WIWT: Fashion Week Edition

September 6th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

Vote for your favorite look using the poll below and tell us why in the comments!



“Linen henley tee & croc loafers for opening day of NYFW”.



“Braces and pattern-mixing today. Glenplaid + paisley + polka dot.”



Homeless man hat, bespoke windowpane jacket, and these dope kicks from Will leather goods. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WES, YOU BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY.”



Our boy Brady in a mean black & blue DB kit.



“I’ve come a long way from my streetwear + sneakerhead days. 25 years old today…feeling real grown up.”



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Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford & Westley Dimagiba.

  • http://omegaseamasterreview.com/ Jerry

    I choose Wes. I am young and want to look mature and respected.

  • http://www.stunodpictures.com Jason P.

    Happy Belated Birthday Wes! You’re killing it today. There’s something, someone else said nonchalance, about Alex’s look that almost made me vote for him. But birhtday boy’s killing it.

  • Joe

    Hey WIWT, haven’t seen you in a while. Great looks from everyone – very hard to choose a winner. Brody’s navy DB with black accessories exactly matches what I wore to court a few weeks ago, so I’m partial to his look. Though Alex’s casual, but presentable, look also comes off great and resonated the most with me. I’ll give this one to Alex. Everyone else looks great. Wes, Happy Birthday.

    P.S. Brody’s picture is hyperlinked to Wes’ picture, I know it’s his birthday and all, but still… Best of luck in the site and bicoastal expansion.

  • Ace F.

    Wow. Its been a while since the last time TSB posted a WIWT segment.

    Well, everyone did a great job.

    Happy birthday Wes!

  • Rob —

    Seriously, though, why is it EVERY time I post a comment on this site, it never makes it to the comments section? I’m not sure if it’s Dan or some other moderator, but my comments (always related directly to the article, never get posted). Hmm.

    I’m voting for Wes.

    I do have a question though — what happened to the monthly style contests?

    • JamesD

      I’ve been missing you guys!

      I know you’re hard at work… Can’t wait to see the major upgrades and the LA content!!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Hmmm… Could be getting caught by our spam catch. We’re working heavily on the back-end of the site too, I will see if this has anything to do with it.

      As a policy, we don’t publish comments that are derogatory, racist, discriminatory, etc… We also have a “bad word” catcher, since publishing negative language can affect the advertisements that are allowed to be placed on the site…

      • Rob —


        I truly appreciate the response. I’ve been making well-thought out comments for months, only to have them keep not showing up. This site is awesome, and for me, I feel like participating in the comments section makes it that much better for me.

        Glad to see this one got posted.

        Please bring back the monthly competitions. They are a lot of fun to watch, great to draw inspiration from, AND I was looking forward to participating shortly. Thanks!

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          No doubt. I’ll make sure our team keeps a special eye out for your comments.

          Monthly comps will be starting up Oct 1st. Get your looks ready!

          Thx for the love

  • Arsene

    Wes killed it. Fancy but looks comfortable enough to wear any day and all day.

  • Nick

    Happy Birthday Wes! You guys should do a few more casual/streetwear related posts, it would be a difference from the usual

  • Sergio

    Wes for me. The navy trousers, the white/red/blue gingham (?), the braces and the navy tie with perfect shade of brown for the shoes. Happy Birthday Wes!

  • Marty

    While I like Wes’ outfit and I wore pretty much what Alex did today, sans hat, Towni’s outfit seemed the most balanced to me.


  • http://thekacar.com Mustafa Kacar

    Happy Birthday Wes, have a drink for me too. Where is your tie from by the way? Oh, and my vote goes to the birthday boy too.

  • http://undefined sam

    there’s something about the non chalance of alex’s outfit that inpsires. that said, wes!

  • mark


  • JACE


  • Harvey

    Towni’s pants are super retro, but not in a good way either. Personal taste though. Love the rest of the look, but the baggy flare on those pants make it good not great.
    Voted for Wes, looks boss but chic.

  • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

    I’m giving this one to Alex, but Towni is a close 2nd. Well done all around, but Alex has really made a look that is his own (the homeless hat helps set it apart too, haha).

  • Khalid

    Love yer outfit there, Alex. :-)

    Happy birthday, Wes!

  • John Crossley

    Happy Birthday Wes!

  • John B

    Voted for Dan because I’d wear the same, especially on a hot (summer) day.

  • Dave P

    Alex, definitely. Where is jacket from? MAB? Love it. Great fit.

    Towni a close second. You’re making me want to grow my hair back long. Looking good mate!

  • Jack

    Not digging Wes’s look, although I’m clearly in the minority on that. A little too Gordon Gekko for me.

  • Stephen C.

    alex killed it. no contest.

    • Daniel


    • Rich

      Yes he did, Alex ftw. Great jeans & shoe combination.

  • Alex

    Happy birthday Wes! Good to see you fellas back in NYC.