WIWT: Fall in the Air

October 3rd, 2013

Articles of Style rule #1: Always bring your A game.

Vote for your favorite outfit using the poll at the end of the post, and tell us why in the comments!

    1. Dan (LA)


    Not sure if it’s old Hollywood, the cowboy influence, or just the constant sunshine but in LA I find myself wearing hats much more often.


    The first thing I bought out here was this vintage leather belt and some awesome homemade jewelry from the Sunday flea market on Melrose.

    These leather/mesh chunky wingtips are awesome!! They’ve become one of my favorite pairs because they breathe extremely well (air flows right through the mesh) and they’re specifically designed for comfortable walking… They’re also golf shoes.


    2. Wes (NYC)


    Wes going with the 3-piece blue & black combo.


    Don’t sleep on the paisley-on-paisley accessories and those murderous black monks.


    3. Alex (LA)


    “I lost these sunglasses right after shooting this. I’m so bummed, they cost me like $7 on St. Marks.”


    Also wearing: an Apollo II pin (a cue from his friend Whit) and his girlfriend’s silver wishbone necklace.


    I think we each have at least one pair of the Veblen wingtips by Florsheim.


    4. Towni (NYC)


    You can take the man out of Connecticut, but you can’t take the Connecticut out of the man.

    Towni staying true to his classic menswear roots in a traditional camel hair sport coat, bengal stripe shirt, wool knit tie, grey sharkskin trousers and oxblood loafers.


    The best thing about a camel hair sport coat is that it can double as outerwear for most of the season.

    Consider it the Fall/Winter equivalent to your khaki cotton jacket.




    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford & Westley Dimagiba

    • Steven S.

      I’d have to go with Townsend on this one, great colors and textures!

    • http://shoplasc.com Antony Levine

      I really like the hat. Very hipster and trendy.

    • Brandon-A

      I must say, Towni’s style game since dan/alex moved to LA has elevated tremendously

    • Drew

      Looks like Wes either has his sleeves too tight, intentionally pushed up to show more cuff, or faultily tailored – which results in the terrible bicep folds on the arm.

    • Drew

      Townsend – What was the cost to make the camel hair jacket at MAB?

    • http://undefined TO

      Everybody was on today. But Towni was most on. Haven’t seen a camel sport coat fit like that, ever. Only seen the oversized vintage ones. Spectacular.

    • Johann

      Wes today, great tie.

    • John B

      Went with Towni, but had a hard time choosing! One of the best wiwt so far!

    • Pete

      2 cents on look 3 would be less visible pocket square and longer tie length. Besides that, one of the better looks I’ve seen in the # – even though I have a hard time believing the weather warranted camel hair.

    • Ed

      Dan, that denim double tit, epic.
      As an aside, I’m really digging the extra info in the WIWT posts.
      Keep up the swellegance lads!

    • Mitch G

      Wes… lookin Untouchable, ha, seriously though that paisley tie is killer.
      I love Dan’s hat but I can’t get past the belt length and the shoesss, well the [oversized?] sole isn’t my personal preference

    • Sam

      More than anything else, this post shows how great of a photographer Alex is.

    • http://theconfuseddasher.com confuseddasher

      Lol-ing so hard at the comment “Paisley is the new black. Wes is the new Dan” hahaha.

      Dan wins, IMO. Casual and stylish. Well-balanced color combo. Wes’s look is pretty sharp but I personally just don’t like the suit’s hue.

    • Tommy

      I went for Dan.

      Love the sunglasses. Is it a Moscot Lemtosh’s?

    • Alex

      Dan wins, though Wes was killing too. but Dan looks perfect LA Confidential era casual. A man’s look. Also, bias because of the hat!

    • Kiel

      Dan, awesome outfit. I just can’t bring myself to accept the over-hang belt. I don’t know why it just bothers me!

    • Cody

      Towni for sure. Just killing it!

    • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

      I thought Dan’s look was killer with the washed denim DB and hat. I love the casual vibe and fall color palette. I seriously need to invest in a casual DB for fall now…

    • Gazman

      Pleased the pants worn are not as tight as before.

    • Jimi Brady

      Dan, maybe it’s because I live 45 minutes out of LA and I know exactly what the weather is like there, but your outfit is probably one of the best you’ve ever posted. I think it’s the Western flavor of it. That’s exactly how I like to dress around this time of year when the sun’s out, but the mornings and nights are getting chilly for Fall.

      That hat with the denim sports coat is just . . . wow.

    • Kris

      That camel hair sportscoat is brilliant.

      Love the details on Alex.

    • cam

      towni easy….is it really even fair?

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      It was a hard one. For me it was between Wes and Dan. I went with Dan because the denim DB is pretty rare. I still haven’t been able to find anything like it. Wes was in the running with the 3pc and his shoes almost won it for him.

      P.s. For some reason, Alex resembles Jason Biggs lol, am I alone here??

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Yea, that chambray DB is awesome. Picked it up at a Sample Sale for a few bucks. It feels and wears like a t-shirt too.

        Thanks for reading and commenting Jeanscuffed.

    • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

      Damn, you guys are all killing it with this one. I went with Dan, but I could have easily picked any of the others. Actually almost went with Wes, I’ve got a suit almost just like that on the way.

    • Marcel

      Wes, nice and classic.

      PS what is with the clicking to see more pictures? One scroll down is a lot easyer :)

      • Chad

        They get more advertising revenue with multiple page views.

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          That’s true. But the primary reason we broke up the WIWT’s is so we can include the outfits in the TSB Style Guide, which we’re currently revamping into a whole new concept. The upgrade is going to be major and will be a focus point of TSB’s future…stay tuned.

          We’ll also be including “Shop this Look” links to the products featured in each WIWT look, which wouldn’t be possible if all the outfits were on the same page.

          Nevertheless, thanks for responding Chad.

    • LouCaves

      Went with Towni although I like a lil’ sumtin sumtin on everyone.

      Two out of four gents with facial hair? Nice. Make it three…anyone?

      Thanks, TSB.

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

        Only in my wildest dreams :(

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • Harris

      Towni’s pants are what I imagine the platonic ideal of “fit” to be. They are not baggy or too long, but are big enough to have a beautiful drape. I hate all of my pants now.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Townsend Smith, best known for making other guys hate their pants. haha

    • Rob —

      All I have to say is “Wes? Yes!” :)

    • Ali

      Paisley is the new black, Wes is the new Dan

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        I guess the torch has to be passed. I got other fires to light…and put out.

    • http://undefined TimL

      Dan got my vote today just for the simple and comfortable style he displays.

    • Sergio

      Easily Wes in the boss 3 piece!

    • Brian

      Towni by a mile. Looks impeccable; love the hair too — seems to add a few quality pounds to that otherwise skinny-looking SOB.

      Wes is close but I think he should’ve worn a more pressed shirt instead of the white Uniqlo number.

      • http://undefined EM

        Yea I agree with a crisper shirt. Even maybe the same shirt but ironed a little.

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          I also agree. We gotta get Wes some proper dress shirts.

          • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

            just put in an order ;)

    • Gary-A

      Great blue-and-black example from Wes.

      Those Florsheim Veblen’s are great but I feel weird for being drawn to the Haviland because of the rubber sole. I don’t baby my shoes and walk them over all sorts of terrain haha.