we’re all paying close attention.

    Look 1: cream, charcoal, burgundy, bright red.

    Look 2: navy, burgundy, yellow, chestnut.

    Look 3: navy, sky blue, purple, pink.


    • Purple Tie by Brooks Brothers
    • Brown Vintage Braided Leather Braces
    • Pink Socks by J.M. Dickens

    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to DJ for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Westley Dimagiba.


    • Wes


    • http://undefined Kristoffer Formaran

      Hey guys! I’ve been browsing your site almost everyday from my office desk. I hope you can give me Ideas on what are the best thing to wear during weddings, especially if you are the groom or part of the entourage. More power to you guys and keep on inspiring others!
      hope to see my request here @ yous blogsite.=)

    • Daniel

      Ohhh kill ’em!

    • Miguel1TO

      Sick as hell. Loving all of the looks… there’s a retro 30s feel happening with a futuristic edge.


    • http://chicalarusse.com/ Dani

      My oh my oh my oh MY!

      I am having a hard time to organize my thoughts for an eloquent response… Mmm, forget it; SO Damn HOT!

      Love the bright pin-stripe against his skin…


    • Angel

      Dj! You’re killing it bro! You’ve come a long way from J’s to suits!Keep doing your thing! Hands down best feature!


    • http://undefined Big Jon

      We have the same phone. That’s so cool!

      But what’s even cooler are these suits. The way you put everything together from the colors to the patterns was inspiring, especially look three. This is officially my favorite post.

    • John B

      DJ manages to look awesome every time. The second suit is definitely a head turner.

    • http://byhookandbycrook.tumblr.com/ Theguybehindthelens

      I love how strongly you can feel the dude’s personality through his sense of style. One of the best posts in a while. Love that you guys are featuring so many different takes on personal style. The last two posts really show the immense range of ways to express yourself through dress.

    • Joe

      First, great post. The unexpected pops of color here and there really gave the look some pop.

      Cam’s question below reminded me of a question I had/a feature idea. Suits used to be thought of by some as a office uniform, but now more people are wearing suits when they “don’t have to”. But you wouldn’t necessarily wear the same suit to all suitable occasions (or maybe you would, but with different shirt, tie, accessories or lack of accessories…). I would love to see a feature that had a complete suited outfit and guidelines for every occasion – for the casual office (maybe the idea of a suit is relaxed to pants and jacket, matching or odd), the conservative office or job interview, the board room, the evening out (or non-black tie gala), etc.

      • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

        I believe this site does have all those said features. It maybe posted a while back but if you search some of the earlier posts, you should be able to find what you’re looking for. Also, you should utilize the Style Guide and put in your qualifications so that it narrows your search and gives you a picture of what your looking for. I hope this helps.

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          Thanks brother!

          Our new website (that we’re now developing) will be MILES ahead in terms of searching past content, the entire Style Guide experience, etc…

          Till now, you’ll have to use what we got.


        • Joe

          Thanks @Jeanscuffed. I think you’re right about that (in fact it seems this site has just about every situation covered). And the style guide has definitely come in handy for me with some good ideas for tricky situations. I just thought it’d be cool to put that all in one post: a suit for fun, a suit for business, and a suit for being bossy… (or maybe the same suit done up different ways). Maybe I’ll have to put together a TSB mixtape for that, since it is definitely all there.

          @Dan Looking forward to the new site and whatever else you have up yall’s sleeves.

          • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

            Thanks Joe! That is a great concept for a story…we’ll add that to the list!

            The new Style Guide will be much more fluid and easy to use for situations like this.

            Coming soon ish.


    • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South

      These are pin stripe suits I can get on board with. Looks 2 and 3 are insane!

    • http://undefined Ishandev

      dude is so right. I need all three of these suits. Fabulous fit, perfectly cut and pulled off with ample panache.

    • BF

      One of your best features in a long, long, long time.

    • Steph

      This has to be one of my favorite features yet, and I’ve been riding with you guys since the original site. My initial reaction to the windowpane in the feature preview on the homepage was, “D*mn, that’s a mean suit.” And the first of the two striped numbers is just perfection! All in all, beautiful work from DJ and Wes!

    • cam

      DJ looks great in all 3 no doubt. I’m curious as to his height/weight and what size he takes in Suit Supply sizing.

      Question for Dan: Would you suggest any of these suits in a corporate environment?

      • DJ

        Thanks for the love! I now fit into a 34R at SuitSupply, and I’m about 5’10

        • cam

          Thanks for the reply DJ. I would’ve guessed you in a 38 or 36 at most. Do you size down in Suit Supply? I typically take a 38 in lines like Gant Rugger, J Crew etc.

        • Dee

          Dayam… Here I’m 5’5″ and I thought I’d fit into a 34R, hahaha.

    • Miguel G

      One of the few people who nailed every single post, the color and texture play is truly on another level. But DJ really has to chalk it up to his genetics as well, the dude is built to wear the hell out of a tailored suit.

    • Brent Kuz

      Best post in ages. Dude murders it. Can’t type much on the run but amazing fit and color combinations.

    • Nathan

      Can you do more college university outfits for the Fall?

      I love tailored suits as much as the next guy, but I really can’t be wearing suits on the regular in college.


    • Khalid

      This man really knows what suits his socks!

    • Sergio

      DJ always killin’ it!

    • Andrew

      Where is that beautiful brown leather watch strap from?

      • Nick

        I’m wondering the same. It’s sick.

        • DJ

          The Watch strap is from this company based out of Florida, they cut the leather the minute your order is processed

          • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

            I’ll attest to FFF watch straps…if I’m not mistaken they use Horween leather out of Chicago. I have one and it’s easily one of my favorite accessories. Pretty affordable as well.

    • Stevesy

      Definitely would get the Chalky White stamp of approval (although he would insist on bow ties). Them lapels are wicked.

    • http://dapperadvisor.tumblr.com Akil M.

      This was a great feature. The fit of everything is perfect and so are the color combinations. Well done!

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      You know that time where you hate someone because they’re so good at what they do, but it’s the type of “hate” in a good way, where you see dopeness you just shake your head with no words to say…..this is that time

      dude KILLED it!

    • http://www.vincentnappi.com/ Vincent


      DJ really has a handle on getting intense color and pattern to harmonize.

      The first look is nuts. What a fit.

    • Alberto