Summer Straw feat. Adrian Beraquit

August 27th, 2013

You may remember Adrian Beraquit from being voted the winner of the Articles of Style May Giveaway. As part of his prize package, Adrian won the WhiteHall straw hat by Stetson.

A couple months after the giveaway we ran into Adrian, wearing his new hat, at the Michael Andrews sample sale. He looked so fresh that we decided to feature him in an exclusive post. After getting to know him a little, his story sounded familiar, too. His transition from “streetwear culture” to “grown-up menswear” is a popular one with our generation. We’ve met hundreds of guys who’ve experienced a similar transition, Westley and I included.

“Back in the day (like all Filipino’s, yes I’m talking to you Wes), I got into sneakers around 8th grade and quickly started researching, collecting, and getting into the sneakerhead culture… During my sophomore year of college, however, I started pulling away from Jordans and SBs and that whole nonsense because collecting became so diluted.  Eventually I found a thread on NikeTalk called “Dressing Better“.  At that point, there was around 1500 pages (I read every single word) helping guide those who followed with tips and advice on getting into menswear and moving away from the fast-fashion streetwear culture… Within a year I copped my first suit and, after some expert tailoring, I was hooked.  Since then I’ve traded up most of my rare sneakers and such for classic menswear items (literally sold my pair of ’01 bred 11s to fund my first Allen Edmonds purchase) and I’m working on building a wardrobe that will last the test of time.”

Here the 21-year-old Filipino accountant dishes about the evolution of his personal style and shows us how he’s been working the new hat into his summer wardrobe.

    1. All Business

    IMG_9173 (1)

    “This suit is one of my favorite pick-ups of all time. I scooped it at the MAB sample sale this past July – where I ended up meeting a few guys from the Articles of Style team. After chopping it up with Dan at the sale, he then asked if I’d be down for a shoot.  Not only did I pick my first “bespoke” suit up for a CRAZY STEAL, but now I’m getting an opportunity to further my involvement with Articles of Style?  It was just too unreal.”


    “I love how true of a blue it is. It’s a fun suit to play with in either a ‘conservative’ way, like this fit of a white shirt and a solid tie, but can also be very ‘out there’ if that’s what you are going for. Don’t get it twisted though, I definitely have worn this to the office already a few times haha.”


    “As for the hat, this Stetson is the one I won from the Articles of Style May Giveaway.  When I wore it to the MAB sale, Dan loved it so much that he suggested it to be the focal point of the shoot.  Honestly when I first got it, I doubted that I would be able to pull it off.  I don’t really do the headwear thing anymore since I’ve left fitteds behind, but this thing has been getting SO MUCH play this summer.  Just recently I was in Florida for a week.  This hat was worn from shirt and chinos to check the bars to even with a tank and trunks to hit the beach.  Thanks again for the hook up Articles of Style!

    The shoes featured are the first proper pair of dress shoes I had ever purchased.  Got these Allen Edmonds back in the Winter of ’11 and seriously have become hooked ever since!   To date, I own right around 10-15 pairs of AE alone and plan to get that number up way higher soon enough.  One of the things I love most about menswear is shiny shoes.  From getting into this whole thing, I learned how to shine and seriously love a high glossy finish.  My trick, use panty hose for the final buff.  The color will become unreal!”


    2. In-Between


    “This outfit was the exact one a wore to the MAB sale where I met up with the team.  Dan liked it so much with the hat, he told me it had to be one of the set ups for the shoot.  Cool with me, this was clearly right up my alley.

    Chambray is my go to no matter what time of year.  Though my preference would be to layer it in the colder months, it is still a staple always.  The dusty green chinos is something that I’ve been hunting for awhile, but just coming out of college, I am still a bargain shopper at heart.  I scored it for the crazy low and honestly it has been one of my favorite pair of pants for this warm weather.

    Speaking of bargains, I am a huge thrifter.  The bag probably retailed for a few hundred dollars but I ended up only paying $20 from one of my favorite thrift spots to hit in NJ.  I’ve only started thrifting from this past December and since then I’ve picked up an unbelievable amount of shoes/jackets/shirts/bags/etc. for either myself or the resale game.  To date, I’ve made significantly more from selling thrifted items than I’ve spent on things that I have kept.  Beginners luck I guess.”


    “What’s the best part about this whole dressing better thing is the relationships I’ve fostered from getting into the game. Last summer, most NikeTalkers only knew me by my handle Pinoy732. But now, many if not all know my real name, have me on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn and such and some of them are now my close personal friends like Sergio (as featured here: Tips for Heavier Guys). Me and the big homie text each other damn near everyday putting each other onto sales, thrift finds, style consultation, and even just personal life happenings (non-menswear related lol).  I was very glad to see him make it out to the shoot and more than happy to have him be apart of it.

    Shoes were a gift from my girlfriend (Hi Cheri!).  She found them on the Allen Edmonds seconds list right when they were hitting a sale.  I believe she only ended up paying $120 for a pair of $350 shoes.  That college budget life haha.”


    3. Casually Kickin’ It


    “For this fit, I definitely wanted to use a white shirt.  I love the versatility of white.  It can be worn in the most corporate of settings or used to just kick it with the homies.  In my closet, I have roughly ten white shirts, all for various uses.  The shorts I scooped from Uniqlo the day of the MAB sale and changed into them right away.  That day it hit well over 90 degrees and pants were getting to be too damn much.  Very happy that I scooped em, they are now my favorite pair that I own.

    The canvas weekender bag was also thrifted. $5 if I remember correctly.  Every bag in my arsenal is actually all thrift finds including the green one that helped win me the contest back in May!”


    “It was really cool to see how effortlessly the hat worked into my everyday wear. A fit like this is likely what you would catch me in the streets rocking. It was just awesome to know that something that I believed I could not pull off, transitioned so easily.  Come colder months, I am buying a heavier weight one.”


    “Moving onto the kicks.  There will always be a place for sneakers in my life.  I guess it’s the NikeTalk in me, just doing it in a slightly more refined way though.  I scooped these Jack Purcells two summers ago and they have been an absolute necessity for just a toned down, easy going look.”


    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Adrian for participating. Also, congrats to Wes on his first solo shoot! Holding down the East Coast for Articles of Style.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Westley Dimagiba. 

    • Big Jon

      Very Cool. You have effortless style, Adrian. I’m definitely inspired.

      By the way, did Sergio lose weight? He looks smaller from the last post.

      • Sergio

        Thanks for noticing Big Jon! I did drop a few pounds.

    • Professor Black

      Ang guapo naman pare. Gusto ko yong sapatos mo sa numero uno. That blue suit looks made for you. Great contribution!

      • Adrian B

        Thank you very much ! Glad you enjoyed it pare

    • MondoCartaHolyGrail

      Nice post. Dan…one day we will bump into each other and my swag will overwhelm you and you will have to do a bit on me (PAUSE).

    • Ken

      Adrian, just wanted to say awesome post. I was at the MAB sale, picked up all the cotton/ linen shirts they had. Was one of the guys who you asked to ‘guard the MAB suit’ while you ran upstairs for phone service. Glad to see it looks great. Thanks again for the input in the floral tie you gave me. Stay fresh

      • Adrian B

        YES! I remember you haha. Thank you again for the support man. Hope you wear that tie in good health.

    • WATER

      Swank bruh. NT

    • Dj Proto J

      NT STAND UP!!!!!!!!

      • Adrian B

        Tap tap pull :hat

    • Marco M

      Killin’ it! Love your ensembles and I can definitely draw comparisons with your style evolution as I was once a wannabe hypebeaster now-turned classic menswear enthusiast, but I love incorporating eclectic pieces into my outfits. Good luck from a fellow pinoy!

      • Adrian B

        Thank you pare! Keep at it

        • Pat

          I love the suit! Very nicely done pare!

    • John B

      Allen Edmonds wing tips got me interested in dressing better! Even though I don’t have a pair yet (they’re a bit overpriced here) I can see your point! I’m also wearing my pair of white Jack Purcells to death this summer!

      Great feature and congratulations to Wes!

      • Adrian B

        Thank you pare! Keep at it

        • Adrian B

          ^Whoops, wrong post.

          Anyway, check at the AE Shoebank. You can e-mail them for seconds quality shoes in your size. Never seen any major flaws on mine and the price can be way below retail!

    • http://undefined Jason P.

      Adrian, these looks are banging! I live in PA right on the NJ border. What are some of your best thrift shops? I want to check them out.

      • Adrian B

        Favorite is Red, White, and Blue Thrift in Trenton. That’s where I picked up the navy canvas bag. Best of luck in your hunt!

        • http://undefined Jason P.

          Thanks Adrian!

    • Jide

      Way to go bro…

      What colors are the lens and frames of the wayfarer? Really dig them and want to get one for this weekend ;)


      • Adrian

        They are the new wayfarers in tortoise. Honestly couldn’t tell you about the lens color. Just the stock one lenscrafters gave to me lol

    • LouCaves

      All good looks. Good to see someone I voted for featured here.

      That suit in L#2 made me say “Whoa” out loud.

      Thanks TSB, Adrian and the others here who inspire my wardrobe; slow as it may be.

      I’m even learning some minor tailoring from my mom on her 30 year old sewing machine…and I’m in my 40’s! Never too late to start, right?

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      (As if it hasn’t sunk in by now lol) That blue suit is such a style punch! Great color and of course the fit is to a T. What fabric is it made of? It looks waxy (even though I know it isn’t). Great fits all around.

      • Adrian

        Fabric comes from Holland and Sherry. Super 100’s I believe. Not waxy at all, just the way the color reacts when light hits it I assume haha

        • Daniel Moretz

          What’s the price range for Holland and Sherry fabrics in the bespoke suit market? I’m familiar with KT and Ariston but haven’t looked much into Holland and Sherry. The blue suit is absolutely stunning and it reminds me a little bit of one of Ariston’s fabrics.

          • Sergio

            I have 2 suits; well soon I’ll have the second suit just ordered it, both from Michael Andrews Bespoke and both in Holland & Sherry. I have a 8oz or 10oz wool and that was about $2100 for the 2 piece suit. The donegal tweed I just ordered last week was about 1900 for a 2-piece. I highly suggest H&S and MAB.

    • Kyle Leon Norville


      Speaking of the contest…

      Where art thou the August contest people? O_o

    • Chilean

      This is absolutly perfect!!! The blue suit is the BEST!! Wow, wow, wow! Is simple, classy, black tie, white shirt… but… the final product is Awesome!

      • Adrian

        Thanks so much Chilean. Tie is actually charcoal but some angles it can look darker. Glad you enjoyed it!

        • Chilean

          Your welcome. Im waiting more of your looks here!

    • Vlad

      :hat well done Queezy! Superstar status

      • Adrian

        Why thank you Sir Impaler ;)

    • A

      Dude must have lost some weight. That belt is at least 2″ too long.

      • Adrian

        That is exactly what had happened lol. Got the belt back in high school when I was very out of shape then dropped weight in college. Love the belt so I kept it and punched a homemade hole into it ;)

    • Justin

      FINALLY someone with some style on this page.


      • Adrian

        Haha plenty of the other guys have style my man. Just their own interpretation of it!

    • Akil

      That suit color and fit is dope…great job Wes

      • jack

        thats….not wes.

        • Akil

          Yes I know but Wes took the photos and captured some great shots…sorry for the confusion

          • Adrian

            Yep, Wes was on point for his/mine first shoot. Very happy with the outcome. Thanks for the compliment Akil, my fellow May contestant!

    • MS

      Sweet guy. Love his passion more than anything else. Unrelated personal note: can we please stop referring to dressing like a grown man as “the game.” As in “…the relationships I’ve fostered from getting into the game…” I feel like it contradicts the sophistication that this sartorial whatnot entails. If you’re not going to be a “sneakerhead” anymore, try not talking like one too.

      • Adrian

        Yeah, I feel where you are coming from MS. Just wanted to parallel that part of me. I may not be into sneakers anymore, but it is still routed within me. Culture too.

        Thank you for the kind words though!

    • TO

      Quick learner! Can relate to Adrien in a lot of ways…

      I “got out of the [sneaker] game” back in the early ’00s because I sensed the same dilution going on (with so many “limited edition”s, etc. coming out). Anyone else remember with specific Jordans didn’t have nicknames? You would just say the number and then describe the colourway…at least that is the way I experienced it:)
      And 5+ years on that student budget for me.

      Seems like Adrien is a good guy and doesn’t take himself too seriously which is nice to see!

      • Adrian

        Haha, its just the way in goes my man. Style evolution I suppose.

    • http://undefined TimL

      Cool post. I like all the looks and the hat works well too.
      Love the last look – nice and casual and clean looking.

      • Adrian

        Last look is what I wore out leaving the shoot. Too damn hot to be rocking a suit in this NYC heat lol. Thanks for the support!

    • Elkin

      Good job A!…that damb suit is beautiful!…NT stand up!

      • Adrian

        :hat preciate bruh bruh

    • Theguybehindthelens

      Love the heightened blue of the MAB suit. It pairs beautifully with those walnut colored A&E’s. Glad to see another post with hats as the focal point of the looks since I wear one everyday. Great inspiration.

      • Adrian

        Yeah man, I actually was unsure of the suit when I first tried it on…until Dan told me I was crazy to not buy it lol. Very, very glad I did :D

    • Daniel

      Great style! Really enjoyed the looks, and would like to see another post with Adrian in the future. Congrats, Wes

      • Adrian

        Hopefully they ask me back come fall. I love cold weather wear!