A New Breed of Sweatpants

October 14th, 2013

I wasn’t sure how the move from NYC to LA was going to affect my personal style.

For whatever reason, since moving to the West coast I’ve been experimenting with different pant shapes more than ever before, like these for example.

In NYC it was all about tailored trousers, slim chinos and rigid jeans, but out West life is much less structured, and so are the clothes.

Most recently I’ve been experimenting with this new breed of drop-crotch sweatpants.

    1. Polo & Khakis, Remixed


    In NYC, I’m more likely to wear a polo and khakis like this.

    Out in LA things are more casual and laidback, which makes funky design details somehow easier to pull-off.

    The “polo” here is a lightweight wool/cotton sweater by John Bartlett. It’s the perfect silhouette: made to fit slim but still have a little “flow”. It also has some cool subtle details like ribbing at the neckline and a scooped hem that’s longer in the back.

    And, of course, these are not your typical chinos. They’re slightly drop-crotch and have elastic cuffs for a subtle “puddling” effect above the shoes.


    Dressing with style, in my opinion, has a lot to do with context and culture. That’s why we’re always trying to feature a variety of people with their own points of view.

    It’s fun to experience why things that were “right at home” in NYC come off a little differently here in LA. Every city has its own identity and including some of that in your presentation is part of having good style.


    2. Leather Sweats


    I’ve always loved sweatpants…after all, I was a college basketball player. I even had one of my favorite pairs tailored.

    With all of these crazy Kanye interviews and sound bytes about how he invented leather jogging pants, I had to break these out.


    Admittedly, this is not the most practical choice in pantalons. But fashion/style isn’t all about practicality!

    Some pieces are designed to simply make you feel cool…to up your swag, to boost your cred, to get your confidence riding high…whatever you call it, it’s a psychological performance-enhancer that is undoubtedly a part of style.

    A well-tailored suit has this effect for me in business settings, just as some trendy streetwear can have a similar effect in casual urban settings.


    That said, these soft leather sweats are actually very comfortable. And I never have to worry about dirtying or damaging them.

    Hard to go wrong with a classic pair of Nike Blazers to finish it off.


    3. Scrunchy Cargos


    Cargos have been all the rage in menswear lately, these have just a slightly more casual twist.

    The patterned cashmere sweater gives the look an autumnal color palette – just a slightly more vibrant one for the Cali sun.


    The “scrunchy bottom” is also a great way to show off your kicks…which is important when you’re working with some handmade suede sneakers from France.



    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

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    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • http://mcsquaredesign.com/ Lust&Fury

      Like these looks a lot. Fun and youthful without seeming like you’re stuck in your late teens/early 20’s.

      On a side note the broken image links to older posts is always a bummer i.e. the tailored sweatpants post.

    • http://anorexicescapades.com BougieHippie

      Awesome looks! these pants were all over the fall/winter menswear runway and a big trend this year. Not to mention ideal for Thanksgiving meals!


    • James

      Whenever I see this kind of pants I think of Nathan from bangarangblog.

    • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

      Dan – I’m loving the west coast style. So much more relaxed and less buttoned-up than NY. I’m a former New Yorker, now a West Coaster for the past 19 years (but still East Coast in my heart).
      It’s great to see your style progression from one coast to the other. I was much more buttoned-up in NY, too – but more relaxed here – and it’s fun to be both!


    • luis

      where can i find that John Bartlett sweater from post 1. cant seem to find it anywhere online.

    • BF

      Lots of fresh ideas in this post.

      Aahhh LA – Home of dudes with “peter pan” syndrome: guys dress like high school kids till their 60..

      Nothing wrong with that and brings a fresh perspective to your normal looks.

      Where is the Double Breasted jacket and shorts????????

      Keep up the good work.

    • D Hall

      How is the sizing on the leather pants?

    • http://undefined Robert

      Dan, by any chance did you play college basketball?

    • http://theconfuseddasher.com confuseddasher

      First post in the history of TSB in which every look is so spot-on? Love it, especially the iconic Lanvin sneakers. I want one so bad!!!

    • Al

      Elasticated trouser cuffs??! Look like play wear for a 4 year old. Over here in the UK they’re strictly the preserve of the ‘chav’.

      • Jack

        Not a fan either.

      • Alan

        Chav derives from ‘Casuals’ which derived from ‘Skinhead’ which derived from ‘Mod’. If you just dismiss everything that’s a little bit chav, you might just be missing out.

        I quite like the elasticated cuffs, and I’d definitely wear them in London town.

        • Al

          I’m from Manchester, we actually call them ‘scallies’ up here, I just used the colloquialism ‘chav’ because it tends to be more widely used/understood, at least in the UK. The elasticated cuff is definitely something that is favoured by that particular tribe though and I am happy to miss out on whatever sartorial finery they bring to the table…

    • AM

      I love the first look. I Need that pants.
      Well done Dan.

    • Ali Naaseh

      Look 2 is so sick. I knew LA would see the return of my faborite iteration of Dan – syched to see more

    • jack

      i kinda miss the suits… and i can’t help but think about the cash spent on em! but you pull these off really well anyway

    • Nicholas

      Look #3 is definitely my favorite. When I saw look #3 I was thinking “Dan should wear some thing like that every day.”

    • Vikflo

      Tell Ronnie to hook you up with some Kith Mercer pants.

    • MN

      Look #2 is pretty sweet – good to see something different.

      Good luck trying to bring style to LA… only behind San Fran in terrible style in the U.S.

    • Michael

      As a younger long time reader of TSB who has just moved to San Francisco this kind of post is exactly what I’m interested in. I love the look of suits and smarter dress but I’ve never any reason to wear them, so casual posts with streetwear inspiration is great to see from TSB. Love the second look, more casual posts please! Great job.

    • John B

      Didn’t expect that! Not that I’m dissappointed! That shot in the tunnel(?) on look #2 is one of your best!

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        I’m so proud of that photo. That locations was so sick, definitely going to have to use it again.

    • Brooks

      Look 3 is so cool. I love the cranked-up earth tones and how well they’re grounded in the sneaks. Here’s to your new west coast life! (And make your way up to Seattle sometime!)

    • Kin

      Love that your sneaker game still has an impact on your styling to this day. I don’t post much but those blazers and those cement 3’s you have in previous post are killing it!